Saturn in Capricorn, Part One: On Mercury Retrogrades

The next Mercury Retrograde will be in the sign of Sagittarius which is ruled by the planet Jupiter. I will tell anyone who will listen, again and again, just how much I love Mercury Retrogrades!

And, today, on Wednesday 18th October 2017, the day of the week named for both Woden and Mercury.....Woden giving rise to Wednesday and Mercury giving rise to the day's name in the romance languages...e.g. Mecredi....Jupiter (who is also Woden/ Oden/ Zeus) and Mercury (who the Romans also linked to Wotan / Oden) are coming together in the sign of Scorpio.

Not only are they coming together at the same degree of the ecliptic (1°41’ of Scorpio,) but they are also both 11° South of the ecliptic. Both vertically and horizontally, Jupiter and Mercury are on top of each other and this is just about as close as it is possible for two planets to ever get. In anticipation of the next retrograde, and if this is something that is of interest to you and if it feels right to you, there is a real opportunity (Jupiter) to transform or to deepen into (Scorpio) the thinking (Mercury) about Mercury Retrograde.

From the place from where I write, the ruler of the chart for this moment of Mercury and Jupiter coming together is Pluto (Hades,) Ruler of Scorpio and of Transformation. Ceres/ Demeter, Prosperina/ Perspehone and Fortuna are involved too.

Also at 11° South of the ecliptic, we have Spica, the brightest star in Virgo’s constellation, offering an abundance of good luck. Virgo is the sign most closely associated with Ceres / Demeter and her daughter, in the form of the asteroid, Proserpina, or ‘she who creeps and crawls forward (like a snake,)’ is only 3 minutes ahead of Mercury and Jupiter at 1°44 of Scorpio. Proserpina/ Persephone is reminding us that it’s into the velvety rich depths of the darkness we must go so as to bring out the seeds of the new light, of the next season, of renewed treasures. Fortuna is just ahead at 3°37 of Scorpio, reinforcing Spica’s promise of good luck.

There are many people who look upon the time of Mercury’s Retrograde with some trepidation. Some people see it as a time when things to do with Mercury will go wrong. For example, they worry about travel disruptions, misunderstandings, foggy thinking, breakdowns of cars and of computers and so forth. Some people will even altogether avoid things to do with Mercury. They delay signing contracts or buying important things until he is once again moving forward and well out of the degrees through which he moved backwards.

But, I cannot tell you enough just how much I LOVE Mercury Retrograde. It is or it can be a magically rich time during which, if we really pay attention to what we’re thinking, to what we're saying and to what is going on around us, we can go a long way towards creating the realities that we really want.

As Caroline Casey says, “Imagination lays the tracks for our reality trains to follow.” Imagination…thoughts….words….these are all things to do with Mercury and this concept echoes the sentiment found in so many spiritual philosophies. For example, the bible says, “In the beginning there was the word,” magic says, “Abracadabra,” or “I create as I speak” and the Sanskrit term “Nada Brahma” says Sound is God.

When Mercury goes Retrograde, the mind is turned inwards to that fertile place where dreams are envisioned and where ideas and plans are incubated and hatched. It’s that place where everything that ultimately comes into being must first exist: you cannot build a chair without having designed or having thought about it first.

Astrology is a language of symbols and it’s a subjective knowledge. Everything is understood from the perspective of the person doing the looking. It works because we understand that we are all connected – we can tell how one part of the universe or how we, ourselves, are doing by looking at another part. In this day and age, where we apply astrology to ourselves rather than only to King and to Country, we now know that Mercury isn’t truly moving backwards through the skies; it only seems to be that way from our perspective. So then, if things to do with Mercury do go wrong during a retrograde, we have the opportunity to see whether they may not really be going wrong at all but are only appearing to do so. Even more so, could things go right during Mercury’s Retrograde? Could the things that appear to be going wrong actually be helping us if only we’d look a bit deeper? We have the opportunity also to consider whether, when things go wrong, it is because we expected them to.

I’ve worked with Mercury Retrograde in this way for some time now and have shared my findings with friends and with clients. I have so many examples of people experiencing things to do with Mercury going really well for them during his retrograde, my favourite being of my friend who, having saved and saved, managed to fulfil a lifelong dream of travelling halfway across the world. This trip involved travelling to and from airports, long haul flights, hiring a car and driving on the other side of the road on a road trip of almost 2,500 miles. And nothing went wrong.

So, how then to work with this time? Firstly, if you would like to try it, I’d suggest to stop dreading it and to start considering that it may be an opportunity to access the fertile, creative, inner depths of your own imagination. Experiment with whether having a relaxed state of mind during this period, where possible, allows for creative solutions or for inspired ideas to surface. Notice and appreciate it when things do go well. Access your intuition – the tutor within - without losing your mind’s ability to observe fact.

Secondly, I’d suggest paying attention to what is going on around you. If things to do with Mercury do go wrong at this time, I honestly feel that this could well be a helpful, helpful hint from Mercury, communicating with us, trying to tell us to pause, check and rethink whatever it is that we are doing. If you are writing an email, for example, and your computer fails…just double check what you were saying. Is what you were saying going to serve you or the person you are writing to? Have you misunderstood whatever it is that you are replying to? Do your words accurately reflect what it is that you are trying to say? Make your corrections or adjustments and remember to thank Mercury.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not suggesting in the least little bit that you pretend things that are happening are not happening or that you put a positive spin on what is going on when there is no positivity to be had. Sometimes things do just suck and trying to pretend otherwise is madness. But, what I am saying is that things don’t always turn out to be what they first appear to be; look at it from other angles and see whether there is a constructive way to use and to go through this time so that you can arrive into a new place rather than waiting it out and staying where you are. You are, after all, here to change and to be changed.

For example, one time, during a Mercury Retrograde, I was walking to my car, baggage in hand, about to drive to Wales when I passed a guy on the road who was changing his tyre. There were two boys standing next to him, reciting instructions on how to change a tyre. I remember thinking to myself, “I bet many who believe in astrology would blame Mercury Retrograde for this.” Anyway, while on my travels, I ended up puncturing my own tyre (for the first time ever in this car.) It’s a heavy car and I didn’t know how to change this car’s tyre. It turned out, I didn’t have all the right tools in the car and ended up having to pay to be towed. Had I paid attention, I might have realised that the man having to change his tyre was of Mercury, as were the youths (the two boys) as was the teaching (reciting the instructions) and it might have made me think about the fact that I didn’t know how to change my own tyre and it might have made me prepare myself better or even, considering the flat tyre was entirely my fault, it might have warned me to drive more carefully. I really do believe that Mercury does try to help us.

And on the other side of the coin, not all things that could easily be assumed to be of Mercury Retrograde are down to Mercury’s Retrograde. For example, one time, I was on my way home (Mercury) from having done some tarot readings when I noticed my back felt wet. A water bottle in my back pack had exploded, drenching everything except for what I treasured most in my bag, my tarot cards. So the next day, when I was due to fly (Mercury) to Sweden, I had to rush to replace my mobile phone (Mercury) and, while on my travels (Mercury) in Sweden, I ended up leaving my phone (Mercury) in someone’s car (Mercury.) The car owner, me, various people who knew the car owner, various hotel staff all went to all kinds of efforts so that I could get it back. Mercury was not retrograde at the time and there were other astrological indicators which describe what was going on (not that these indicators mean this was fated, it’s just an event which fitted the symbolism.) And even, with this experience, it is not the hassle of the mobile phone which feels to be the most important event, rather it is the kindness of all sorts of people who made all sorts of effort to help me which really stands out.

The reason I am writing about this now is because, on 20 December 2017, Saturn is moving into Capricorn. Together with Jupiter having just changed signs and changes which will take place during Saturn’s time in Capricorn, this is bringing in a whole new cycle of time with a whole new range of possibilities. And, on 20 December, 2017 when Saturn goes into Capricorn, Mercury will be well into his retrograde. I do hope found this useful and that you will not dread Mercury’s Retrograde.

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