New Moon at 15°07’ in Sagittarius on 7 December 2018 at 07:20 Universal Time

Misty, dreamy, steamy (1)…billowing clouds of veils… softening boundaries … hands reaching into the beyond and drawing out big and blessed new beginnings…

Big and blessed…. It’s got Jupiter… Lord of Abundance and the King of the Gods who makes everything he touches bigger….and the Ruler of this Moon (2)…. all over it: He is strong in his own sign, strong in his own decan in his own sign…he’s on top of the way we think (3), he’s on top of the way we feel (4), he’s sextile the Midheaven…(5) and he’s right on top of the Ascendant… He is standing at the front door to this Moon’s moment, opening it so wide so that eager intentions can rush out and into their adventures….he is standing there beaming, ushering new opportunities in.

There’s a story that begins here.

There’s depth and height to this Moon’s moment too… in Venus, the love goddess, in the sign of depths and heights (6), ruling the highest point that this moment can reach (7) and in Venus’ higher octave, Neptune, being in the fourth house…its foundation, its root. Love’s love lives here…in the home and in the work…

Set your New Moon intentions around:

  • Recognising intentions which are aligned with your sacred dream, with what it is that you and only you are here to do (Neptune’s square infuses this Moon with the Dream and Jupiter’s blessing makes it feel Sacred. The Archer likes to follow a goal and so setting a goal that allows you to recognise your sacred dream feels like a good one!)

  • Setting intentions that allow you to give expression to your sacred dream.

  • Expanding your horizons (New Moon in Sagittarius)

  • Perceiving in new ways (New Moon in Sagittarius)

  • Exploring new territories (New Moon in Sagittarius)

  • Releasing self limiting beliefs (New Moon in Sagittarius)

  • Releasing dogma (New Moon in Sagittarius)

  • Using words as tools for wholeness and healing (Mercury in Scorpio in a flow of ease with the North Node – the direction in which we’re meant to be headed – and with Chiron, the Wounded Healer.) Remember…abracadabra… I create as I speak (and think!)

  • Letting go of everything which needs to be let go of (Pluto on the South Node of releasing and square to Eris) … particularly rules (as Pluto is in Capricorn) that no longer allow you to flourish, so as to bring in;

  • Your own moral compass and sense of justice that allows you to give expression to your sacred dream (New Moon in Sagittarius square Mars and Pisces in Neptune.)

  • Allowing your deepest desires to break through into your consciousness (Venus in Scorpio opposite Uranus)

  • Acquiring the resources to bring your deepest desires into being (Venus in Scorpio, ruler of the Midheaven)

  • Recognising the distinction between dream and delusion (New Moon in Sagittarius square Mars and Pisces in Neptune.)

  • Relating and connectedness (there are almost two separate and distinct groups of planets and points in the chart… and Libra Midheaven)

  • Honesty, faith, abundance and luck (New Moon in Sagitarrius)

  • Healing related to Jupiter’s areas, particularly hips, thighs, liver… also and together with Libra Midheaven…bringing into balance any lifestyle habits which could lead to diabetes if left unchecked… and also with Taurus on 6th house cusp…healing of throat, finding and using your voice in a healing way.

  • Going out…living your dream… feeling blessed and knowing that you have everything that you need…releasing any need to hoard or to acquire things excessively (Jupiter…Venus… the Moon square Mars / Neptune… Venus square the Nodes.)

This is the first New Moon since the Mean Node of the Moon entered Cancer… The Moon Cycle is always important and will be particularly important over the next 18 months as the direction in which we’re collectively meant to be headed is in her sign. Set your intentions around honouring, recognising, feeling grateful for, finding luck in areas to do with the sign of Cancer and with the Moon: women, wombs, the home, mothers, being nourished, nurturing, feeling safe, creating and so forth. Set your intentions around getting to know her even better.

These are only ideas… expand on themes to suit your own needs and, as always, follow your own intuition.

Good luck!

(1) Mutable Fire (Saggitarius) set against a square with Mutable Water (Pisces) reminds me of steam while Mutable Water in this context reminds me of mist… and this Sagittarius new Moon in Mars’ decan of Sagittarius is fuelled by Mars / Neptune in the Moon’s decan of Pisces….it’s fuelled…it is moving…

(2) As he rules Sagittarius

(3) Widely conjunct Mercury

(4) Widely conjunct the New Moon

(5) Based on the place from where I write

(6) She’s in Scorpio… the sign that goes both beneath ground and who flies in the heavens…Not forgetting Mercury is here too and both Venus and Mercury’s recent retrogrades have been in this sign

(7) She rules the Midheaven in Libra

 As ever, this is an interpretation of the symbols from my perspective and for information only and any comments related to health are not intended to replace the expertise of medical practitioners…you’re always encouraged to remain responsible for your own choices. When I say you/ us / we etc. I mean me… and you as well but only if it feels right to you and only if you want to.


Yvette Marks