Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo at 11°37' on 31 January 2018 at 13:26 Universal Time

In a bucket (1) sits all that we have…our resources…strengths, talents, abilities…our experience, our wisdom, our knowledge. The handle of the bucket…that which we can use to lift what we have and to move it from where we are to where we would like it to be… is the Moon.

Not only is she the handle of the bucket... she’s the third of three Supermoons, Full Moons that are as close to the Earth as Full Moons get... and she’s taking part in an Eclipse (2.) 

This Moon is asking: to what extent are you completely emotionally involved in what you are doing? To what extent do your current activities, goals, relationships, thoughts, dreams and the like nourish you? The Moon in the Sun’s sign of Leo is suggesting that the filling of the pot will only be fulfilling if it comes from that which is directed from the Heart.

The Sun, reflecting the Heart, is in the sign of Aquarius, reminding us that we all bring something unique to the table…you have your own spark, your own flame and it won’t be found by comparing yourself to others. Finding this unique spark and feeding it back into what you do, who you are, how you are, what you would like to do…this is what will nourish you and your world around you.

It’s an Eclipse…something of the Heavens physically touches something of the Earth…in this case it is the Moon who is touching and being touched by the Earth’s shadow. Mercury, in the desperate degree of 29°59’ and conjunct Icarus, is warning us: wings of wax will not win…the dangers of Leo include negative aspects of ego…pride, selfishness, boastful behaviour, tyranny.

While there are no shortcuts, there is a bridge that can be built, that can take us from where we are to where we’re going…a bridge from the South Node of the Past to the North Node of the Future, from bucket to handle…we can find it in Jupiter in Scorpio... expansion and luck in the sign of many symbols, a sign which echoes the theme of the Eclipse, linking the Earth with the Heavens.

Symbols of Scorpio include, at least, the Scorpion, the Spider, the Snake, the Eagle and the Phoenix. By the time we get to the Phoenix, it has behaved in automatic, instinctive ways, it has since gone down deep, encountered that which is in the dark, developed and used the resources of perception, strategy and magnetism, it has gone through a process of transformation and now, triumphant, the Firebird flies high.

With Jupiter in Scorpio and Mars in Sagittarius, the two signs are linked (3)… Mars puts energy into Jupiter’s sign…wisdom is created, teachings rise up and step out of experiences of our own.

Altogether, it’s a reminder to prepare the ground… to dig deep in order to rise high, to fuel action with feeling and to feel from the Heart.


(1)    The way in which planets are grouped together in any given moment, in any given chart, can be classified in certain patterns and each pattern has certain qualities. The pattern of the chart for this Lunar Eclipse is that of the ‘bucket.’

(2)     Partial umbral eclipse begins: 11:48, total eclipse begins: 12:52, greatest eclipse: 13:30, total eclipse ends 14:08, partial umbral eclipse ends 15:11 (Universal Time.)

(3)    By mutual reception…Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Mars is Scorpio’s traditional ruler.


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This article is an interpretation of the symbols from my perspective and is written for information, if anything here stirs up difficult emotions for you, please do make sure you seek support from friends, family or other professionals as need be.