Halloween…From ‘All Hallow Even’…the idea of making holy, consecrating, blessing (hallow) combined with smoothing, balancing, making even (even) and doing this for all….balancing all through blessing…All Hallow Even…

Yes, we can put on the cloth of other creatures, we can shift our shapes, we can dance with the fey, we can laugh and we can have fun…and the fun is important!

Even more importantly than this, we can also remember to honour, to send love and to bless our Ancestors….men and women on both sides of our lines. It’s an act of intention that affects both sides of the veil, both the living and the dead and allows them both to shine.

It’s a concept that reverberates from stories of the Gods into stories of Kings…It’s the Sun God, Ra’s, nightly journey through the dark depths of the Goddess Nut, it’s his brilliant re-emergence as the New Day’s Sun…it’s the Akh, the Shining Form, of the King of the Living, Horus, having come together with the King of the Dead, Osiris…and it’s us, on this day and on any other day…when we remember our Ancestors, when we remember to honour them, to bless them and to send them our love…when what we love loves us back…when we, and they, shine with the light, with the haloes, of both the Sun  and the Moon, of both the day and the night.


Happy Halloween!



The photograph is of the Crouch End Spriggan, sculpted by Marilyn Collins.

These articles offer an interpretation of the symbols and are written for information, if anything here stirs up difficult emotions for you, please do make sure you seek support from friends, family or other professionals as need be.