Moon in Aquarius

Last night, after I had taken this photograph of the Moon in Aquarius, I was watching TV when I realised that the Moon was still with me. I was watching a programme about Princess Diana who shares her name with the Goddess of the Moon. I was pretty sure that Diana’s Moon is in Aquarius so I checked and, yes. But of more interest to me was the fact that the Sun of today’s Full Moon Eclipse is within one and a half degrees of Diana’s own Black Moon Lilith in Leo. Like her or not (and I have to say that I love her,) Diana went through hardship - restriction, harassment, humiliation in public and heartache in private. Even more of what she endured was brought into the light on last night’s TV. Yet, despite all this, she lived a life in which she captured the hearts of millions the world over through defiantly listening to her own. It’s the heart of Leo, the wisdom of the Moon in Aquarius and the wisdom of the Wise Owl of Lilith in Leo. It’s Leo’s courage and expression of self, coupled with Aquarius and Lilith’s willingness to shake up some royal feathers. It’s the plight of the many which inspires love and compassion. It’s the love and compassion which lends hope and strength to the many. What an inspiration! It’s an example, a source of energy, which is available to us all. Wherever the Princess is now, I hope that she is wild and free and feeling the love.



Yvette Marks