Full Moon in Gemini at 11°40’ on 3 December 2017 at 15:47 Universal Time

If Moons are of the Mother, then this Full Moon is of the Mother of the Mothers…Grandmother of Grandmothers…holding the key with her infinite knowledge of the feminine ways.

Neptune and Mercury are very much involved in this one…On the day of this Full Moon, Mercury, the Magician, pauses in the heavens before turning retrograde, sinking down, down, down to that grail like place of gold within.

Neptune is Poseidon, the King of the Ocean. He is also the serpentine, ouroboric Mother out of which all else comes. With Neptune squaring both the Sun and the Moon and, having just received a very helpful hit of boost from his very good friend, Jupiter, we can turn a corner from one celestial light to the other. Not only is Jupiter Neptune's very good friend, he is also the ruler of the sign of the Sun which shines on this Full Moon and he is also the father of at least one of the Gemini Twins, the sign of the Moon on this Full Moon. This is the Fairy Dust of the Deities…we can turn from feeling to faith…from faith to feeling…from shining our own light to supporting others…from receiving the support of others to shining on our own…from dream to wakening and back into sleep again…exchanging thoughts, ideas and feelings and turning our own thoughts, ideas and feelings into something else….

The Moon is in Gemini and the Sun is in Sagittarius... the axis of paradox out of which whole new worlds can come…the signs which lie between human and animal and between mortal and immortal**…they are on the axis of learning, of exploring new worlds, new ideas and of whole new perspectives.

It’s a time to think of and to honour our source…to sink into the Grandmother of Grandmothers on both our sides…to think of from where we came, of who we are and of what it is that we would now like to create.


P.S. The photographs were taken by myself at the London Wetland Centre

** Jupiter, or Zeus, the King of the Gods, rules Sagittarius, the sign symbolised by the Centaur - half man, half horse which, some say, may be Chiron who found immortality in the Stars.

Jupiter, or Zeus, is also said to have taken the form of a swan when, with the mortal in the form of the human, Leda, he fathered the twins, Castor and Pollux, or Gemini.

Some say, that it was only one of the twins who was fathered by Zeus, the other was fathered by a mortal King. With one twin being mortal and the other immortal, and to prevent the one from ceasing to be, it is said that, for now and forever, they swap their mortality with their immortality again and again.