New Moon in Capricorn at 26°54’ on 17 January 2018 at 02:16 Universal Time

It has been said, that while the flock sleeps, the Crane takes its turn to stand guard with a stone in its foot so that, if it falls asleep, the stone will drop and the Crane will wake up.

It has been said that the Crane flies so high that it has knowledge of the Stars… that when attacked by an Eagle, the flock forms the shape of a heart to give the birds courage… that the fastest of the flock never flies so fast so as to leave the stragglers behind… and that the eldest of the birds take turns to be leader so that the flock is never under the Rule of a King.

It has been said that Mercury himself plucked the letters of the Greek Alphabet out of the way in which the Cranes fly and that the word ‘congruent’ …to be in harmony and in agreement… comes out of the congruent behaviour of the flock (1.)

At the time of this New Moon, and from the place from where I write, the very highest point that the Sun will reach… the Midheaven… is on the exact same degree that the New Moon occupied during our last Eclipse in August 2017 (2.) At that time, the New Moon was in the Sign of the Sun…in Leo and it had roads of ease into Saturn, the Ruler of this New Moon and to Uranus, who challenges this New Moon and who will rule the Sun who, in turn, will rule the Moon at the next Eclipse ….a challenge, perhaps, to develop what was started at the time of the New Moon Eclipse in August so as to consciously work with what we are bringing in with the Full Moon Eclipse in January…

On this New Moon, Saturn, Black Moon Lilith, Mercury, Pluto, the Moon, the Sun and Venus will all be in Capricorn. That’s a lot in Capricorn… seven points in Capricorn during this…the first New Moon in Capricorn after Capricorn’s Ruler, Saturn, moved back home…It’s a powerful force to do more, to be better, to climb higher, to achieve (5)…whether it’s physically …perhaps at home, in your relationships, career or somewhere else or whether it’s on an inner level…perhaps to do with your psychology, your spirituality or something else …or whether perhaps it’s both (6.)

Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio pushes more power from our depths into this New Moon…whether that force takes the form of drive, anger, strategy, perception, manipulation, compulsion or the will to transform or to triumph. Chiron is also feeding a force into this New Moon with the potential to heal and to be healed or to wound and to be wounded. With Venus being the first planet to receive the Light of the Moon together with what Mars and Jupiter are doing in Scorpio, there is a lot of magnetism to this moment, a powerful ability to draw in what we desire or a danger of being driven forward by our ferocious appetite and compulsions.

As ever, we all have a choice in how to use this energy. Will it be used to ruthlessly climb to the top, to realise selfish desires and to lash out at anyone or anything which threatens us? Or, will we use this time to allow whatever goes on in and around us to be like the stone in the Crane’s claw…to awaken us to what we need to work on in ourselves… so that both the individual and the flock can stay protected until the new day dawns…so that we can extract what is not needed and close the door on behaviours which do not serve? In wherever we find ourselves, can we help each other without dictating the way in which the other needs to be helped? Can we feel the support of those around us, those who make up our flock and who want us to succeed? Can we use this Moon to nurture and to be kind to ourselves and to each other as we make this ascent?

That Venus is the first planet to be infused, to be charged with the Light of the Moon and that she will be standing with the Sun and with the South Node of the Moon at the time of the Lunar Eclipse is important. Not only is Venus a key player when Uranus changes signs in a few months’ time (7) but Venus, the South Node and the Sun will be the only avenue through which the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and the North Node in Leo will be able to touch the rest of the chart. What we do now is part of a choice around whether the Lunar Eclipse will take us towards tyranny, pride, arrogance, selfishness and isolation or towards the heart centred, Sovereignty of Self in which we each get to thrive.


(1)    For these and for many other interesting stories about the Crane, see Johnsgard, Paul A., "Cranes of the World: 8. Cranes in Myth and Legend” or click here to be taken directly to the article.

(2)    The Solar Eclipse was on 21 August 2017. Click here to read more about it.

(3)    The Lunar Eclipse will take place on 31 January 2018, beginning at 11:48 and ending at 15:11 Universal Time. More to follow.

(4)    The Sun will be in Aquarius whose modern ruler is Uranus. Back in the day, before the discovery or Uranus, Saturn was considered to be the ruler of Aquarius and is still considered by many to be its co-ruler.

(5)    If you would like to read more about Capricorn, please see here

(6)    Your own unique birth chart can tell you more about how and where this is playing out for you.

(7)    Uranus will move into Taurus on 15 May 2018, more to follow.


The Photograph of the Cranes were taken by myself at the London Wetland Centre.

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