The Two Queens

On 27 August, the North Node of the Moon in our heavens will find its way to the same place as the North Node of the Moon in Queen Elizabeth I’s chart. Not too long ago, on the day of the lunar eclipse earlier this month actually, it was in the same place as the South Node of the Moon in Queen Mary of Scotland’s chart.

Yesterday, I started to write this. It started off as a one liner, “Hey, by the way, the North Node of the Moon is going to be on Queen Elizabeth’s” but these women drew me in. What an extraordinary story in time! When the surrounding countries were ruled by Kings, on this tiny island, this tiny island that went on to change the face of the world, two women ruled the land: Queen Elizabeth of England and Queen Mary of Scotland.

The Nodes of the Moon speak of where we have come from and of where we are meant to go. The South Node speaks of what we can do very easily. The North Node shows us what we are meant to develop as we go forwards. The more we work towards the North Node, the more we can use our innate abilities of the South Node to help us. But, if we only stay within the comfort zone of the South Node, we don’t move – we become stuck. The Nodes in our personal charts speak of our personal stories. The Nodes in the heavens today speak of our collective stories right now.

Queen Mary’s South Node is on top of Queen Elizabeth’s North Node and, given that the Nodes of the Moon are always opposite one another, Queen Elizabeth’s South Node is on top of Queen Mary’s North Node. These women were born with the innate gifts, strengths and talents, natural ways of being, that would help the other move in the direction in which they needed to evolve. And if you believe in past lives and if you believe that the stars can tell us about these past lives, these two women had been connected before and would probably connect again.

With her South Node in the royal sign of Leo, Queen Mary very easily found her way to the throne, aged just six days old. With Queen Elizabeth’s North Node in Leo, her right to the crown was questioned and she had to fight for her throne. With her South Node in the people’s sign of Aquarius, Queen Elizabeth was surrounded by people who wished her well as she made her way to her coronation. Queen Mary, who wasn’t born with these Aquarian ways didn’t immediately link with her people but, rather, upon arriving in Scotland, she did what she was born knowing how to do and she gravitated towards the royalty that was her neighbouring Queen. It is interesting that history remembers Queen Elizabeth as a monarch first and as a woman second while Queen Mary is remembered as a woman first and as a monarch second. Their nodes would suggest the exact opposite. I guess, what we see doesn't reflect what it has taken to get there.

Queen Elizabeth went on to her North Node, to become someone who is, arguably, one of England’s greatest monarchs. She held the space of her sovereignty well, refusing to allow it to be influenced or compromised through marriage or even through announcing a successor. Strength and power certainly came into England during her reign. She’s remembered as the Faerie Queen and I just love the fact that her astrologer, John Dee, has Black Moon Lilith riding his Sun.

History tells us that it was Queen Elizabeth who signed Queen Mary’s death warrant and it is history which also tells us how very much she did not want to do it. That Lord Burghley, who argued for Queen Mary’s death, has his Pluto conjunct Queen Elizabeth’s ascendant, feeding themes of death, fear, power struggles and transformation straight into the planets in Queen Elizabeth’s chart which speak of women and of Queen Elizabeth’s wounding says something. 

Queen Mary, perhaps not particularly helped by having her North Node's ruler aligned with her South Node, ignored the opinions of her people and consented to a marriage which signalled the beginning of her downfall. Her North Node does mark history though, not that long after her death, with the fruit of her loins bringing nations together with the union of the crowns. Sadly, it was her son's fears that added to the number of women persecuted and which live on in the fear of witch women in his version of the bible.

By the Nodes of the Moon, neither woman could have done what they came here to do without the other. There’s so, so much more to the charts of Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary. There’s so much more to the interactions between these two charts and between their charts and that of King James I. Right now, the Nodes of the Moon feel more than enough.

This is an unusual post for me in that they're musings on what interests me, there's no conclusion as to the legacy of the characters and I'm not making any points about how this can be applied today. That I avidly read of these Queens as a little girl and that I still think of them now fills me with a feeling of awe that these two women’s yesterdays can still echo in my tomorrows. It feels sad that they never physically met while alive but I like to picture that, in death, they are now reunited in the sisterly solidarity that, once upon a time, they showed.