Full Moon in Cancer at 00°49' on 22 December 2018 at 17:48 Universal Time

Here’s the opportunity to take just one small thing that bothers you and, instead of resisting it, instead of fighting it, instead of trying to fix it, try and understand what it needs.

It’s an opportunity to remember that what you think and feel has very little to do with any objective reality that exists “out there” in any way that is separate from you, but rather to understand that it is a reflection of you.

They’re your thoughts, your feelings and you can look after them, you can nurture them so that they no longer need to feel needy, angry, afraid or however it is that they feel. You could treat it as you would a little child: mother the feeling like you would mother a child. Ask it: what are you feeling? What do you need? How can I give it to you? And, if answers don’t come, just spend a few moments imagining yourself feeding it of the sweetness of your heart. This is the opportunity to love your demon in such a way that it is transformed into an angel.

This Full Moon is just the opportunity to try… or to even just open yourself up to trying… to take something small and to try.

It’s part of a much, much bigger process that has started already and that continues right the way through to the Solstice and the Great Conjunction at the end of 2020 and beyond. We’re not expected to, we’re not even able to, have all the answers or to finish all the jobs just yet. But the act of trying in even just one little way feels to be a very, very big step.

It is one step on a long journey, and the “greatness” of the step lies in taking it in the right direction…whatever ‘right’ looks like for you.

Here’s the Astrology

  • Full Moon Square Chiron: the challenge and the opportunity is to heal and the healing is linked to what we do with the Moon and with the Sun.

  • The Full Moon has helpful relationship with Uranus – the Sun trines Uranus and the Moon Sextiles Uranus. We are being awoken to something. Something in our own subconscious, something more of ourselves, is trying to break through into consciousness, to come into being.

  • The Moon is in the Critical Zero Degree of Cancer. It’s important. The North Node of the Moon is in Cancer, telling us that now and in the approximately one and half years that she is there, we’re meant to be embracing, learning, embodying all that Cancer has to teach us… all that we can make of the Sign of Cancer. We start with Mothers, mothering, the feminine, feelings, nurturing, the way in which we are nurtured, our homes, our families, our foundations and so forth. It’s everything that is of the Womb. With the square to Chiron at this time, it is about making the effort to listen more to what comes to us in a lunar, intuitive, reflective way as opposed to the more linear, rational, “under the light of the sun” ways to which we may be more accustomed.

  • In the 24 hours plus a few minutes leading up to this Full Moon, we have a Mercury / Jupiter conjunction and the Solstice. It’s about pouring congratulations upon yourself for even trying, even if your efforts look to you to be small. It’s about accepting and loving the whole of you, every little part.

  • This is part of a broader lunation cycle that has already started involving eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer in which Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter will be playing a major part.

  • This is part of a much, much bigger process of Pluto being in Capricorn until 2023/24. And within this, between now and December 2020, the Nodes of the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are doing some pretty major things.

The umbrella is Pluto – death and rebirth, major change. The stage is the structures and rules we agree upon that describe our consensual reality… this is both in that Pluto’s work is taking place in Capricorn which governs the rules of our reality and in that Jupiter and Saturn, taken together, are the social planets, they describe what is going on “outside” of us.

But the only thing we can ever change, and Pluto is certainly calling for it, is ourselves. By changing ourselves we change what is around us.

This little step of this Full Moon is an illumination of what started around the time of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in July. July’s eclipse saw the New Moon opposite Pluto. This Full Moon (as ever) sees the Moon opposite the Sun.

Oppositions are relationships. The New Moon back in July showed us a relationship to stuff of Pluto which is ultimately a process of moving from fear to power. Do go back and reread what was written about this as it remains important and particularly so over the next couple of years. You can find it here.

At the time of this Full Moon, we can literally put ourselves in the seat of Pluto. We can feel a feeling which is uncomfortable, we can truly drop into what it is that this feeling needs. We can then literally put ourselves in the seat of the loving Sun – we can look at the feeling under the light of whatever medicine the Divine Physician who resides in the Heart is offering. We can then go back into the seat of Pluto and feel how that feeling feels as it receives this medicine, as it is being transformed. We can witness the move from fear to power.

There is literally the opportunity to sink into the knowing that what we reflect (the Moon) is of ourselves, our own light (the Sun.)

Pluto’s process is iterative and cyclical. Do a little and then a little more.

The move from Death into Rebirth, from Fear and into Power, is Pluto’s reward. But it is not a given. It really does depend on what we bring to it and on how we engage in the work. We can be trying really hard but we can try in unhelpful ways. Suppression, domination, overcoming is not likely to work. The risk is of staying within and perpetuating a Plutonic cycle, a really obvious example of this is the abused child who goes on to become an abuser as an adult. It is often far more subtle than this.

But the reward is great and its attainment benefits us all. Pluto is called the Lord of Wealth for good reason. It is in the dark places that he governs where we find that all is not as it seems… where we find surrender where surrender is needed, acceptance where acceptance is needed, where what once appeared as bad or terrifying can sometimes turn into something that we can easily recognise and treasure as our friend.

Pluto has an affinity with the Land of Death to which the Shaman travels to find gifts and treasures from Spirit which help to alleviate the suffering of the Living and which helps the living to grow, flourish and even to thrive.

With each little demon that is transformed into an angel, everything becomes just that little bit brighter. It is so worth doing as the next New Moon Solar Eclipse on 6 January 2019 at 15°25’ of Capricorn is right in the middle of Saturn and Pluto (at 11°58’ and 20°45’ respectively.)

The umbrella cycle of Pluto and where we are now has prompted me to describe shamanic healing (1) in some more detail. It is my hope that, if shamanic healing is something that would help you, then, by describing it more clearly, it helps you to find it. You can read more about shamanic healing here.

How this Full Moon could affect you more personally

In addition to what has been written above, the Full Moon affects you more personally based on the house it falls in within your chart. Of course, the actual way in which it can affect you and be worked with depends on the specific details of your very unique birth chart.

It is an interpretation, having journeyed on where each of the four planets I looked at (Sun, Moon, Chiron, Uranus) falls. So, to emphasise it is an interpretation, use it if it is of use to you, don’t use it if it isn’t.

One thing that really struck me in doing these journeys was a real sense of power and of force that came through in journeys about planets in the Ninth House. This is Jupiter’s natural house and, to me, a very real feeling of the empowering process that happens during Pluto’s process, given Jupiter has just gone through Scorpio and then into his own sign of Sagittarius. You may want to have a look at your own Ninth House and notice whether any of your own planets in the Ninth House feel particularly empowered for you in general – i.e. it’s to do with Jupiter in Sagittarius, not just the time of this Full Moon.

If you do not know the degree of your ascendant see footnote 2. The images are taken from Solar Fire, the astrology software I use, modified to show where the planets of the Full Moon fall, depending on ascendant.

If Your Ascendant is between 5° Aries and 5° Taurus


Opportunities around:

Uranus in First House: Awaken to more of you, who you are, how you present yourself. Surprise yourself with all the wisdom, help and magic that you bring.

Chiron in the Twelfth House: Healing comes from greater awareness of the support that you have in hidden, invisible realms.

Sun in Ninth House: you have the opportunity to see in ways which were previously foreign to you so that,

Moon in the Mercurial Third House: you can find greater mobility, greater change in what it is that you reflect around you. There’s also the opportunity to physically move to a new environment if that is what you are looking to do.

If Your Ascendant is between 5° Taurus and 5° Gemini


Opportunities around:

Uranus in the Twelfth House: Awaken to hidden depths within you, surprise yourself with the strength of what your unconscious mind can bring to the surface.

Chiron in the Eleventh House: Healing comes from understanding that your doing well, your success is a gift for the collective, a gift for us all.

Sun in the Eighth House: The words I was given were “you’ve been in the dark and now you’re in delight,” with delight having a feeling of being a play on ‘de-light:’ the light. Mine your dark places, love and feel love from your Ancestors, see that what we have is shared, that we are custodians and not owners of what is around us and that we are to leave a legacy, so that

Moon in the Second House: you can feel safe and nurtured, knowing that your needs are met with what you already have, that there’s no need to go out to strive for something more, life can be enjoyed for what it is instead of being driven by a fear for survival or of not having enough.

If Your Ascendant is between 5° Gemini and 5° Cancer


Opportunities around:

Uranus in the Eleventh House: This is Uranus’ natural house. Awaken to hope, surprise comes from seeing just how special these holy days can be for you at this time.

Chiron in the Tenth House: Healing comes from recognising how far you have come from where you have been, from seeing that you’ve had support in some form or another, friends along the way who have helped you to get to where you are now.

Sun in the Seventh House: You’re loved. The tune I was given when thinking about this one took me a while to figure out. It was Fleetwood Mac’s ‘I wanna be with you everywhere’… something, in some form, loves you and wants to be with you.

Moon in First House: You can eb and flow in partnership, in relationship with others. Whatever form relationship takes, there’s the opportunity for something healthy and healing around this now. It’s about your needs being recognised and met within the context of relating.

If Your Ascendant is between 5° Cancer and 5° Leo


Opportunities around:

With the Moon in the hidden Twelfth House, you have the opportunity to dream with the Godess…. dream of healing and of change, the results of which

The Sun in the Sixth House, shows up for you in areas to do with your daily routines and your well being.

With Chiron in the Ninth House, healing comes from allowing you to be shaped by something previously foreign to yourself, the sense of which I get is profoundly of the divine feminine.

With Uranus in the very public Tenth House, awaken to new ways of being respected and of being seen. Surprise yourself with how you show yourself to the world.

If Your Ascendant is between 5° Leo and 5° Virgo


Opportunities around:

With Chiron in the Eighth House: Healing comes from looking at and recognising the ways in which your Ancestors, what you’ve inherited were wronged so that

With Uranus in the Ninth: you can look at it and awaken to the knowing that, no longer, do any foreign influences force you to do anything that is not of your own will. The image that I had in the journey for this one was of a scene from the movie, Braveheart, where the woman who had just been married was taken away by an Englishman because of the laws of prima nocta, giving him the right to her first night. I saw the whole scene being redone as though it had never taken place and no longer impacted her. So that,

With Sun in the Fifth House: the crown is firmly on the your own head, you are creating what is truly of your heart, uninfluenced by the coercion or the domination of others, so that

With Moon in the Eleventh House: the natural house of Uranus, the higher octave of Mercury, you can reflect your hopes and wishes in your world around you. The words I was given as part of this journey include, “the most powerful word doctor.” There’s the opportunity of a knowing that the words you use to speak to yourself in your head and out loud with others can be enormously empowering.

Across all four journeys for this Ascendant, there were repeating themes of candles, a sense of the potential of being lit up, of being a light.

If Your Ascendant is between 5° Virgo and 5° Libra


Opportunities around:

Uranus in the Eighth House: Awaken to the lightening speed at which transformation can occur. This is Scorpio and Pluto’s natural house of death and rebirth, of transformation. Awaken to its power.

With Chiron in the Seventh House: healing comes from recognising how resourceful you are at getting where you need to get to without always having the support in the way that others do, healing comes from enjoying the admiration of others as they watch how you go about getting what you need done accomplished. There’s the sense of there being a time and a place for everything and for you to have experienced partnership in one way and of the healing being around knowing you’ll experience it in another.

Sun in Fourth House: There’s the opportunity to pour love into both lines of your family and of your past, to see how they have helped to shape you so that

Moon in Tenth House: with some distance from them, by becoming who you become and by doing what you do, your family can see in you their culmination… their success and well being becomes reflected in yours.

If Your Ascendant is between 5° Libra and 5° Scorpio


Opportunities around:

With Uranus in the Seventh House: awaken to the experience of relating… let go of the sacrifice of compromise and sink into the delights that the taste of the experience has to offer.

With Chiron in the Sixth House: Healing comes from realigning your daily routines, your habits with the aims of your highest destiny.

The Sun in the Third House: shines a light on all the choices that you have. Free will can be seen and understood as having been given to you as an act of love.

With the Moon in the Ninth House: you can find support and connection in previously foreign to you places.

If Your Ascendant is between 5° Scorpio and 5° Sagittarius


Opportunities around:

With Uranus in the Sixth House, awaken to and surprise yourself with your powers to heal. Allow changes to come into your life around your daily routines. A real sense of strength and tenacity came through in the journey for this one with images from that film, the Assassin, where Bridget Fonda raises her chin and says, “well, I never did mind the little things,” and keeps going.

With Chiron in the Fifth House, healing comes from sinking into the power of your own heart, of the light of your individuality that you can shine upon your world around you.

The Moon in Eighth is deeply concerned with others while Sun in second is concerned with our own survival. Live and use resources in such a way that you leave a legacy for others. You can listen to the warnings of others and you can give warnings to others but in the end Chiron in the Fifth House reminds you, it is up to each individual to decide. The impact of the changes you make for and within yourself can be even bigger than you ever thought.

If Your Ascendant is between 5° Sagittarius and 5° Capricorn


Opportunities around:

The focus is on you with this one. With the Sun in the First House, I had images from the film Zorro: I was galloping on a horse alongside a train and saving the day.

With Uranus in the Fifth House, awaken to your creativity, surprises come from what is already within you that you can bring into being.
With Chiron in the Fourth House, healing comes through preparing your own foundation, your own ground. Healing of the family and of the past.

With the Moon in the Seventh House, you can deepen into your very deep connection with others.

If Your Ascendant is between 5° Capricorn and 5° Aquarius


Opportunities around:

With Uranus in your Fourth House, awaken to the knowing that we are always empowered to shift and to change something now. Surprises come from the way in which we can change what we have always perceived, especially around family and home.
With Chiron in the Third House, the knowledge and the insights you have can flower and bring healing to your immediate environment.

With the Sun in the Twelfth House you’re working in the invisible realms, tempering your sword in the dream worlds so that

With Moon in Sixth House, what you change is reflected in your habitual reality around you.

If Your Ascendant is between 5° Aquarius and 5° Pisces


Opportunities around:

Uranus in the Mercurial Third House: awaken yourself to the power of words which shapes that which was shapeless before your word gave it shape. Use words both out loud and in thought with in a way that gives shape to the shapes you’d like to see shaped.

Chiron in the Second House: Healing comes from realising you know what you need better than anyone else. Make judgements based upon your own values and no one else’s. There’s no need to second guess yourself.

Sun in the Eleventh House: Shine your light, be who you are and you’ll find that a mighty army of support stands with and around you. The time to act is now so that

Moon in Fifth House: you can laugh, play, create. You can enjoy the magic of bringing something that didn’t exist into existence.

If Your Ascendant is between 5° Pisces and 5° Aquarius


Opportunities around:

With all four journeys, there is an overwhelming consistency of the theme being of rising above something, of transcending what is and creating something new.

With Chiron in the First House, healing comes from seeing and being seen in a new way, a way in either / or’s come together to create something new that has wholeness.

With Uranus in the Second House, awaken to what you have. Surprises come via your resources, whether that’s material things and / or your strengths, skills and abilities.

With the Sun in the Tenth House at the top of the chart, you’re rising, rising, rising, with the opportunity of sharing perspective with your world in a way that helps us all.

With the Moon in the Fourth House, her natural home, this is serious work, feeling connected and nurtured, right at the roots. (Serious does not mean that it cannot be fun.)

Key Dates

We have the New Moon Solar Eclipse on 6 January 2019 at 15°25’ of Capricorn right in the middle of Saturn and Pluto (at 11°58’ and 20°45’ respectively.). Then there’s 16 July 2019 the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 24°04’ of Capricorn when the Moon will be conjunct Pluto. 26 December 2019 sees the New Moon Solar eclipse at 4򝮱06’ of Capricorn when there will be a stellium (a whole bunch) of planets in Capricorn , with Jupiter on the New Moon and Saturn almost conjunct Pluto. Again, there’s a stellium in Capricorn at the Full Moon Lunar eclipse on 10 January 2020 when the Moon will be at 20°00’ of Cancer and both Saturn and Pluto will be opposite the Moon in 22° of Capricorn. 21 June 2020 finds the New Moon Solar Eclipse at the critical 00°21’ of Cancer when Jupiter will be conjunct Pluto and Saturn will be at the critical zero degree of Aquarius. And then 5 July 2020 has the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 13°37’ of Capricorn when Jupiter will be with Pluto.

Pluto conjuncts the South Node of the Moon on 28 March 2019, Saturn conjuncts the South Node throughout 2019 (exact dates 20 May 2019, 23 June 2019 and 15 September 2019.) Then Jupiter conjuncts the South Node on 6 January 2020 just before the huge event of Saturn conjunct Pluto on 12 January 2020. Jupiter then conjuncts Pluto throughout 2020 (exact dates 5 April, 30 June, 12 November) before Jupiter and Saturn come together in the critical zero degree of Aquarius around Solstice December 2020.


1) As I engage in it. “Shamanic” can mean different things to different people, for example, I don’t work with Ayahuasca.

2) You can find the degree of your Ascendant here: https://horoscopes.astro-seek.com/astrology-house-systems-calculator (I am not responsible for external websites.)

 As ever, this is an interpretation of the symbols from my perspective and for information only and any comments related to health are not intended to replace the expertise of medical practitioners…you’re always encouraged to remain responsible for your own choices. When I say you/ us / we etc. I mean me… and you as well but only if it feels right to you and only if you want to.


Yvette Marks