New Moon in Virgo 20 September at 05:27 Universal Time

Of the seven visible planets, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are considered personal planets – planets which make up the personality - while Jupiter and Saturn make up the social structure or the reality within which the personal story plays out.

On this New Moon, every single one of the personal planets will be in Virgo. And, from where I write, the Part of Fortune will be in Virgo too. Jupiter and Saturn…well, we know that they are getting ready to change signs and so we know that our context, our reality, the stage of our stories, is getting ready to change too.

The themes of Mercury and the Moon working together that arose in the recent New Moon Eclipse and in the recent Full Moon in Pisces carry on into this New Moon with first Mercury and then the Moon being the strongest of the five planets in Virgo. What magical paper upon which to mark our choices, wishes and intentions at this time…the thinking and the language which creates our reality working together with whatever is seeded in the dark, fertile womb of the New Moon Sky.

What exactly, what specifically is it that we would wish or intend for ourselves? Virgo has to do with being exact and with being specific. It has to do with alchemy, healing, analysis, precision, efficiency, improvement, practicality, kindness, helpfulness and the like.

There’s an opportunity here to allow all parts of ourselves to work towards an agreed intention or an agreed goal, allowing each of the mind, the heart, the language, the actions, the instincts and the emotions to do whatever it is that they each do best so as to allow the goal to be reached. Similarly, if working within a group, there is the opportunity for each individual to bring whatever it is that only they can bring in order to achieve a desired goal that the group holds in common

Looking beyond the seven visible planets towards the fixed stars, the outer planets and the asteroids, themes of healing and of change continue. Venus, is pulling the energy of the grand Fire trine between Uranus, Saturn and the North Node with her into Virgo where she joins forces with the Royal Star Regulus and with the asteroid Sisyphus.

Regulus is the Watcher of the North, associated with the Archangel Raphael, Angel of the Heart and of Healing. With Chiron, the Wounded Healer, also directly opposite the New Moon, the healing potential of this gathering of planets in Virgo is emphasised and emphasised yet again. It gives rise to images of being at a turning point, at the half way mark en route back to wholeness.

Sisyphus reminds us that there is absolutely no point in fearing or in trying to evade the change that Jupiter and Saturn are promising and that Pluto in Capricorn is already working to bring in. Sisyphus goes on further to remind us of the Virgoan themes of doing a task properly for no other reason than to just do it well.

Saturn and Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius, squaring the New Moon, challenge us to temper our intentions and our wishes with our morals and with values of justice and tolerance. Neptune in Pisces is reminding us that we’re all in it together and Jupiter, ancient ruler of Pisces and the ruler of Sagittarius, is at the focal point of the kite, offering expansion and luck.

With Virgo being the most helpful sign of the Zodiac…with the New Moon who, over the Aeons, has had so much asked of her…with the coming Equinox as the Sun steps into Libra, reminding us of balance… With each and every wish that you breathe in at the time of this New Moon, it’s a really, really nice time to also breathe out your heartfelt thanks.


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The images from the tarot are from the Rider Waite Tarot deck (Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith,) photographed by myself with the kind permission of Rider, Ebury.