Full Moon in Virgo at 11°22' on 2 March at 00:49 Universal Time

Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy…here’s a Full Moon in Virgo... a Moon in a degree made up of Master Numbers… a Moon lit by the light of the Sun who is standing with Neptune… dreamy, cosmic, uroboric Mother, strong in its own sign and in whose waters we stand.

If you like, think back to the 20th September 2017…to the New Moon in Virgo…at a time when all the other personal planets were in this sixth sign of the Zodiac too. What was it that you wished for, that you intended…that you began to draw out from the All?

This Moon reflects her light upon how far you have come…she comes from a relationship of ease with the planet of Reality, Saturn, who is giving us the opportunity to make things more real… this Moon can show which actions and worrisome details hold no real purpose…these can be seen and released back into the Night’s Darkness where they can be allowed to fade away.

With the Moon in Virgo and with Mars in Sagittarius…the Ask is not to worry…to allow your quest to remain jovial as you loosen your arrow upon your goals…to laugh…to uplift…to stay true to your own moral compass while holding tolerance for others so they can stay true to theirs…with Sagittarius’ ruler, Jupiter, about to turn retrograde, there’s the sense of holding space for a wisdom that’s yet to be mined…it’s an Ask that, if answered, leads from Mars to Uranus…to the best that this freedom loving, future oriented, independent humanitarian has to offer while he is still in the Sign of the Self, in Mars' sign Aries…the sign where the Sun will be when he shines his light upon the second of this Month’s Full Moons.