Full Moon in Taurus at 11°58’ on 4 November 2017 at 05:21 Universal Time

This Full Moon whispers the way to next January’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. At this Full Moon, Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, has an easy and helpful road into the Moon. When we get to the Eclipse in January, Scorpio’s other ruler, Mars, will have an easy and helpful road into the Moon.

But, as ever, the place where we have the power to act is now. And now, with Pluto resting with the Fixed Star, Rukbat, who feeds in steadiness and strength and, building on the moment of the last New Moon, the opportunity… if we want and desire this….and never forgetting that Pluto and Scorpio rule wants and desires….the opportunity to remain steadfast and steady, even in the face of that which may frighten us, is strong.

This is exactly what Pluto helps us with; he shows us our fears so that we can turn them into our power.

Is there something you’re afraid of that you can look at and tell yourself that you don’t care… where you can say, let your fears materialise if they must, you’re following your heart, doing what’s needed, despite them?

Bearing in mind that Pluto…who shows us fear on the one side and gives us power on the other… is working well with the Full Moon in Taurus… the sign of that which will keep new life alive (our resources)…can you look at your fears and say, ok, they’re terrifying but these are my resources that will help me through? And your resources can be anything from your own abilities, attitudes, beliefs, faith to material items you have such as money and things, to professionals you have access to such as doctors, lawyers, therapists etc, to the tree in the local park that you can go and sit with, to your friends and your family who support you…to whatever else you have. All that you can gather around you and use, to walk through whatever it is that may frighten you.

You may also be in a position where you can allow your instinctive caring of others (Moon) to be a deep, deep (Pluto) well of support (a Moon in Taurus resource) for these people you care for who may be facing Plutonian fears of their own.

Whether you are wrapping someone within your love and support, whether you are digging deep within to see what scares you, whether you are drawing from the wells of your own strength and bravery or whether you are drawing on the support of your resources, Pluto is offering us help, he’s empowering us to go deeper.

What we’re working upon is ultimately always ourselves and as we transform, so does that which is around us…as within and so without… and with the Moon being lit by the Scorpio Sun, transformation and empowerment is happening.

In fact, there’s so much happening on the world stage right now – some very obvious and very major shifts in how we are working to empower ourselves and others. We’re all part of this magic and anything we can do to feed into it helps.

With Plutonian transformation and power feeding into the eclipses taking place on the Leo (Sun, Self) and Aquarius (Global, Humankind) axis, it really is worth remembering that, if we clutch Pluto’s gifts to ourselves, if we use this power for our sole benefit, it’s a power that will turn around and bite us. This power and empowerment of ourselves, what we do from our hearts, it really is meant to benefit the all.


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This article is an interpretation of the symbols and is written for information, if anything here stirs up difficult emotions for you, please do make sure you seek support from friends, family or other professionals as need be.