New Moon in Libra at 26°35’ on 19 October at 19:11 Universal Time

With the Sun and the Moon coming together in the sign of harmony and balance, what strikes me in the chart of this New Moon is that Pluto, the Ruler of Transformation, who shows us our fear on the one hand and who gives us our power on the other, makes no aspects to any of the planets. This suggests that, in the moment of this New Moon, there is nothing that we need to push or to overcome.

There may simply be the opportunity to sink into the possibility that we can have moments which are perfectly balanced, exactly as they are. On the other side of the coin, pushing nothing, trusting that in that one moment everything is as it should be, could be the very thing that leads us to transformation and empowerment.

Pluto is standing his ground with the Fixed Star Rukbat. Rukbat is echoing Libra’s themes of harmony and balance by adding steadiness, strength and equilibrium. By the time we come to the next Full Moon, when the Sun will be in Pluto’s sign of Scorpio, this powerhouse of transformation and equilibrium will have a beautiful road of ease straight into the Moon.

Fears and the Moon and ideas of lunacy coming from her reminds me of this one time when I was in nursery school. Rehearsals for the nativity play were underway and I’d been chosen to play the Angel Gabriel. Something had obviously upset me. I had gone into the bathroom where there were lots of little sinks for the little children. I put a bar of soap in each sink, turned on all the taps and left them running. My mother was called in to speak to the teacher and, when she came to ask me what was wrong, why I was refusing to say my line, I told her, “I am NOT standing on stage and saying ‘fear snot.’” I can imagine I would have dreaded saying the word ‘snot’ in front of lots of people. I must have been about 4 years old at the time and how I managed to turn “fear not” into “fear snot,” I don’t know, but the misunderstanding was resolved and rehearsals resumed.

Gabriel is the Angel of the Moon and Gabriel tells us to “Fear Not.” The Moon is the place of safety and of nurturing. In our charts, she represents our instincts and the things we do to feel secure and the things we do to look after others. She has to do with Mothers, with wombs, with the place of home; our sanctuaries, our dens.

The Moon, through her cycles of birth, growth, death and rebirth, reminds us of the infinite cycles of time. She tells us that, even though things appear to be changing, we are safe and secure. It’s not the Full Moon that gives us lunacy, it’s we who misunderstand and who create our own illusions. So, on this balanced New Moon with Pluto completely off to one side, I really do hope you enjoy a moment exactly as it is and that you get to enjoy the opportunity to ‘fear not.’