Full Moon in Gemini at 00°52' on 23 November 2018 at 05:39 Universal Time

This Full Moon widens the horizons around which faith, hope and love travel. Where hurts want to be helped and where you are able to help them without hurting yourself, do: it’s an act which is transformed into a powerful ally and you will be glad that you did. Allow old structure and old form to fall away… embrace the change as a new dream begins to take shape. Make sure to remember: find your way in to having some fun…it is there…


Here’s the Astrology:


The energy has shifted… there’s a new horizon… an expanded horizon… and … if we accept Gemini’s offer of choice and if we choose to look…. this Full Moon gives a first glimpse into what it may all be about.


It’s a Full Moon full of firsts… first since the Moon’s Node changed sign, first since Uranus stepped back into Aries, first since Venus turned direct, first since Mercury turned retrograde, first since Jupiter stepped into Saggitarius, first since Mars stepped into Pisces and it’s a Full Moon in the first degree (1) of Gemini, illumined by the Sun in the first degree of Sagittarius.


This Sun’s illumination is under the guardianship of Jupiter, the King of the Gods, (2) and it’s a healing light, infused with the friendship of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and with the friendship of the North Node in Cancer, the Nurturing Womb, the Divine Feminine.


Jupiter holds the Sun (who he rules) under the protection of his one arm and Mercury, (who rules the Moon) under the protection of his other  …both Sun and Son’s Ruler (3) encompassed by Jupiter’s faith… both Heart and Mind, directing the Archer’s Arrow of Expansion, of new horizons, directly at the Moon, who in turn, reflects these horizons, these choices back at us.


And although it may be Autumn (4) …the promise of new, of firsts, shown by this Full Moon’s moment feels like Spring… it’s there in the youthful, playfulness of Gemini and it’s there in the ruler (5) of this Moon’s sextile, an aspect of opportunity, with Black Moon Lilith who is standing upon Imbolc’s degree (6)… an offer to believe that the worst of the weather (metaphorically speaking) is now over…and who is also conjunct the Asteroid Pandora (7)…. promising all gifts, most notably hope.


And whether you have read a version of the story of Pandora which lets loose pestilence upon the world or whether you have read a version of the story that lets loose all manner of blessing…there is one aspect of the story that is consistent: the remainder of hope. With Mercury…. the Mind, the Magician whose thought sets the trajectory for everything … being retrograde…  reaching within to the depths of our own wells…. and in the sign that most likes to have faith…it is worth remembering that another way in which the original word for hope in this story could be translated is “expectation.”  It is worth having hope and having faith, it is worth expecting the best so that the best can come into being. Of course, as always, and especially with the Moon being in Gemini, that is your choice.


It’s an idea which fits and which is taken one step further in the journey I had (7) in response to my question around how to interpret Black Moon Lilith conjunct Pandora: I found myself as the World Card in the Tarot and then in a Mirror. The glass lid of the Mirror was taken off and I was told that love is being released into the world…


Black Moon Lilith on Imbolc’s degree and All Gifts from the feminine… while the King of the Gods is cradling both Sun that he rules and Ruler of the Moon…


Now’s the time to choose with intent to be the hero / heroine of your own story – to track, find and amplify the brightest version of yourself – not so as to land in self-importance but so as to land in self-worth… not so as to deny the shadowy twin but so as to find its brightest purpose.


With this Sun and the Moon in square to Mars in dreamy Pisces and Mercury in square to the ouroboric Neptune in spiritual Pisces, with the Creatrix, Venus-through-the-looking-glass leading this locomotive shaped chart… with Venus opposite the midpoint between the Great Awakener, Uranus, who brings the new into consciousness, and between Eris, the primordial chaos that is needed before the new can grow… with Uranus’ trine to Saturn saying that the new most definitely will grow… now’s the time to know that this is a Full Moon for the Spirit Driven, a Full Moon for the Artists, for the Creatives… and let’s face it, the very act of living is an act of creation … to know that faith, hope and love are exactly what’s needed of you so that wonders can be worked through you.


There’s great tension and, in that great tension, there’s great promise in that the only aspect Pluto is making is one of a challenging square to Venus who is strong in her own sign of charm, diplomacy, relatedness and fairness. Look around. Look within. Where can you see something that has been broken or that is suffering in a plutonic way? By betrayal, suspicion, deception, dominion, assault, battery, bullying, manipulation, coercion, obsession, addiction, drama, madness, despair…. It need not even be that obvious, sometimes the more subtle can be the more harmful, for example, something that has been broken or is suffering through having been charmed into following a dream that is not of their own true heart’s desire… If you can see it, if it would like your help and if you are able to do so without being knocked off centre yourself…then do…  and, if you can’t, then infuse it with faith, hope and love from a distance…there’s the real sense, that the act of doing this will transform into a powerful ally, not necessarily in the form of the person or aspect that you help right now, but somehow…


At the end of this locomotive shaped chart, and it is important to focus on its end, we have the Moon. She’s a Moon in Gemini …she’s playful…she’s curious… she has super soft threads of connection … and most of all, she shows the way in to the land of the fun. Enjoy!


(1)    The first degree of any sign is often considered critical in that it is new, fresh energy. There’s an added urgency to the intent with which this moment is infused.

(2)    In that he rules Sagittarius, the sign in which the Sun is in.

(3)    Jupiter is conjunct both Sun on his one side and Mercury, ruler of Gemini, the sign of the Moon, on his other. As Zeus, Jupiter fathered the Gemini Twins, Castor and Pollux.

(4)    Where I am

(5)    Mercury

(6)    Imbolc, a time of hope, typically falls between around 12 and 13 degrees of Aquarius.

(7)    Pandora’s name translates as all gifts… all (pan) dora (gifts.)

(8)    A shamanic journey to divine loving transcended compassionate Spirit. As usual, not knowing what I was journeying on at the time.


 As ever, this is an interpretation of the symbols from my perspective and for information only. When I say you/ us / we etc. I mean me… and you as well but only if it feels right to you and only if you want to.






Yvette Marks