New Moon in Scorpio at 26°19’ on 18 November 2017 at 11:42 Universal Time

This New Moon is a little upside down which is okay because its sign, Scorpio, is very comfortable with bringing what’s inside out. New Moons are typically times of beginnings but,within the minute after 11.42, she goes Void of Course. While the Moon is Void of Course, rather than starting something new, it’s best to allow what has already been started to just ride itself out.

Looking along the ecliptic from left to right, the Moon is standing on the Sun. Looking along the ecliptic from up to down, she’s between Jupiter above and Venus below.

Jupiter and Venus, both in Scorpio, are still oozing molten deliciousness from their recent conjunction. They have a road of opportunity into Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, who is also overseer of this Sun Moon conjunction…and Pluto is still drawing upon the steadiness and the strength of the Fixed Star, Rukbat.

The sense of this New Moon is similar to that of the last…of staying with the moment…or resting with what is. But there’s a delicate balance to be found…we could tip into being lazy which is arguably not what we want or we could evolve through this state of being which is arguably the ideal.

Lazy looks like doing nothing…like waiting for it to be over…or escaping through over indulgence. Evolving looks like deepening into presence…taking responsibility…sinking into the certainty of trust, gratitude and of faith.

What’s started and what is likely to build and develop are stories or themes of August’s Solar Eclipse ….this New Moon sparks against the degree of that one, bringing with it the tension that allows the themes and the stories to change.

Between now and the New Moon and if it feels right…do something to nourish yourself and your space. Remind yourself that, in the face of any fears that you may have, you can remain strong and you can remain steady.

On the other side of Scorpio is Taurus…Nature….It’s always a good time but leading into the moment of the New Moon and in the moments after…it can be an especially good time to nourish yourself by being in the presence of all that Nature has to offer.

Regardless, it is still a New Moon and its moment cycles the way from seed to flower. The themes of Scorpio can bring insight, honesty, depth, bravery and power.

Between the New Moon at 11:42 and 19:00 when she moves into Sagittarius, if you have things that you need to do, and if it feels right, bring yourself fully to whatever it is that you are doing while releasing any worry about how it will turn out. Or, if you have the time and the space and if it is your wish, sink into a bath or find a spot somewhere out in nature where you can relax, be and breathe and just listen to the notes of your own song.