Full Moon in Cancer at 11°37’ on 2 January 2018 at 02:19 Universal Time

This Full Moon, has negative aspects of ego in her sight but it’s a Full Moon which pours her light into a pattern which can take us on a step towards wholeness… if of course, it’s a step we would like to take and if it is feels right for us to do so. It’s a Full Moon which also, I feel, screams at us to look at ourselves in relation to our home, the Earth.

With Diana…Artemis…the Huntress reigning in her own sign of Cancer, the instinct is strong.

Angled to her left, she can float into the dreamy seas of Pisces and to Neptune, who is just as strong in his own sign. Here, in this place, it is easy to think of the Hunter, Orion, who could walk upon his father’s (1) ocean. It is easy to think of how Orion may have died…struck by the arrow of Artemis who was tricked into shooting him as he swam far, far away in the distance… tricked by the jealousy of her own brother, Apollo…the God of the Sun…who was able to trick her because she sought to show off what she could do.

Angled to her right, she can be pulled into the churning depths, dangers and desires of Scorpio. Here we find Mars who is every bit as strong as the Moon and every bit as strong as Neptune (2)…Mars whose wont is to follow an impulse and who is just about to touch Jupiter…Jupiter who makes whatever he touches bigger. Here, in this place, it is easy to think of Orion and of how he once happily boasted to Artemis that, if he so desired, he could kill all of the Earth’s creatures. It is also easy to think of another way in which he may have died…by the Scorpion sent by Gaia in response to this prideful claim.

Whichever story we follow, Orion did die, Artemis did mourn and Orion was lifted into the heavens. Whichever story we follow, Orion’s constellation is of the brightest of the stars and, in the constellation of his dog, we find the brightest star of them all.

From the place of Pisces and from the place of Scorpio there is an opportunity to reach the Heart of the Sun. The roads which take us here veer ever so slightly to the Sun’s right…toward Pluto…and so we may need to embrace a metaphorical death, rebirth and transformation of our own.

There’s an opportunity to cultivate a gentle awareness of any automatic behaviours which don’t’ help…behaviours which, perhaps, lead to feelings of pride or vanity or needing to be better than others…automatic actions and behaviours which may arise out of the urges of envy or greed or of lust. There’s an opportunity to notice how a planned action makes you feel…whether that’s peaceful and balanced or perhaps angry, unsettled or smug. There is an opportunity to allow Pluto to take and shred any of these attitudes or instincts which no longer serve …so that what is left behind, what is revealed or what rises that little bit closer to the surface is the golden treasure of your heart.

The pattern that these Stars make at the time of this Full Moon is actually a pattern of ease and of great promise. It is so beautiful and so easy that it seems such a shame not honour and to celebrate its power. And, just as any path has its darker side, it has its lighter side too. The road from the Moon to Neptune speaks of the potential to dissolve into a divine compassion. The road from the Moon to Mars and to Jupiter speaks of an intense energy and drive to deepen into and expand the consciousness. And the most direct road of them all is from Artemis…straight ahead to the Sun where Venus, happy to be seen naked as she is, is standing by his side.

In the hours after the Full Moon and, from the place from where I write, of the planets who are with the Sun, first Saturn, then Black Moon Lilith, then Venus and then the Sun will rise above the horizon and move into a space where we can become more conscious of them. With Saturn finding the day’s light first, there’s a reminder to find a sober and steady responsibility within the process.

Like any planet, Venus has high and low levels of expression. A low level expression of Venus is desire in the most spoiled sense of the word, a high level expression of Venus is the ability to harmonise. As the Ruler of Libra, she can bring in Balance and Beauty and, as the Ruler of Taurus, she can align us with Nature. She’s an illuminator, a bringer of light and her arrival above the horizon, ahead of the Sun, gives pause for thought…it’s a reminder that the pride, the greedy desire to be more than what we are, to be greater than Nature or to be greater than the Gods just will not work out at all.

The squares from Mars and Jupiter to the Nodes of the Moon point toward the eclipse at the end of January (3.) These squares could show us how to create a bridge from what we have always done to what we can become…in this case shiny, autonomous, heart centred beings at best or the cause of our own descent at worst. Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto who stands with the Sun, offers the energy and the drive to look at our own unhelpful attitudes and beliefs. Once seen, we can choose whether or not to act upon them…we can, perhaps, find alternative…and that’s alternative, not avoidant… responses which can create space for balance and harmony. If someone else provokes a challenging feeling within you …there’s the opportunity to release any concern or judgement around the other person’s behaviour and to focus on the response which has been elicited within you.

Venus with the Sun, ruler of that shiny, autonomous North Node (4)… Uranus stationery, ready to step forward and with a road of ease into Mercury…Uranus out of whose blood and semen Venus was born… calls for a look towards where Uranus is going. In the months that follow, Uranus will be welcomed into Venus’ sign of Taurus at which point Venus will be completely unaspected and Out of Bounds in Mercury’s sign of Gemini. This is Uranus heralding change of a Taurean Nature a mere few hours after a New Moon in Taurus will have seeded new beginnings of a Taurean Nature (5.)

Meanwhile, now in January, at the time of this Full Moon, while Venus who rules Taurus stands with the Sun, Earth is with the Moon in Cancer. Taurus being of our resources…what we have that sustains us in life, our values and nature and Cancer being of the home and of our mother…it’s a reminder of Earth as our Home.

When Venus is unaspected, she will be completely free of the influence of anything that is going on around her (5.) The influence we have is now… the way in which we build her up and balance ourselves with her higher expression…what we do now to empower our own Nature and to empower Nature around us…to bring in balance, harmony and beauty… it could go a long, long, long way towards what will happen then.



1) Orion's father, Poseidon, or Neptune

2) Before the discovery of Pluto, Mars was considered to be the ruler of Scorpio. Some astrologers would still consider Mars to be the night ruler of Scorpio

3) The second Full Moon of the month of January is a Lunar Eclipse in Leo at 11°37’ on 31 January 2018 at 13:26 Universal Time. More to follow….

4) The North Node of the Moon is in Leo

5) At the time of the New Moon in Taurus, Uranus and Mars could be feeling a little desperate in the last degree of the signs they will be in (Aries and Capricorn, respectively.) Just after Uranus moves into Taurus, Mars will be welcomed into Uranus' sign of Aquarius where he will stay for longer than usual because he will retrograde here. The last time Mars moved into Aquarius, he was unaspected, Earth was in Taurus, Venus was Out of Bounds on the Galactic Centre, making only one aspect of ease to the future oriented Uranus who, at that time, was ruled by Mars. This time, when Mars goes into Aquarius, Venus, ruling Taurus, ruling Uranus who, in turn, will be ruling Mars will be unaspected...completely uninfluenced by anything that is going on around her (although anyone with planets near the degree she will be in (25°) could touch or be touched by her.) More on this might follow.


P.S. This is an interpretation of the symbols, from my perspective and shared for information. If anything here stirs up difficult emotions for you, please do make sure you seek support from friends, family or other professionals as need be.


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