Full Moon in Pisces 6 September 07:02 UT

While what was seeded at the time of the New Moon Solar Eclipse will take months to fully unfold, on 6 September we will see the first Full Moon since the Solar Eclipse and it will be the first indication, the first bringing to the light, of where we are going. In trying to understand what this Full Moon moment can mean, it is worth looking back to what the New Moon Solar Eclipse meant to you and what you were looking to start or to birth at that time: the end, after all, is in its beginning. 

For me, and in summary, the New Moon Solar Eclipse was about balancing polarities, pulling the past into the future, about each individual becoming more whole and about how each individual doing whatever it is that they can do to become more whole would benefit us all. It was a reminder that Earth provides the space of our creativity and the place for what we do. It was a reminder that reality is changing. 

The moment of this coming Full Moon feels important. But then again, I say that about a lot of moments and that’s probably because they all are. They each have their own characteristics and offer their own opportunities but they all belong to and colour the greater one moment that we each get in life which, in turn, belongs to and colours the greater moment that is All Time.

On this Full Moon, we have the Moon in Pisces standing with Pisces’ ruler, Neptune, who, from our perspective, is moving backwards through the sky. The Sun, opposite the Moon, is in the analytical, critical sign of Virgo. Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, is standing still in the heavens, his own little solstice, as he prepares, from our perspective, to change direction and to move forwards again. Mercury is in the sign of the Sun and the Sun is in Mercury’s sign – they have each other’s’ interests at heart. The point at which Mercury is standing is 24 minutes (not degrees, minutes) from the place of the last New Moon, which was the Solar Eclipse. 

This is important – the planet Mercury, of our mind, our thoughts and of communication, usually travels through just under one degree in a day. But because he is standing still in this place of the Solar Eclipse, it will take him almost three days to move through one full degree. By the time he gets through just those 24 minutes to the exact same place of the Solar Eclipse, the Moon will already have moved out of dreamy Pisces and into the more action oriented sign of Aries. 

The Full Moon is supported by Pluto, who goes deep, and it is challenged to fulfil its promise by a wide square to both the Sun and the Moon from Saturn and from Black Moon Lilith. The North Node of the Moon, at this moment of time, will be on the asteroid Toro who, like Aries, asks that we use our might. 

So, what does this all mean for this coming Full Moon? 

The Full Moon is helping Mercury by holding him in a place where he can reach into the lunar, womb like, cauldron space of the moment of the last New Moon Solar Eclipse – the space which holds the potential, the everything, the one, the connectedness. The space that continues to exist, even though we have moved forward in time. From this space, Mercury can pull out, distinguish or categorise something to which he would like to give shape. Mercury / Moon is the intelligence of the womb. 

Once Mercury has taken something out,… a thought, an idea, a word,… we are reminded that he continues upon his path which orbits the Sun. That Mercury orbits the Sun while the Moon orbits the Earth is a fact but it also feels to be a useful reminder for Virgo. Virgo so desperately wants to heal, perfect and fix that it can go on to look for things that are broken. As we know, what we look for, we will find.

Those details and criticisms which can overwhelm...do they orbit the Sun? If they do not support what is being created from the heart, what you authentically believe or know to be right for yourself and for who you are, shake them off and let them spin out into the ether. Your heart is clear about what it would like to create and you can use your heart to clear your mind. Any heaviness in the heart can also be cleared through allowing your thoughts and your words to be driven from the seat of the heart.

Similar ways to work with the symbols of this time are to raise challenging emotions from the gut to the heart to be cleared. Or to allow the pain and the anxiety, what worries you and what you’re passionate about, to drive mighty action from the heart.   

There’s something about the Moon, who circles the Earth, helping a planet who circles the Sun in the Heavens. There’s something about the polarities of the Virgo / Neptune axis…of the Healer / Dreamer Waters from which we come and go… helping to pull together what the Sun and the Moon started at the time and the place of the Eclipse. There’s something of the Female / Male polarities being balanced through Mercury and through Saturn’s involvement in this Full Moon. Both Mercury and Saturn are of the hermaphrodite - it is the way Mercury is often depicted and it is Saturn as the World Card in the tarot, the final card in the Major Arcana with its dancing hermaphrodite in the centre. It's the idea of everything that can be found outside of us being inside of us too. It’s the integration of it as well.

There’s a real potential for healing and a coming together of heart and mind in this Full Moon with the degree being 13, the number of love, and with Mercury, ruler of the sixth sign and the sixth House of Health, being 24 minutes from the place of the Eclipse. 2 + 4 = 6, the number of perfection, of balance, of divine reciprocity and, on the Tree of Life, also the number of the heart. 

There’s a wise owl energy of Black Moon Lilith in her square to the Sun and Moon. The owl is associated with Lilith, with Minerva, with Rhiannon, with old women and with witches. She sees in the dark, she sees from the dark and, with her ability to transform and her closeness to Saturn, she is working the transition that Pluto in Capricorn is bringing in. This says to me that what we are doing is taking place under the gaze of the goddess but, with Toro and the Moon’s movement into Aries while Mercury is still holding the space, we are being asked to put our effort into continuing whatever it is that we have started. We're being asked to work alongside and with what is going on. 

The will of the Sun, the feeling of the Moon, the story of the Mind, the reality of Saturn, the transformation of Pluto, the balancing of Jupiter in Libra…it all just feels so very, very strong. 

This seems like a lot of words to describe something which seems so simple, so obvious and so eternally true but it seemed like this is a moment which offers such a lot towards the realisation of this something and so it deserves such a lot of words. And here it is: we are extraordinarily creative and what we create as individuals affects us all. It's worth doing with the honesty, the integrity, the authenticity of who we are, with personal power, and driven through with all the love and the might that comes from the heart. After all, Nelson Mandela didn’t get what he came to do here done, he didn’t manage to bring hope to a nation, by following the others around him.

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