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shamanic healing

Using the most ancient, time tested techniques which have been found to exist across the globe, the work is carried out in partnership with Spirit and in tandem with the client. Each session is unique, tailor made for you by divine, loving, transcended and compassionate Spirits at the time of your healing.


Astrology is the language of the stars that sets the threads of your marvellously complicated internal reality upon an objective loom. It’s a language that allows you to get to know the ancient maxims “as above, so below…as within, so without.” It’s a language that shows you the talents you may have not have noticed, the treasures that can be found within your challenges and the infinite ways in which you can honour your various drives.


The archetypal images on the cards open doorways to our collective unconscious, showing intentions, desires, blockages and so forth...revealing to the likely outcome you are stepping towards in relation to the question that was asked. This allows you to begin to explore how to change your actions and your perceptions in a way which can lead you to an outcome which is more aligned with what you would consciously want for yourself.

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Shamanic Journeying on Behalf of Clients

I have personally found Shamanic Journeying to be of such profound value that I do it for myself all the time, it is the basis of pretty much everything that I do. In the shamanic journey, we alter our state of consciousness and enter into a dream space where we can draw upon the wisdom, the treasure and the love of the Deities and our Allies in the form of Spirit. What we encounter, what we find, we can then bring back into the space of this world. 

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your process

If you choose to come and see me, it will always be left up to you as to when and if you would like another session with me.

The amount of time it takes to integrate what takes place varies from person to person and from session to session.

If you would like to make significant changes in your life, please do expect to need more than one session. I recommend a mix of sessions aimed at healing and at discussion over a period of time.

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Yvette Marks 18 Months
Yvette Marks at Forest
Yvette Marks Light and Shadows at Llangernyw Yew

Hi, I'm Yvette.

I have been interested in esoteric subjects for as long as I can remember. As a little child, I can remember being surrounded by books on astrology, palmistry, alchemy, numerology, dreams, spiritualism, hauntings, the unexplained, the free masons, witches and witchcraft, sacred places, the extraordinary powers of mind over matter, healing and the like. I loved myths and legends and would spend hours and hours being totally engrossed in stories of the Greek Gods and Goddesses and of Arthur and Camelot or in the equally captivating real life drama of Anne of Boleyn and Queen Elizabeth I. My all time favourite story book which I read and reread and read yet again would have to be Enid Blyton's 'The Faraway Tree,' with its easy blend of the ordinary with the non ordinary and all the thrilling adventures to be had in the many different worlds at the top of the tree in the forest. 

I've always had an interest in people and I studied Psychology (Honours) at University. Afterwards, I moved abroad, expecting to travel and to return home to complete my Masters, but I settled in the UK, taking shorter courses on related topics like counselling and hypnotherapy, all the while dreaming of still one day being able to complete my studies and to help people as a psychologist.

In my mid twenties, I was lucky enough to be shown, beyond any doubt, that what had once just fascinated me as story did in fact have a basis in reality. I went on to expand my world view with Kabbalistic Philosophies, magick in the tradition of the Golden Dawn, the tarot, the runes and through completing my Reiki Masters and the Mayo School of Astrology's Professional Astrology Diploma.

Like most people, I've had my own difficult experiences and I went to see a healer regularly for around two years, experiencing first hand the extraordinary shifts that can take place through energetic healing such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT,) TAT and Theta Healing. These so impressed me that I went on to complete courses on TAT (the basic course) and on Theta Healing.

I've spoken with a number of astrologers, tarot readers and psychics and have learned something from them all. Meditation practices and classes and the writings of the Dalai Lama and of Tich Nhat Hanh have also deepened my own theories of the mind and emotions, of being present, and of how this all relates to my own experience of the world around me.

It was during a psychic development course that I met a friend who told me about an amazing school called the Sacred Trust and of their courses on Shamanism. I attended their basic introduction and some of their weekend workshops and, completely blown away by the undeniably otherworldly experiences I had on each of these, I went on to complete their Three Year Professional Shamanic Practitioner Training (a practitioner training based on core shamanism) as well as their standalone components. This training had such an impact upon me that I wrote a collection of short stories about some events that transpired for me while on the training. This book is called Tales of an Aspiring Shaman.

I've now stepped into the European Shamanic tradition of the Bee, having done the Sacred Trust's Way of the Melissae and the year long Arte Triptych Melissae. My journey into the extraordinary continues through having started on their new three year training programme called the Return of the Pythoness.

I also regularly enjoy  profound benefits from attending a monthly shamanic group in London called the LODG.

For me, personally, it is the practice of shamanic techniques which has brought everything I've ever done together and which has lit it all up. With every new technique I have been taught, it has been as though blockages I never knew I had were lifted or as though gifts I never knew I was missing were returned and my smile has become brighter and brighter.

The focus of my work with clients is very much on healing and on using the tools of all I have learned to help bring magical and lasting changes into our lives. If there is anyone out there who is struggling and who could be helped by receiving shamanic healing, I really want you to know that this type of healing exists.

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Training and Courses Completed


1993 – 1997: Bachelor of Arts Degree (Majoring in Psychology and Legal Studies,) University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

2000: Honours Degree (B.A, Psychology,) The University of South Africa (UNISA)

2000: Certificate in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy


2003: Certificate in Astrology, The Mayo School of Astrology

2006: Diploma in Astrology, The Mayo School of Astrology

Energy Healing Modalities and Psychic Development

2003: Reiki Level 1, Mike Ross (Dewsbury)

2004: Reiki Level 2, Megan Lund (South Africa)

2006: Reiki Masters, Patricia Boschoff (London)

2011: Psychic Development, Level 1 with Jan H at Mysteries, London

2012: Psychic Development, Level 2 with Jan H at Mysteries, London

2012: Theta Healing, Basic, Shu-Fang Wang

2012: TAT Healing, Shu-Fang Wang

2013: Theta Healing Advanced, Shu-Fang Wang

Core Shamanic Training

2012: The Way of the Shaman, The Sacred Trust

2013: Psychopomp, Death, Dying & Beyond, The Sacred Trust

2013: Shamanic Divination, The Sacred Trust

2014 – 2017: Three Year Professional Shamanic Training Programme, The Sacred Trust

2015: The Spirit of the Drum, The Sacred Trust

2015: Darkness Visible, The Sacred Trust

2015: The Spirits of Nature, The Sacred Trust

2017: The Shaman’s Gnosis, Jerome Salyers

The Path of Pollen Shamanic Training

2015: The Way of the Melissae, The Sacred Trust

2016: Arte Triptych Melissae, The Sacred Trust

2017: The Trembling Veil & The Roar of the Roses, The Sacred Trust

2017 – Present: The Return of the Pythoness (a three year training programme,) The Sacred Trust

2018: The Serpent Fool, The Sacred Trust

Mexican Shamanism

2018: The Obsidian Mirror - A Portal to the Unconscious Mind, Sergio Magana

2018: Pleiadean Initiation, Sergio Magana

Norse Shamanism

2016: Rune Magic, Jörgen I. Eriksson

2017: Rune Magic and Shamanism, Jörgen I. Eriksson

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Group Work

From time to time, I offer group events. If you would like advance notice of any of these, please do let me know by subscribing via the form below. Some of these include, but are not limited to:

Classes and Workshops: These can take a variety of forms and formats and may be on focussed topics such as an afternoon or a weekend on an aspect of astrology, they may be more generalised such as a series of weekly astrology or tarot classes or they could be aimed at a particular outcome, such as creativity, drawing upon various approaches such as astrology, tarot, shamanic practice etc.

Group Healing: Working in a group introduces a different dynamic and different levels at which healing can take place. As a participant, you receive the healing that is tailor made for you by Spirit in that moment of time. You also hold the space for the healing of others. Through holding compassion for your companions, you are helping to ask for healing on their behalf and, through witnessing this healing, through hearing these healing stories, you are able to see the infinitely creative ways in which Spirit can and does intervene. There's also a certain release, a letting go of tension, in being able to be seen and healed and to be accepted as you are within a community, even if they were just brought together for that day.

Ceremonial Work: We undertake ritual actions with a specific intention in mind. The intention and the container for the work that takes place is all driven and prepared in advance by the Divine, Loving, Transcended and Compassionate Spirits who wish only to help us. 



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