Henry Cornelius Agrippa, born on Thursday, Jupiter's day, 14 September, 1486, Happy Birthday

Henry Cornelius Agrippa, born on Thursday, Jupiter's day, 14 September, 1486, Happy Birthday!

Archmagus, theologian, cabalist, medicine man, philosopher, lawyer, university lecturer, military man, court astrologer, writer of many books, alchemist, traveller…whether or not he actually obtained his degrees in law and medicine remains unknown but that man has surely shown what can be done with an out of bounds Jupiter in the birth chart!

Having an out of bounds planet means that the planet, behaving outside of the influence of the sun, can be more inventive or creative. It’s neither a good nor a bad thing - like anything else in the chart, how it is used, depends on the user.

There’s more to his chart, of course, too: stellium in Sagittarius which reinforces Jupiter’s themes, original, provocative, progressive out of bounds Uranus square Sun, Mercury on Pluto as the focal point of his Kite giving depth of thought, the energy of his Mars in Mercury’s Gemini, conjunct the star Polaris which shows the way and his strongest planet of all, Venus, the planet of love, in the heart centred sign of Leo.

He argued that the persecutors of witches were cruel, that their legal grounds were shaky and that their motives were shady. He argued for the superiority of women, saying that they alone can produce human nature without the help of man and, when all the physicians fled Antwerp, only Agrippa, and possibly one other, braved the plague to administer help.

The volumes of information he left us are said to be reworked from information that existed before. He seems to invite others to do the same to his own works by arguing with his younger self at one time and by inviting others to add to his works at another. And ultimately, he said, the information itself doesn't matter, what matters is knowledge of the divine.

He has a reputation in some writings, cast as a scary black magician by those same authors who egged on the mass murder of witches and as a charlatan by the physicians who hadn’t managed to fulfil their own duties.

But as Jupiter gets ready to move into the sign that knows fear best and, as Jupiter is getting ready to transform and to be transformed, what Agrippa has already accomplished with his out of bounds Jupiter feels to me to be quite an inspiration. Whether he earned his degrees or not, in my mind, he’s earned his wings.

Happy, happy, happy birthday Henry Cornelius Agrippa!



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