Partial Full Moon Eclipse 7 August 18:10 UT, Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Leo, 15 degrees

Being in the signs that they rule, the Sun and Mercury are the strongest energies of this coming Full Moon Eclipse. And strong energy is most certainly what this eclipse is all about.

This Eclipse is underpinned by Pluto who holds the potential for such mighty tides as fear, power and transformation. Pluto is squared by Jupiter who makes whatever he touches – be it good or bad - bigger. Whatever Jupiter is bringing in and expanding from Pluto is riding unchecked into the Full Moon on Jupiter’s easy roads into both the Sun and the Moon. And please do remember, whatever Jupiter’s bringing in from Pluto, be it fear or power or whatever else, can be changed by us – we do have free will!

Full Moons can be tricky at the best of times, with dream time and day time vying for the same space, and an eclipse, magnifies this on the most magnificent scale. This Moon is ruled by electric, super zappy Uranus who, in turn, is currently (no pun intended) ruled by the ruler of energy: Mars. And Mars is right on top of the Sun, lending this bright, burning star all of his oomph.

In sum, the charge of this Full Moon is amplified from within, by its own nature as an eclipse and it is amplified from without, by some pretty major players around it. The potential for feeling anxious, afraid and being off balance is huge. So is the potential for transformation, empowerment and becoming more balanced… for you and for us all.

If you or the events around you feel as though they are speeding up in a way which is pushing you off centre, this is a good time to stop, take notice of this and breathe. If you have fears or anxieties rising to the surface, or, if you’re somehow engaged in power struggles with people around you, it can be enormously empowering and transformative to look at these and to release in as much as you can (the fears and the behaviours, not necessarily the people.)

It’s a time of two mirrors – that of the Sun and that of the Moon. With the players involved, it brings to mind the ancient Egyptian story of the deceased (Pluto) having their heart (Sun) measured against the feather of justice (Libra) with the results being recorded by Thoth (Mercury.) It’s important that you do not place unrealistic expectations of perfection upon yourself. To do so would be to reject parts of yourself and to invite in imbalance. Be kind to yourself and remember you are human and you most definitely do not need to be perfect. We’re all flawed!

Eclipses are gateways into new ways of being. The Sun and Mercury in their own sign really can help to pull in the promises of power and of transformation from Pluto and of renewal from the Moon.

Mercury, in his own sign, is about to go retrograde. What a magical time! When he goes within, the mind can be particularly powerful in creating and shifting our reality. It’s always a good time but now is especially a good time to pay particular care with thoughts, choosing language which flowers and avoiding words which trap. At this time, Mercury also tells us very loudly when we need to pause, reflect and to rethink what we’re doing. If anything under his rulership starts to play up during his retrograde (and it is most certainly not a given that they will,) that’s Mercury trying to help you, warning you to rethink.

And then there’s the Sun, our closest star, all mighty and all powerful in his own sign. It’s not a time to be proud or stubborn but to rather really drop to the heart, to notice how it feels, to blend strength with compassion, compassion with strength and to balance the needs of the self with the needs of the community, the needs of the community with the needs of the self.

The take away message is to pay attention to your thoughts, take the time to breathe with and through whatever is going on and always, always act with love from your heart – both to yourself and to others. I feel I’ve not spoken enough of the Moon in this one but she is there, under it all... I do hope you enjoy and find use in this.

Yvette Marks