Full Moon in Aries 5 October 2017, 18:39 Universal Time

At the last New Moon, every single one of the personal planets was in the sign of Virgo – the sign that tries, that wants to improve, to heal, to perfect and who sees each and every detailed part of the whole. There was an invitation for each and every part of you – your heart, your mind, your instincts, you feelings, you actions and that which you attract - to work together as you step forwards on your own journey; whether that’s towards a particular and defined goal on one level or towards your overall well-being and becoming whole on another.

Now, under the light of the Full Moon, you get to consider: Have you done enough? Have you done well?

With all these planets having been in Virgo, no matter how you feel about how you’ve done, Virgo can’t’ help but to have tried and it can’t help but to see that there’s more to be done.

Be kind to yourself! Take some time to honour the efforts you’ve made and to feel grateful for that which is working well both within and around you. And then, with eyes wide open, and without invoking feelings of shame or of guilt, take a good look at what still needs to be done or to be changed – whether that’s something within yourself, something between yourself and someone else or whether it’s even the goal itself that needs some realignment.

This Full Moon…oo-la-la! Whichever way you look at it, as we come up to it, Mars is on Venus and Venus is on Mars. This is passionate, exciting, sexual, creative energy where out of the opposites, the tension or the friction something completely inspired can emerge. The feminine Moon and the masculine Sun are emphasising these themes, being in the archetypal signs of relating.

Diana in Aries is so the Huntress. Allow her, through your instincts, your feelings and your needs, to find what it is that you need to balance either within yourself or between you and another. If you’re not fully meeting your goals, have a look to see whether there are parts of yourself which may not be fully on board with whatever it is that you’re trying to do…these parts need to be heard and fulfilled too. Similarly, if you’re having to compromise too much for someone else or, if someone else is having to compromise too much for you, this too will need addressing. Everything is a mirror and everything is playing its part. And, if all this feels too much, like you can’t see the woods for the trees, just tell every cell in your body that you fully intend to have both your personal needs met as well as your needs to connect and to relate to others.

Any insights will go with you as Jupiter goes into Scorpio on 10th October, beginning a new period which offers a whole new way of relating to power and to your own empowerment (power with, not power over, others.) Power, Pluto and Scorpio can sound scary but the easy link between Pluto and Venus/Mars at the time of this Full Moon is a useful reminder that the work to transform and the creative process itself can also be fun!



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This article is an interpretation of the symbols and is written for information, if anything here stirs up difficult emotions for you, please do make sure you seek support from friends, family or other professionals as need be.