Saturn Stations Direct 24 August 2017

Have you ever watched that film, ‘Practical Magic,’ starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman? As a little girl, Sandra Bullock’s character has cause to never want to fall in love when she grows up and so she pulls together a true love spell with an ‘impossible to fulfil’ wish list for her dream man. The spell includes criteria like having one green eye and one blue eye and the list eventually concludes with the requirement that his favourite shape will be a star.

As it turns out, she does grow up to meet such a man who fulfils each and every 'impossible to fulfil' item, his favourite shape being the star shaped badge of his office. The story continues with an evil spirit, having been raised from the dead, trying to reach into the officer’s body so as to crush his heart. But it’s okay! The officer’s heart (not to mention his life) is saved by the star shaped badge which burns and sears the evil Spirit’s ‘flesh.’

The star shaped badge of disciple saving the hour is this Saturn turning Direct.

This is a great time to find and to draw upon your internal authority – your internal disciplinarian – who knows exactly which limits and which structures you need to put in place, limits and structures you need to adhere to so that you can protect whatever it is that your dear heart is creating. With Saturn in Sagittarius, it will be particularly important to work to deliver on any urges to explore, to expand and to gain wisdom and it will be particularly important to stay true to your own moral code.

Possible pitfalls include externalising authority, calcifying the negative use of ego or of being stingy with the self. Without having a healthy inner parent, it is possible to see others who do have discipline as being controlling or to feel the weight of discipline as coming from people or from events outside of yourself. If you’re operating from a negative side of the ego or from a place of pride or of being stubborn, try to bring it back to who you really are and to that which is really in your heart. Similarly, if you are being too hard on yourself or on others, bring it back so that you are using only just enough of the discipline that is needed so as to create and express from the heart. Watch for being stingy or withholding of yourself and rejecting others as opposed to having a disciplined and focused expression of self.

If you are slightly off track and if you would like to realign what you are doing with your heart, it’s never too late to put in the time and the effort. 

P.S. If you’re in London, UK, and would like to spend a few weeks focusing on you – on who you are – through the stories, myths and archetypes of Astrology -  there’s more information on my classes here.