Saturn in Capricorn, Part Four: On the Moment of Saturn's Ingress

The December Solstice…the moment when the Sun first steps into Capricorn, heralding the renewal of light.

This year, less than 48 hours before the Solstice…while, in the Northern Hemisphere, the nights are longer than they are at any other time of the year…while we have the greatest opportunity to go into the inky, rich depths within…to pull out the seeds of that which will grow or be reworked or be renewed in the light… Saturn moves back home into his own sign of Capricorn.

Astrology rests upon the idea that whatever is created carries within it the qualities of the moment of its creation. Or, more simply put, the intention is key, how we start something tells us something about how it will end, the snake will swallow its tail.

This is not the same as saying our lives are fated…every moment is a new moment, a new opportunity to begin something and I might write on this again at some other time…my experience is that astrology really is a living symbol, changing as we change ourselves…but some moments are bigger moments than others and Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn is one of these. It is worth understanding the qualities of this moment… of its potential… so that we can, if we want to, work consciously with the time in a way which is empowering and constructive.

And Saturn, let’s face it, he does reward working constructively…the work that we’ve done, what we’ve been through is seen, it’s witnessed, and rewarded… And Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter’s recent move into Pluto’s sign of Scorpio are not the only indications of empowerment. There are also powerful themes of going into and returning from the darkness… of new beginnings… new cycles of time… of balancing… of social reform… especially to do with the masculine and the feminine… as well as themes to do with heart centred action from individuals benefitting us all.

At the moment of his ingress, Saturn conjuncts the asteroid Eros and is parallel, an effect similar to the conjunction, to the asteroid Lilith. This echoes the moment of Jupiter’s recent ingress into Scorpio on 10th October when Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, was parallel to Eros and Black Moon Lilith was walking, hand in hand with Saturn, poised over the galactic centre, the Sun of our Sun, giving birth to what was still to come.

Eros…that God who is said to have sprung from the Orphic Egg and to have created all the other gods… beginnings and, now, new beginnings. With Jupiter going into Scorpio, it was an opportunity for the moment that Eros struck Hades with his arrow, that moment which lead to the rape of Persephone, to be reworked so that Zeus and Hades, in the as above and the so below, could find a new and healthier way of relating with women…so that we could all find a new and healthier way of relating with ourselves and with each other.

With Saturn going into Capricorn, the sign which takes us to the hidden gems buried deep within the veins of the Earth below, Eros is telling us that we have found the treasure. Pluto has been here for some time now, working this process of change. Now, at the moment Saturn moves into Capricorn, Persephone, as the Moon, as the symbol of women, as the keeper of deep memories and infinite mysteries, is standing transformed and transforming, empowered and empowering right by Pluto’s side.

The moment not only pulls in the power of Jupiter in Scorpio but also of the power of August’s total Solar Eclipse: It’s worth remembering that, at the time of the eclipse, Saturn was making an easy road into its energy, making it real, as was Uranus, drawing it into the future.

Now, as Saturn moves into Capricorn, the Sun at 28°26 of Sagittarius is making an easy aspect to the degree of the eclipse. Mercury, the Magician, will be retrograde, having started his retrograde at pretty much the same place (29°18 ) where the Sun will now be. It’s worth remembering that, at the time of August’s eclipse, Mercury was also retrograde, moving backwards through the skies. He continued just to the point of the eclipse, where he collected the stuff of this super charged Leonine New Moon and moved forwards again. Now it seems, he has again collected more of the Sun and is taking it within, to that place of creation.

Leo of the Sun, of the Self, of Creativity and of the Heart. The Sun as he moves, over time and from our perspective, in a lemniscatic figure of eight through the skies… he reminds us that, what we do, what we create is what allows us to live on forever…be it through our children…be it through our craft. At the time that Saturn moves into Capricorn, Saturn will on the midpoint between the Sun and his Mirror (Antiscion.) Pluto, conjunct the poetess Sappho, is reminding us that one heart really can make a difference. Mercury, who creates our reality, is working with the Sun, and, as the Alchemists know, when mind meets heart, we really can make gold…

Not only is Mercury Retrograde and working the stuff of the eclipse into Saturn’s time in Capricorn, but he is also conjunct the asteroid Orpheus. Now, some say that it is Hermes (Mercury) who invented the lyre but it is Orpheus who perfected it. And it is to this mythical poet that the Orphic mysteries are assigned and within these mysteries we find the Orphic Egg…the Cosmic Egg held within the embrace of the Serpent and out of which, some say, it was Eros who sprang. Eros who, some say, created all the other Gods. This again echoes the themes of Jupiter going into Scorpio and pulls it together with Saturn’s conjunction to Eros: The Great Spirit, The Great Wind is moving us forward… with a stringed instrument which has been held by both Hermes (Mercury) and Apollo (Sun) and which can stir the strings of our hearts.

There is something about Sappho living on the island of Lesbos, a word which gives us the word ‘lesbian,’ there is something of Orpheus’s corpse having washed up on these shores of Lesbos too, there is something of Orpheus’s conjunction with the androgynous Mercury, who fathered the two-sexed Hermaphrodite and possibly Pan too. There is something of Lilith, the first woman who was created at the same time as Adam…not as his subservient or out of his body but as his equal… of Lilith whose relief in the British Museum is sometimes attributed to Ishtar, of Ishtar’s priests who are said to have chosen to dress, simultaneously, in symbols of male and of female. There is something of the role of eunuchs in religion, there’s something, even today, of Catholic priests dressing outside of the strict gender norms…No doubt, there are whole other worlds to be explored within this but, for me and for now, it seems to be saying that Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn can mark a time where sexuality and gender is not to be denied or suppressed. Where it isn’t to be rigidly controlled or regimented or strictly defined. It may mark a time where sexuality and gender can be transcended through movement and fluidity…a freeing and a flow of creation and creativity. Saturn, after all, is, in the Tarot, the World Card to the Fool…two sides of the same coin which both contain the All.

Mars, strong in his sign of Scorpio and together with Jupiter, is in easy flow with Neptune who, in turn, is casting a gentle gaze upon the activity in Capricorn.

Venus and the Sun will be holding the Galactic Centre at the midpoint between them. Venus will be conjunct the Fixed Star, Ras Alhague, the Head of the Serpent, the Healer of the Heavens. She’ll be squaring Chiron, the Wounded Healer…having a conversation around how they might work together…and she will be in easy flow with Uranus, the Awakener, who is already looking to the future.

While Saturn is in Capricorn, Jupiter will change signs, Chiron will change signs and Uranus will change signs. Of course, the slower moving planets will change signs too! Eclipses continue…There’s stuff of the Saturn / Neptune contacts of a few years back evolving…there’s something very, very interesting around the Saturn Return of those born in 1989...more on this and on other topics to follow.

But, in the meantime… bearing in mind… that Saturn is the Ruler of and has Knowledge of the Golden Age… that Mercury working with the Heart of the Sun can make gold…that Capricorn takes us deep into the Earth where the gold can be found….that Pluto has been digging, digging, digging deep within the Earth…that Jupiter can bring expansion and good luck from the depths…Saturn’s move into Capricorn is an opportunity for creativity…to do the right thing…to act from the heart…to allow old hurts to rise up from the dark and be healed…to find the healing that is needed for this healing to take place…to balance ourselves with the world around us and, …hopefully, an opportunity for Earth herself… and for us all …to thrive.


It seems fitting that the Sun, Mercury and Venus are in the sign of Sagittarius, the sign of the explorer, the hero (ine) on their quest, this fiery sign that brings about change, the place where we find the Galactic Centre…the Sun of our Sun…

We’re all on our own and very unique heroic quests which have wholeness as their reward. If you feel that I can help you on yours, either through Shamanic Healing, Astrology or Tarot, please get in touch here.


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This article is an interpretation of the symbols and is written for information, if anything here stirs up difficult emotions for you, please do make sure you seek support from friends, family or other professionals as need be.