Chiron into Aries, 17 April 2018 at 08:09 UT

Chiron… not quite an animal and not quite a human… a Centaur… but not like any of the others (1.) Born of parents who shifted their own shapes (2) so that they could have sex undetected… parents who then recoiled in horror when the shape of the creature they created held echoes of their own shifted shapes.

Chiron… rejected by his own father and rejected by his own mother… but accepted, raised and taught by the God of the Sun (3.) Chiron, the planet… but not quite a planet… a planetoid? An Asteroid? A Comet? A Centaur … who we first noticed in the heavens above when his father, Saturn, was in the most desperate degree of the Sign of the Sun (4.)

Chiron… whose path, escapes the certainty and the predictability that can be found in the orbits of the planets (5)… whose orbit spins a thread between the orbit of Saturn, who rules our Reality, and the orbit of Uranus, who rules the Study of the Stars (6) …. A thread between Heaven and Earth… a bridge between our known reality and all the possibilities beyond…

Chiron… the gateway through which many heroes on their quests have first passed (7.) The gateway, the teacher who shares the knowledge of healing, of prophecy, of divination, of astrology, of music, of hunting, of archery and of more… all and whatever each individual hero had need of accessing so as to succeed on their own individual paths. How desperately (8) we must need this teaching… how desperately we must need to be parented by authority that’s borne… not of tradition, of rules and of regulations… but of the Heart of the Sun…

We all have Chiron somewhere within our own charts and his placement tells us something of where we been rejected, hurt or challenged, of where, through being adopted, parented and taught by the Heart (9,) we can go on to master some extraordinary skill and to become a hero or a heroine on the stage that is our lives… We all have Chiron that speaks of that part where we have work to do…. where we step out from under the shadows of others… learn new skills and gain new perspectives… where we adjust ourselves in relation to our original poisons and become able to wield these erstwhile poisons as healing remedies… Chiron, whose healing reaches into our known world and into all the unknown worlds beyond… whose healing extends to the ancestors back in time and to the descendants who stand waiting behind future’s door.

On 17 April, this creature, Chiron, who so beautifully escapes definition and who defies all our labels, is threading his way from the last sign of the Zodiac and into the first. It’s a process...  Chiron will weave back into Pisces again to gather more of this dreamy sign’s depths before moving into Aries again early next year (10.)

With Chiron in Aries… the sign of Me… of I am… of I exist and I am here to do something… this creature, who is so comfortable with his wildness that he’s become more civilised than man, gets to show us, to teach us, to helps us adjust the Ways of the Self… we get to learn about instinct… of our impulses, of our expression, of the ways in which we go after what we want and of our relationships to our bodies…

Moving between Pisces and Aries … whose rulers (11) or that which they rule, being in combination, gives us the signature of the Spiritual Warrior… We can realign ourselves to our bodies as the vehicles which allow us to give expression to our dreams and to the dreams of our relations… Our bodies…whether as the container of the mind… as the hand that holds the pen… as the tongue that speaks the word… as the foot which reaches out, poised to take that first step…

Hello, Chiron into Aries… You are welcomed!


(1)    While the centaurs in mythology are known for their wild, unruly and plundering natures, Chiron is highly civilised and revered as a teacher of kings.


(2)    Cronus, or Saturn, and the nymph, Philyra, took on the form of horses so that they could be together without Cronus’ wife, Rhea, finding out.


(3)    Apollo


(4)    The chart for the discovery of Chiron by Charles Kowall in 1977 has Saturn in 29°07’ of Leo… 29° is an anaretic degree… it feels desperate as it is the final degree of the sign. It has done all the degrees of the sign that it is in … it wants to move into the next sign … yet, simultaneously, it knows, it’s the last chance to fully express what it has learned in the sign that it is in before it moves on. Interestingly, when Chiron was discovered, Saturn was not making any aspects to any of the other planets… the only aspect he was making is a trine (a road of ease) to… Chiron…  Saturn was bringing / solidifying Chiron into our reality. Also interesting is that both Charles Kowall and the discovery of Chiron charts have Sun and Mercury in Scorpio (the discovery of Chiron has Uranus…ruler of Astrology…. in Scorpio too, alongside the Sun)… and Charles Kowall has Pluto (Scorpio’s Ruler,) conjunct Chiron in Leo within his own chart… Chiron / Pluto…. Two points which, in their highest expression, to me, speak of the Shaman (to some extent, Neptune does too) … when Pluto was discovered, Chiron was on the North Node (the direction in which we’re headed) …when Chiron was discovered, Pluto was on the North Node…. Transformation and Healing… the Healing of Death and Rebirth… Also interesting is that, for the discoveries of each of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) as well as the discovery of Chiron… a time period spanning from 1781 to 1977… Chiron was in a sign ruled by Venus… and Saturn was in a major aspect with the planet discovered… really bringing the discovered planet into our realities… perhaps another article for another time… perhaps I am just channelling the feeling of a 29th degree here in this one little footnote :)


(5)    Because of his frequent proximity to the giants, it’s unknown whether he will one day be ejected from our solar system or whether he will move towards the Sun.


(6) Astrology


(7)    For example, Chiron taught Asclepius, Achilles, Actaeon, Jason, Dionysus and many more….


(8)    Referring to Saturn having been in the 29th degree at the time of us first having noticed Chiron. I find it so fascinating, given Chiron’s themes of having been wounded and then transforming that wound into healing, that in the myths, it was his father who rejected him, his father who rules authority, tradition, the past, our reality, karma, and when the planet was discovered, it was his father, Saturn, who was in the final, desperate degree of Leo… the sign of the Sun, who, in the myths, as Apollo, adopts Chiron. Leo - the sign of the Heart… the Heart being the route through which we can synthesise opposites, find healing and balance… by taking our own wound into our own hearts, we find healing. The same creature that rejected him gives a clue as to the route to healing…. The original poison becomes the remedy: Saturn in Leo, a responsibility or a commitment to the Heart… making what is in the Heart part of reality… being parented / governed by our hearts. 


(9)    In Astrology, as well as many other traditions, the Sun corresponds with the Heart.


(10)    Chiron moves into Aries on 17 April 2018 at 08:09…back into Pisces on 26 September 2018 at 00:11 and into Aries again on 18 February 2019 at 09:07 (Universal Time.)


(11)     Neptune and Mars


P.S. Not too long after Chiron moves into Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, Mars will be doing his retrograde which he only does around every two years… he will be moving between Aquarius and Capricorn, the signs ruled by Uranus and Saturn, between whose orbits Chiron circles the Sun. More to follow.


This is an interpretation, from my perspective and intended for information only. If anything here upsets you, please do seek support from friends, family or professionals as needs be.

Yvette Marks