New Moon 21 August, 18:30 UT, Leo, 28 degrees, Solar Eclipse

If the Sun is our source – our vitality and our life force – then, at this time of the eclipse, as the Moon passes in front of the Sun and casts her shadow upon the Earth, we are very visibly reminded of what it is that Moon does. Each month, she steps into the heart of the Sun, collects his stuff and feeds it into her work: she conceives, she creates, she nurtures and she births.

This August, the coupling of the Sun and the Moon has an easy flow of fiery support from both Saturn – of what has been and of what is – and from Uranus – of what is to come. This sense of time, of past and of future, is reiterated in that the New Moon takes place at the first degree of this Mercury’s retrograde. He’s passed through this spot already and is on his way back to come and collect more of what will have cooked in this space.

When just two planets flow with each other in the way that the Sun + Moon is flowing with Saturn, it’s an expression of ease. When a third comes into the mix, forming a triangle, it’s an extra special expression of ease. When yet another planet comes into the mix, forming a diamond, it’s an extra, extra special pattern. And, because Mars and the North Node are so close to the New Moon, this is exactly what Jupiter is doing for us. It places the focus of the flow of energy on luck, on benevolence and on expansion.

Black Moon Lilith is within minutes – not degrees, minutes – of Saturn. As I stare at this chart, I feel there is something significant in the coming together of these two symbols, more of which will unfold as they step into Capricorn later this year. The symbols of the planets have meaning. The symbol of Jupiter, who expands, is just a mirror of the symbol of Saturn, who contracts, and turned a little on his side. If you imagine a circle with a cross above it – that is the old symbol for Mars. And if you imagine a circle with a cross below it, that is the symbol for Venus. Earth, in between the two of them, is represented by a circle with a cross within it, reminding us that it is here, on Earth, in her space that we create.

So, what are Venus and Mars doing then? Masculine Mars is in Leo, the sign of the Sun and Feminine Venus is in Cancer, the sign of the Moon. Male and Female, female and male, female and male...Sun and Moon, Venus and Mars, Lilith and Saturn – perhaps an opportunity to take a giant, Jupiter style step forward toward balancing and integrating these polarities.

The North Node, the direction we need to follow, is in the sign of the Self, of Leo, while the South Node, the way of being which we already know, is in Aquarius, the sign of the collective. And from the place on this planet from where I write and for which I cast the chart, the Part of Fortune is in Aquarius too.

In as much as you are, I’m a part of this story too and so I can’t claim to have all the answers. My interpretation of the chart for the New Moon is that we already know how to do the 'us versus them,’ it’s a story that’s been played out many, many times before. The way forward is to step into the Self, to take any action, however small you can manage, to pull your own shadow back within you so that you don’t need to judge or to lay the blame upon others. What is it that you can admit about yourself, what is it that you can own or resolve at this time? How can you step deeper into your own heart? How can you make sure that you’re following your own path and bringing more of what it is that only you can bring to the table? This doesn’t mean that you don’t need boundaries for others’ behaviour or that you don't make a stand about what you tolerate but how are you ensuring that you're looking at yourself?

The more we become whole and the more of us who do it, it feeds back into the collective, to the place of the Part of Fortune, for the benefit of us all.

The elements are all playing together in the story of this chart. In particular, I’m drawn  to the fire of the New Moon/ Saturn/ Uranus triangle, to the air of Jupiter in Libra and the South Node in Aquarius, to the water of Neptune, Retrograde in Pisces, helping us to remember we’re all one, and to earthiness of Pluto in Capricorn, reminding us that this reality of ours IS going to change.

With Saturn involved, there’s a sense of karma. Like gravity, karma’s not out to get you and its impact can feel both good and / or bad. Jupiter will only make it feel bigger. Possible pitfalls include negative use of ego, stubbornness, pride and attempts at power over others. Yet, the light of the Sun gets washed in the womb of the Moon and we may come out of this feeling blessed. Ultimately, we don’t have to be perfect but know that we are perfect pots of creation. It does feel as though, right now, we could be creating diamonds. Good luck!

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