Saturn in Capricorn, Part Three: On Capricorn

Of Capricorn, it has been said that, “In her shrine, Vesta tends your fires.” Capricorn’s time of the year brings the birth of Christ, Mithras and celebrations of Horus…the incarnation of Spiritual light.

Its symbol is the goat, sometimes the mountain goat and sometimes the sea goat, living in both the reality of the land and the spirituality of the sea. The key to this creature, whether in reality or in spirituality, is ascension.

The mountain goat knows how to survive in even the harshest of terrains. Like Capricorn itself, its hoof is hard and bony on the outside and soft and malleable on the inside, allowing it to climb cliffs which look like they just should not be able to be climbed…often pulling itself up with just one hoof. Watching these goats on their vertical climbs, it is as though they have mastered gravity and have learned how to fly.

Of course, in order to survive harsh conditions, the goat goes through harsh conditions. Through these trials, Capricorn perfects qualities such as endurance, perseverance, loyalty, honesty, integrity, reliability… while learning what works and what stands the tests of time…often gaining its own quirky or dark sense of humour along the way. The laughter is the trick...a faint echo of the laugh of the Goddess which carries Capricorn through.

Manilius, in his Astronomica continues, “From her [Vesta] you derive your skills and callings. For whatever needs fire to function and demands a renewal of flame for its work must be counted as of your domain. To pry for hidden metals, to smelt out riches deposited in the veins of the earth, to fold sure-handed the malleable mass—these skills will come from you…”

Turning to the Tarot, the card that correlates with Capricorn is the Devil. This card shows two people, seemingly bound in chains, with one having his tail burned by the Goat God. This man’s kundalini energy is being set alight so that he can work his inner caduceus and rise into the starry realms of higher consciousness above. I say ‘seemingly bound in chains’ because, of course, Capricorn can escape…as a farm animal, it’s known for its ability to elude boundaries and it is from the goat that we get the word scapegoat.

Speaking of scapegoats and we’re back to the Devil, the Goat God Pan who is named for a word which means ‘all.’ It’s the root word for words like panic (a state of fright,) pantheon (a temple dedicated to the Gods,) panharmonic (all agreeing,) pandemonium (uproar, confusion,) pancratic (having all degrees of power,) pandemic (affecting all people,) panacea (a solution for all difficulties or diseases) and so forth. It is what is within us that we then project outwardly and on to the scapegoat.

On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the Devil is the path between heart centred Christ Consciousness and the knowledge needed to affect the world and / or to reunite with God. It is our lives as a pilgrimage, what we are here to do, to go through and to attain.

There’s another Goat I’d like to mention too. Although she isn’t in the constellation of Capricorn and although there’s no story to suggest Capricorn comes from her, she is still a goat and so she comes under the rulership of this sign. What she does then goes back in to the cauldron of Capricorn’s story too. She is Amalthea. She is linked with goats and with nymphs and, long before she was placed among the stars, she was nurse to the infant god, Zeus. It is said that, one day, while playing with her, Zeus accidentally broke one of her horns. To make it up to her, he blessed it so that it would be full of whatever its owner desired. This is the Horn of Amalthea or Cornucopia, an eternal symbol of abundance. Upon her death, her hide became the Aegis, a powerful shield wielded by both Zeus and Athena at one time or another and a word which has come to mean protection.

With Capricorn’s ruler about to move back home into his own sign… a sign whose glyph is said to have never been drawn correctly because it is the signature of God…look to Capricorn’s placement within your own chart to get a sense as to where, through balancing yourself with the world around you, you will have the opportunity to climb. 


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