New Moon in Pisces at 26°53' on 17 March at 13:11 Universal Time

Fast forward from this New Moon in Pisces to 26 August when the fruits of what we start now will at least have begun to emerge: the Full Moon in Pisces will be standing alongside one of the Four Royal Stars, the Watcher of the South, and she will be at the focal point of a very potent grouping of planets called a Kite, a powerful pattern which will also include a talented Grand Trine in Earth….

In this New Moon's Chart, the planet Earth is in Virgo… where the Sun will be at the time of August's Full Moon (1,) when he will also be sharing his light around the Grand Trine in Earth… with Saturn, upon whom our past stands, and with Uranus, who gazes upon our future.

Virgo… Healing… and Chiron… the Wounded Healer… who feels to me to be most associated with Virgo… whose place in the orbit is between Saturn and Uranus… between past and future… and who, at the time of this New Moon, is standing alongside the Sun and the Moon. There’s a choice now, at the time of this New Moon… to cast a wound… to be wounded… or to gain healing for those wounds we’ve already received… to share healing with others. Should we feel wounded, there’s a choice in how we respond... to share the wound… or to seek and to share healing… to create sweetness for ourselves and to create it for others.

This earthiness and the presence of the Royal Star is a reminder of our earthy bodies as a star… of our ability to move and to be moved… Mars… who provides us with the energy to move is, at the time of this New Moon, in Sagittarius… mere minutes from Earthy Capricorn (2,) literally licking the Earth with the flames of his will and of his actions… and, with his trine to the future oriented Uranus, there’s the sense that what he does now has the ability to take hold.

Saturn’s squares to Venus and to Mercury throw down a challenge… to put any ideas of our wishes being denied, of our petitions being declined, back in a drawer and to persevere… to keep moving slowly and steadily forward… and to take responsibility for whatever it is that we’re wishing for. While Saturn may be telling us what to do, Jupiter’s trine from Scorpio to the New Moon is giving us the how… by going deeper… whatever that means to you... deeper into whatever it is you have committed to… deeper into who you are... deeper into seeing and transforming whatever needs to or whatever can be seen and transformed within you… deeper into empowering yourself and those around you.

At the time of this New Moon, Mercury is already in his shadow (3,) getting ready to change directions, to go within and to pull out new seeds of thoughts and ideas which will flourish in the time to come. He has a road of ease into the North Node, the direction in which we’re headed and he’s making an impressive, 0°01’ trine, road of ease, into the position he will hold in Leo in August, at the time of the Full Moon… it’s a good time to remember, “imagination lays the tracks for the reality train to follow” (4)… watch those thoughts… work with those thoughts… consider the extent to which the Mercury in Aries impulses that arise from within you are aligned with the heart centred Mercury in Leo in the centre of your Self… adjust as required… tap into the Mercury in Leo heart and hold compassion for yourself and for others… tap into the Mercury in Leo regal sovereignty and observe the extent to which you do or do not allow any unpleasant Mercury in Aries impulses from others to enter your space… observe the extent to which you are or are not beholden to any manipulative, duplicitous actions that Jupiter in Scorpio may expand… tap into the Jupiter in Scorpio faith that, just like you, everyone is working through their own stuff and that we’re all doing the best that we can in whatever way that we can.

Between now and the Full Moon, Chiron, the Wounded Healer, who stands alongside this New Moon will cast his first stitch…from Pisces into Aries…the beginnings of a journey during which he will weave together endings with new beginnings and plait together strands of soulful perspective with the tender new shoots of Spring (5.)

With Fomalhaut, the Royal Star, standing alongside August's Full Moon, there’s a reminder of our free will and of the consequences of our choices. These royal stars are said to hold the potential for great success… provided we manoeuvre through our own pitfalls and temptations… the key, as ever, is in how we begin… in the quality of our intentions and in the colour of our ideals… and with Chiron who is represented by a glyph which means a key, with Chiron standing alongside this New Moon of new beginnings... on a date which reduces to the Master Number 22 (6) of the Master Builder... there's a reminder  we have a choice....


(1) At the time of the Full Moon, the Sun is always in the sign that the Earth was in at the time of the New Moon of the Full Moon’s sign... For example, New Moon in Cancer, the Earth is in Capricorn and around six months later, when the Full Moon is in Cancer, the Sun will be in Capricorn…

(2) Capricorn... where Mars will be at the time of the Full Moon on 26 August

(3) Mercury entered into his shadow phase on 8 March, he will station Retrograde on 23 March, station Direct on 15 April and he will exit his shadow phase on 4 May. 

(4) Caroline Casey, Astrologer

(5) Chiron first moves into Aries on 17 April 2018, he will dip back into Pisces on 26 September and weave his way back into Aries on 18 February 2019. more to follow…

(6) 17 March 2018 = 17/3/2018 = (1+7) + (3) + (2+0+1+8) = 8 + 3 + 11 = 11 + 11 = 22


This article is an interpretation of the symbols and is written, from my perspective, for information. If anything here stirs up difficult emotions for you, please do make sure you seek support from friends, family or other professionals as need be.


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