It's a pretty big week as the Nodes of the Moon, Uranus and Jupiter are all changing signs

It’s a pretty big couple of weeks as planets and points which do not change signs all that often, the Nodes of the Moon, Uranus and Jupiter, are all changing signs…it’s a new phase that unfolds over the next year (in the case of Jupiter) to around 18 months (in the case of the Nodes of the Moon.)


Pure good luck yields results over the next 12 months at the place where opportunity and effort meet, where actions taken have been squarely centred by the moral compass and where what is seen and what is striven for is the result of a balanced blend of fact with faith.


It starts on 6 November with the True North Node of the Moon stepping into Cancer on the darkest of the dark night’s skies, on the day of the Black Moon. She’s walked across this threshold by a square with Retrograde Uranus who also crosses a threshold of his own less than an hour later, when he steps into Aries, coming into mutual reception with Aries’ Ruler Mars, Allies from one realm multiplied by Allies from another, a dragon within breathing fire into what comes next. This is followed on 7 November by a New Moon in the middle of Scorpio, a Moon which looks to be fun, turning the page onto something that reads delicious… She’s supported by a sextile with her ruler, Pluto, and boosted by a trine with her very good friend, Neptune. 


In Astrology, there’s a question around whether to use the Mean or the True Node of the Moon. In the Spirit of Jupiter’s abundance (who is readying himself to be just about as abundant as he ever gets) and in the Spirit of Shamanism which says that everything which exists is alive (i.e. both the Mean and the True Nodes are alive) let’s use them both!


Over the last 12 months, Jupiter has purged and sweated his way through the Underworlds of Scorpio, he has fought and is climbing up and out of this cycle, transformed and getting stronger by the minute. This planet of abundance who makes everything he touches bigger has a link of great ease (a trine) with the True North Node of the Moon as she steps into the sign of Cancer on 6 November and then has a link of great ease with the Mean North Node of the Moon in Leo when Jupiter steps into Sagittarius on 8 November. The North Node of the Moon…where destiny beckons.


It’s as though, before the North Node of the Moon, in all her forms, ultimately starts her travels through the sign of the Moon’s own home, she is being powered up by a charge from Jupiter, first in Water and then in Fire, and it is as though this charge is being supercharged in that it brackets the power of a New Moon that is fuelled by both Scorpio’s fire and by its ice. It’s as though we’re stepping forward with benefits from the benefics, on sure footing by all that both the masculine, in Jupiter, and the feminine, in Venus, have transformed by the way in which they’ve allowed themselves to be cooked as they forged their way through the dark depths of Scorpio.


What we gather in Cancer over the next 18 months is afforded with Luck, what we learn with Jupiter over the next 12 months is furnished by Heart. What is whole is lifted to a whole new level via the delicate balance contributed by all of its parts… “all of its parts” meets with “walking in beauty.”

Luck pours into what we do to deepen into the feminine, the vessels of creation, the realms of feelings and homes and hearth. Opportunities abound for abundance and expansion with goals that broaden the horizon and that are fuelled by true heart’s desire…. Goals especially, but not limited to….most definitely not limited to when Jupiter is involved …travel, studying, publishing, adventurous quests…


Good Luck, Good Luck, Good Luck ...


Next week sees the Mean Node of the Moon step into Cancer literally as both Mercury and Venus pause in the heavens, readying themselves to change their direction. More to follow… If you’ve not yet done it and if you would still like to, read more about Venus retrograde while she is still retrograde here. If you’ve not yet done it and if you would still like to, read more about Jupiter in Scorpio while he is still in Scorpio here.


Some more around the Astrology:


In terms of the luck, think leprechauns and fairy tales as, not only is abundant Jupiter in his own sign where he is the strongest but he will square Neptune, building upon Saturn’s own squares of “dreams and reality” to Neptune a few years back. Neptune, strong in Pisces, says that the uroboric Mother, the Great Goddess is very much present in all this.

Jupiter has an interest in our moral compass while Saturn helps us to reap what we have sown. Saturn’s usual activities in relation to this are underlined in that, not only is he also at his strongest in his own sign, but over the next year, he will be spending some time with that karmic South Node of the Moon before (insert soundtrack here) joining with Pluto.

I’ll expand on this I’m sure but Jupiter’s ingress into Sagittarius begins with an extended journey with Mercury, ushering in expanded and uplifting new intent, softening us so we can move from one way of being and into the next. What to watch out for, particularly in the early months (Nov – Jan) of Jupiter in Sagittarius, is dogma, exaggerated opinions and truths that are stretched beyond the recognition of truth.


P.S. The South Node of the Moon’s symbol looks like a little bucket, showing what we’ve collected by our doings in the past. The North Node of the Moon’s symbol looks like an outstretched net, showing what we now need to collect.


Key Dates this week:

6 November 18:08 Universal Time: the True North Node of the Moon steps into Cancer (she will step back into Gemini at 05:48 on 5 May 2020.)

6 November 18:58: ingress of Uranus into Aries (he will be back in Taurus at 8:26 on 6 March 2019)

7 November at 16:01 Universal Time: New Moon in Scorpio at 15°11’

8 November at 12:38 Universal Time: ingress of Jupiter into Sagittarius (where he will remain until 18:20, 2 December 2019 when he steps into Capricorn.)  


As ever, this is an interpretation of the symbols from my perspective and for information only. When I say you/ us / we etc. I mean me… and you as well but only if it feels right to you and only if you want to.

Yvette Marks