Full Moon in Libra at 10°44' on 31 March at 12:35 UT

When I first journeyed (1) to ask what to write about this Full Moon, I was told, “The Triple Aspected Deity thrives.”

These words, the Triple Aspected Deity, had me think of the Moon as maiden, mother and crone… of Persephone, Diana and Hecate… of women who dance back and forth between the veils of life and of death... I wouldn’t have thought this could be found in one chart of the Full Moon’s moment and, yet… the Moon conjunct Eurydike (2,) is giving voice to what was once extinct, and, conjunct Atlantis (3,) hints that what was lost may again be found. This Moon in Libra is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love, who, having newly arrived in her other domain (4,) is charging this Moon with the Force's of Nature. Black Moon Lilith is parallel the Asteroid of the same name… a feeling of mothers and of their daughters… Moon, Venus, Lilith… Mothers and Daughters… the Triple Aspected Deity thrives…

This Full Moon’s moment called to mind the Full Moon of six months back when, on 5 October 2017, Diana, in Aries, became the Huntress and what was revealed under her light (5) marked the beginnings of Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio a few days later (6)… of Jupiter (Zeus) and Hades (Pluto) having the opportunity of coming together to rework the as above and the so below… to consider and to transform the ways in which they’d wronged the women who became their wives…

Back then, Mercury, the Magician stood where the Full Moon stands now. And now, Mercury stands where the Full Moon stood then. It’s Mercury as Psychopomp… fleet footed and racing through the heavens… an opportunity to allow thoughts, beliefs and world views that do not serve the balance to be spirited away to a place where they can find their rest… It’s mind giving rise to an idea which is nourished by and born from the womb… it’s that which rises from the depths within... which twists and turns and spirals upwards, bursting out into a new state of consciousness… It’s something born, something that has become…

Back then the Moon was ruled by Mars… and Venus and Mars… female and male… were on top of one another doing that which females and males on top of one another do… Now, the Moon is ruled by Venus who, still friendly with Mars and in her role as the Empress (7,) is ready and able to mother and to look after that which has been born. Saturn, the Father, is today where the Midheaven (8) was then… Pluto, of transformation and empowerment, is today where the cusp (9) of the 10th house was then: It’s not just for the Mother to look after what has become and is becoming, it’s Father and the Masculine who can protect the balance and who can be empowered by it too. Father, Mother and Child… the Triple Aspected Deity thrives… (10)

It’s a good time, if it feels right for you to do so, to pause and reflect on what has been going on for you over the last six months… in what ways have you brought more balance into your own life… in what ways have you balanced yourself with the worlds around you… What can you do now to continue to support this balance or to bring in even more? With Jupiter and Pluto’s work in the background, in what ways have you shifted your relationship with power… towards having power with others as opposed to having power over others and / or as opposed to being overpowered by others? What more can be done?

The Sun and the Moon in this Full Moon form a mystic rectangle with the Nodes of the Moon. With the North Node… the direction in which we’re meant to be headed… in Leo, there’s a reminder to shine your light brightly… there's no one who can do whatever it is that you are here to do and, when what you do comes from the heart, bright value is added to the mix.



This article is an interpretation of the symbols, from my perspective, and is written for information. If anything here stirs up difficult emotions for you, please do make sure you seek support from friends, family or other professionals as need be.


As an aside....Venus (who as ruler of Nature can be seen to have an influence over the body) recently came together with Uranus (shock, expect the unexpected) in Aries (the sign which rules the self, how we are first seen, our appearance) I read that a new organ, called the interstitium, has been discovered within the human body… this new organ has been described as hiding in plain sight and as being one of the largest in the human body… and it’s function? ….A shock absorber! Feels exciting given Uranus' imminent ingress into Taurus into May.... more to follow.     


(1)    A shamanic journey to ask my Allies, divine, loving, compassionate, transcended Spirit, for the answer to my question

(2)    Orpheus' wife

(3)    The Lost City of Atlantis

(4)    Taurus

(5)    Lots will have been going on... personally and around us… one very public revelation was the article published by the New York Times on 5 October. It first revealed the allegations of sexual harassment against a well known film producer.  In the days and months that followed, more and more came out both within and outside of the film industry… and of wrong being done to both women and to men… Many women stood firmly together while many men were public in their support… whether of the people who had been wronged or in considering what they could look at and change within themselves and their culture

(6)    10 October 2017… Jupiter is still in Scorpio... he went retrograde 22 days before this Full Moon... if you’ve not read it yet, you can read more about my interpretation of it here

(7)    In the tarot, the Venus is the Empress

(8)    Midheavens and 10th House cusps, arguably (but not always,) have to do with the Father. They have to do with what is very visible and in the public domain. Also, the Midheaven and house cusps are location specific…so these points and degrees are from the place from where I write

(9)   I use the equal house system

(10)    Concepts of triplicities have been written about by many cultures over the ages… for example, the Egyptians speak of Osiris, Isis and Horus… I’m not suggesting in any way at all that I consider the concept of a family structure or lifestyle of Father + Mother + Child to be superior to or more desirable than any other

Yvette Marks