10 October 2017 – 10/10/10 Jupiter Moves into Scorpio

That it was a 9/9/9 (2+0+1+6 = 9) when Jupiter stepped into Libra and that it will be a 10/10/10 (2+0+1+7) when Jupiter steps into Scorpio feels significant. This does not happen every time Jupiter changes signs. Eclipses are not always nearby before Jupiter changes signs either but they were there last time and they were here this time.

With a 9 and a 1, the pregnancy is over and it’s time for birth. At the very moment of this birth, the moment Jupiter steps into Scorpio, the Goddess (Black Moon Lilith) will be poised, birthing what is to come, over the degree of the Galactic Centre, the Sun of our Sun, the centre of our creativity.

Nine is the number of promise, growth, accomplishment, tolerance, wisdom and humanitarians… all themes of which Jupiter speaks. It’s the number of parts the ancient Egyptians believed made up the soul and the number of worlds supported by the world tree in Norse mythology.  It’s the number of days and nights that Odin hung in the borderlands between life and death before returning with the secret wisdom of the runes. Nine completes a phase before starting something new …Nine days of praying a soul out of purgatory (within certain Christian traditions) and nine months of pregnancy before birth.

Ten reduces to 1 (1+0.) The number one initiates. It’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. There’s a blast of initiating energy pushing this along with the last Full Moon before the 10th of October being in Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, whose action oriented ruler, Mars, is also the ancient ruler of Scorpio. The 10th of October will also be on a Tuesday, the day that is ruled by Mars. The number one takes action and the qualities of this action are reflected or rewarded in whatever emerges in the numbers that follow. It cannot be emphasised enough: the end is in the beginning. The way that we initiate something really does count.

On average, Jupiter takes about twelve years to complete one cycle around the Zodiac and so he goes into Scorpio for around a year once every twelve years. But this time it’s HUGE.

9+9+9=27 and 2+7 = 9. The 9th Rune is Naud, the Rune of the Norns, of necessity and of the Fates. 10+10+10=1+1+1=3. The 3rd Rune is Ass, the Great Spirit that moves us forward along the Mysteries.

Jupiter, who makes everything he touches bigger, is moving into the transformative sign of Scorpio, whose ruler, Pluto, is in the sign which makes our reality real – Capricorn. Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, is moving into Capricorn later this year (this too is big and there will be more to follow in another post.) Together, Jupiter and Saturn speak of the outer structures which create our reality and Pluto speaks of change. Our reality IS changing.

In essence, Zeus (Jupiter) is going to meet with and to learn with his brother Hades (Pluto) in the Underworld and their father, Cronus (Saturn) is closing the book on one story and starting a new one for us to exist within. Helios, the Sun, (eclipses) is helping and Hermes and Demeter (Mercury’s extended stay in Virgo) and the waters of Neptune are in the background too.

In the run up to Jupiter’s changing of signs we have had the eclipses which continue to invite individuals to act from the heart so as to benefit us all. Throughout this, Jupiter has been at the focal point of a diamond configuration and this energy continues to feed into what is still to come. It gives rise to some very strong images of pressure ultimately yielding treasure, like the diamonds that are formed from the heat and the pressure from within the Earth. Pluto, being the Lord of Wealth, most definitely has the power to offer us this treasure. Between now and 10/10/10, there will be a New Moon and a Full Moon (more to follow) which will help us to take this all forward. The Goddess, Black Moon Lilith, is walking hand in hand with Saturn, creator of our manifest reality, helping to get everything ready.

Jupiter, Zeus, is the King, he is the Father of the Gods. The ancients knew him as the ruler of both Sagittarius, the sign that travels and explores the worlds without and of Pisces, the sign that goes deep into the worlds within. In this sense, he seems similar to Odin, the Norse Father God, who is also a traveller and whose one eye is eternally shut, having been exchanged for the secret wisdom of the runes. It reminds me of Carl Jung’s famous saying “Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside wakes” and of the famous maxim of Hermes Trismegistus, “As within, so without.”

Zeus is husband to his beautiful sister, the Goddess Hera. Zeus, a playboy, tricked Hera into marrying him. As above, so below, Hades, with the help of Zeus and struck by Eros/ Cupid’s arrow, did the same to Persephone.

Zeus tormented Hera with his incessant womanising and with the offspring that came out of these unions. Hera retaliated with tantrums, obsessive spying and vengeance upon Zeus’ often unwilling lovers and the innocent offspring that ensued. But Hades compromised with Persephone, allowing her to reunite with her mother, and, while there is some dispute as to whether or not he was faithful to her, the stories tell us that they came to a peaceful union.

The compromise was made with the help of Zeus who agreed to help because the Goddess Demeter, Persephone’s Mother, forced his hand.

As below, so above, are these major shifts of Jupiter going into Scorpio while Saturn goes into Capricorn after all these eclipses signalling that the time is now finally ripe for Zeus to go into the Underworld to learn with Hades? That he will take Hades’ respectful treatment of Persephone up to the surface and re-enact this with Hera? Will Zeus and Hades have a little chat about what it is that they did that was wrong and will they both agree to behave differently? Above and below.

Given Hera is the Deity of Marriage and that some say that it is Zeus and Hera’s union which is re-enacted, re-embodied within ourselves, in the rites of Heiros Gammos, we have a lot to look forward to, a lot to hope for, in whatever it is that Zeus and Hades are going to do together. Is the divine masculine already there, deep within us all and now ready to rise to the surface? Is it allowed to move between the Upper and the Lower worlds because of what Demeter once did?

Jupiter in Scorpio will be a time where we can benefit from transforming the way in which we use our initiating, action oriented, masculine energies. Male / Female/ Transgender / However You Identify, we all have these energies within us. Masculine Energy is active, those things we do in order to reach a desired result. Jupiter in Scorpio gives us the opportunity to consider and transform our actions in relation to Scorpionic themes such as the instinct and/or vengeance of the Scorpion, the perception and insight of the Eagle, the Strategic Wisdom of the Spider, the Transformation and Sexual Magnetism of the Snake while remembering always the promise of triumphant renewal of the Firebird, the Phoenix. Scorpio has to do with birth, life, death and rebirth, it has to do with issues of fear, those things which obsessively compel us and with power. It has to do with addictions, taboos and with the resources that we share – taxes, inheritance, the Earth. It has to do with those things which lurk beneath the surface of our conscious awareness which need to be brought into and reworked in the light.

Where Jupiter goes, he makes things big and where we find Scorpio and Pluto, we go deep. These themes are re-emphasised in that, at the moment of Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio, he will be on top of the asteroid Siwa – some say named for the Hindu Deity Shiva, the transformer, while others say named for the Slavic Goddess of Fertility. Both, working together, feel apt. Pluto will be parallel to the Asteroid Eros, pulling in and allowing the moment when he was first struck by Eros/ Cupid’s arrow to be reworked. And if, as some say, it was Eros who came from the Orphic Egg, here, again, would be another indication of a new seed for a new world; a Scorpionic renewal of life.

The stories, the myths and the legends, give us clues as to how we can use this time. Consider Lilith, the first woman, created at the same time as Adam and made his equal. Adam, envious of Lilith’s connection with the animals, tried to dominate her sexually. Like Zeus did to Hera and Hades to Persephone. Rather than submit, Lilith fled and in the subsequent his-stories became known as a demon.

How do you see or judge people who free or try to free themselves from under the dominion of others? How do you help others who are trying to be free? What permission do you give to yourself to be free? In what way do you allow your own fears to demonise others?

Consider Hera, tricked or shamed into marriage with Zeus and who was further tormented by his constant infidelities. In all your relationships, do you have a shared agenda or is someone seeking to make you do what they want? Can it change? Do you need to stay there? Are you seeking to make someone else submit to something you want? Why? What is it that you are missing? Can you get it in another, healthier way?

Always on the lookout for his unfaithfulness, Hera became renowned for her temper, her shrewish behaviours and for her vengeance upon Zeus’ often unwilling lovers and innocent children. Where does the behaviour of someone else control your own? When you become angry are you looking in the right direction? In which relationships do you not like who you become? Can the relationship change? Do you need to stay there? Are you missing out on beautiful friendships and connections through misdirected vengeance?

Hera, is a beautiful Goddess, by some accounts she is the most beautiful of them all, and yet when Paris chooses Aphrodite over her as the most beautiful, she is so angered she takes sides against him in the Trojan war. Which situations have eroded your security in who and what you are? Can they change? Must you stay?

Some say that Aphrodite used her sexual magnetism to sway the vote in her favour. Where are you not allowing yourself to use the full extent of your own sexual magnetism? In what ways are you attracted to things which do not serve you? Why?

While Zeus fathered many children, he showed little interest in the four that Hera gave him. Who or what is not supporting or honouring that which you create? Where are you not honouring your own creations? Why?

These examples will only be the tip of the iceberg…some may speak to you and others won’t. Your own birth chart can tell you so much more. The information is less important than the intention or the action taken to transform and to heal. If it is something you would like to do, what is there for you and what you can find with Jupiter in Scorpio is the ability to work with power and to empower yourself in a whole new way. The target is power with, not power over.

If you choose to consider any of these questions, go easy on yourself, gently notice your patterns and behaviours and gently release and change what you can so that you can move towards your power. Feeling fear, guilt or shame is not helpful, it will only drag you down. There might not be any need to go back into old situations to resolve them but rather to use them as a rich resource of material to rehearse; if the same situation came up again, what could you or what would you have done differently so as to stay within your centre? It is also not helpful to wait, stagnant and unhappy, for someone else to do this work - that is giving your power away too.

There are so many ways to work with the symbols around us, so many stories that fit the bill. I usually see what is positive or promising in what can come as I feel this offers a way to consciously work with the potential, but, when I started to write on this one, I hesitated. I thought to myself that I needed to give a more balanced view: I’ve heard that giving birth isn’t easy and Scorpio does have a certain reputation. But, on my life, the second I’d first written this sentence down, there was a clap of thunder and a bolt of lightning right outside my window, in London, England, where we don’t often have claps of thunder and we don’t often have bolts of lightning. Needless to say, I deleted it. Thunder and lightning are the tools of Jupiter / Zeus and I was reminded, he can make it lucky and he can make it easy, if only we intend it so. The end is in the beginning, remember. Jupiter/ Zeus, is and always has been the Father Christmas of the Zodiac and it looks like he’s ready to go deep to bring us some more gifts.

And Hera, the Lady, Queen of Heaven and of Earth, nurturer, protector of women and the only Goddess who can walk with women through all the stages of their lives – we want her to be honoured, loved, happy and well!


P.S. The Sun, Hecate, Demeter, Hermes, the Water Nymphs all played their part in Persephone’s story. The article became too long to talk about this but, astrologically, they are there in the background.

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This article is an interpretation of the symbols and is written for information, if anything here stirs up difficult emotions for you, please do make sure you seek support from friends, family or other professionals as need be.

The images from the tarot are from the Rider Waite Tarot deck (Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith,) photographed by myself with the kind permission of Rider, Ebury.