Saturn in Capricorn, Part Two: On Saturn

On 20th December 2017, at 04:48 Universal Time, Saturn moves into his own sign of Capricorn. He will stay here until 22 March 2020, after which he dips out and comes back in again on 2 July 2020 before moving completely on and into Aquarius on 17 December 2020. Capricorn is the sign where Saturn is the strongest and it is here that he can express himself with the greatest of ease.

Ease and Saturn are not two words that often find themselves together in the same sentence but it is worth remembering that, in Greek Mythology, the first Age of Man, described as the Golden Age, is the age that was ruled by Saturn or Kronos. This was the period of time when humans walked with the gods… when we lived in peace… and when there was no need for laws or for punishment… because we carried the laws in our hearts… and we lived in harmony with the land.

This was the time when the Earth, “unscarred by ploughs*,” produced everything by herself and with no need for renewal.

Harmony feels key – the date of both Saturn’s ingress and his final egress from Capricorn reduces to 6 (20+12+2017 = 2+3+1 = 6) and (17+12+2020 = 8+3+4 =15, 1+5 =6.) This is the number associated with the heart, with bees, with balance, with healing and with harmony. It is a number of enlightenment, a number of compassion. Six gives us the six rayed star, uniting the macrocosm with the microcosm, uniting male and female, uniting black and white. Six gives us the Star of Creation, it gives us the Seal of Solomon and it gives us the hexagram shaped clouds at Saturn’s North Pole.

Six gives us the 6th sphere on the Tree of Life – Tiphareth, or Christ Consciousness, Balance and Beauty. It is associated with the Archangel Raphael, “the Shining One who Heals,” the divine physician who teaches us the healing arts and who can also be associated with the hermetic texts.

Six gives us the 6th Rune, Gifu, which has to do with divine reciprocity, or Karma, it is our ability to balance ourselves by responding to what is around us. And, with Karma, we’re back to Saturn again.

Saturn rules things like Agriculture, Time and Karma. Because he is also the God of Sowing (seeds,) it follows on in the most natural of ways that, when he comes around again, we reap what we have sown. This isn’t a nasty action and calling him nasty or a malefic is like saying that gravity, which prevents us from flying off into outer space, is nasty and out to get us when we skip a step and fall.

Saturn brings a natural balancing or response to actions that we have taken or to decisions which we have made. This puts the power right back within ourselves as we always have the power to adjust ourselves. Saturn is the Teacher or the Disciplinarian which hones our inner ability to control ourselves and to self-correct. It’s a planet of responsibility which teaches us the ability to respond. He teaches us to set goals, to adjust them, to build and to establish, to solidify and to redesign.

The gifts of Saturn are more readily understood when we turn to the Tarot where the World card, which generally promises fulfilment, success and inner peace, is Saturn’s card. The World card completes the journey of the first card, the Fool. With the Fool, anything is possible and he can become any of the other cards in the deck. With the World card, the dancing figure has been through a series of challenges, it has reconciled its duality, it is complete in and of itself and it recognises that all that is… all that exists… is within itself too. It is like Saturn’s glyph, which shows the semi-circle of the soul or of that which is reflected perfecting itself beneath the cross of matter.

In the constellation of Saturn’s sign, Capricorn, we have the Gates of the Gods through which it is said that souls ascend into the heavens. In the constellation of Capricorn’s opposite sign, Cancer, we have the Gates of Men, through which it is said that souls descend to the Earth.

With Cancer being ruled by the Moon and turning once again to the Tarot, where the card of the Moon is the High Priestess, we find a mysterious woman, with the Moon at her feet. She has access to the infinite mysteries behind her while looking out upon what has been manifested in the World before her.

With Moons being of Mysteries and of Mothers, it reminds me of this one time when I was in nursery school. My mother told me to close my eyes and to stretch out my arm. When I was told I could open my eyes again, there was Time. My mother had put a wristwatch on my arm, my first wristwatch ever and I was thrilled. This is similar to what happens to us when we are born…we come out of the dark of the mother’s womb and into the light…into this World of Saturn’s…and there is Time.

Within your own Astrology Chart, Saturn, and Capricorn, gives clues as to what you are here to balance and to learn. We make things so difficult for ourselves by expecting instant results…remember, Saturn rules Time. We don’t expect a six pack after doing just one sit up and we don’t expect to operate at PHD level during the first year of university. Yet, for some or other reason, when it comes to our own evolution or to achieving our own goals, we seem to want instant results. Maybe because we don’t yet trust ourselves to get there or perhaps because we think that the things that are around us have the power to stop us. Sometimes when things seem to be too hard, they just need to be cooked until they’re soft enough to eat.

The subjective experience of hard Saturn Aspects in the chart or of harsh Saturn Transits…well, they can feel heavy. But perhaps the answer isn’t to struggle against them, to wait them out or to suffer through them but rather to relax into them and to see what they have to teach. We each put our own blood in the cup so to speak and what we achieve can then nourish us all.

Miracles can happen and sometimes instantaneously but, with Saturn, it’s more along the lines of the miracles of caring enough to make an effort, patience (for both ourselves and for others) and of allowing the laws of right action to rise up from within us and to shine brightly from our hearts. It is of the Navajo/ Dineh concept of ‘Walking in Beauty,’….when we’re in right relationship with the world, with its seasons, we walk in beauty.

With Saturn in his own sign, who knows, maybe one day, and maybe even sooner than it seems, what’s right will come from within us and we will have no more need for laws or for punishment without us.


From Ovid’s Metamorpheses *


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