Astrology giveaway Terms and Conditions


The information provided is subject to your own personal interpretation and does not constitute legal, psychological, medical or financial advice. You are at all times encouraged to remain responsible for your choices and actions.

Astrology is a symbolic language and there are an infinite number of ways in which astrological indicators can manifest. If anything does not resonate for you, please remember that you are your own Spiritual Authority.

Any information shared with you is an interpretation and is shared for guidance only...i.e. it's not a prediction or a healing. 

The data you provide is used to calculate your birth chart. It is possible that this information will be retained on my laptop / computer for future appointments. If you do not wish for me to retain this information, please tell me and I will delete it. 

Should I be made aware of significant events in your life, I may look at your chart to understand the astrology behind these events as part of my ongoing development and learning about Astrology.. As astrology is an epistemology, one of many ways of knowing, it is likely that I will also be aware of interactions between your chart and my own chart.

I work with astrology as a subjective body of knowledge – a way of seeing the world through your eyes. That is to say that, should I look at relationships with others such as parents, spouses, children and so forth, I will be working with this from your personal perspective and not describing these people in any objective way. We all see and experience people differently. The focus of any answer will be from the perspective of your chart so as to best help you. 

If I feel it would be unethical to answer your question, I will not answer it. You will receive a special offer on a full length consultation during which, if you choose to take it, we can work through and agree what I can interpret for you.

I will do my best to send a response to your question which will be of help to you. If you would then like further clarification or a deeper interpretation, this would need to be done through a normal consultation which is subject to fees (see the Astrology page for details.)

It is possible that this work may arouse intense emotions, and/or alter current close and/or intimate relationships.

Any information shared with me will be held in confidence. Where necessary, I may use what transpires to communicate examples of what can take place during or as a result of an astrology interpretation but these details will not include any of your personally identifiable information (unless I have obtained your prior written consent.) I will however disclose any information pertaining to suspected or threatened harm to oneself or others. 

The personal details you share through this giveaway or through subscribing via the website will not be sold, distributed or shared with any third parties. In the event that this business is sold, these details could be considered a business asset and may be sold to the buyer of the business.

If there are errors in the data I receive, I will only revisit or redo the reading based on my sole discretion. So, for example, if an incorrect email address is provided and the email is not confirmed, I am unlikely, at a later date, to provide the reading or an alternative offer.


The privacy of any information shared over the internet cannot be guaranteed.