New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius at 27°07' on 15 February 2018 at 21:05 Universal Time

There’s a supercharged New Moon this month with a Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, the sign of hopes and wishes…the future….independence and awakening…the sign of the People and of Astrology…the sign of the Stars.

Instead of writing about the meaning of this moment, I would like to use this time to help as many people as I can to bring the light of the Stars right down and into their lives. 

So... I’m offering you the chance to receive a free mini reading... a question answered based on your own unique birth details. You could, for example, ask me something about yourself…perhaps you’re curious to know why you have a tendency to think or behave in a certain way that you do...perhaps you would like some suggestions as to how else you could honour this energy… or you could, for example, ask me about something that is going on in your life right now, maybe you’re struggling within a certain situation and would like to understand the energies around it. You could also ask a more general question...for example, you could ask me to just tell you about something that stands out for me when I first look at your chart.

I can’t guarantee that I will answer every question but I'm going to dedicate a fair bit of time to this during February so that I can answer quite a few. If I don't get to yours, you will still get something...perhaps a one card reading from the Tarot or the Oracle cards, or a Rune or perhaps a special offer on a full length Astrology Consultation.

You need to be eighteen years or over, the question must be about yourself or what is going on for you…for example, I could look at what is going on for you in terms of relationships, friends, family etc but it would be from the perspective of your chart, from your point of view…. You also need to understand that Astrology is a symbolic language; whilst I will do my best to give you a good answer, it’s an interpretation, not a prediction, you are always responsible for your own decisions, choices and actions 

There's more on Astrology here, and, for the terms and conditions of this giveaway, have a look here

Interested? Then click below and good luck!


P.S. The image from the tarot is from the Rider Waite Tarot deck (Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith,) photographed by myself with the kind permission of Rider, Ebury.