New Moon in Aries at 26°02' on 16 April at 01:57 Universal Time

This New Moon…“You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it come true” (1) and also…putting to rest, putting behind us, any habits (2) that led to the observation that, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” (3)


It will be very interesting to see how this turns out in six months’ time (4) when Chiron will be standing right next to the Full Moon in Aries, directly under the gaze of the Sun, and forming part of a mystic rectangle together with the Sun, the Moon and the Nodes of the Moon. It will be a Libran Sun and so we can look to however it turns out as being balanced, aligned with, as having some form of justice in relation to whatever we start now. Right now, at this New Moon, with Chiron being in the very last few minutes (not degrees, minutes) of Pisces, there’s the sense of being in water…of being softened, soaked and prepared.

There’s so much about this New Moon which points to a start… it’s a New Moon …which is always about new beginnings…it’s in the first sign of the Zodiac… Mercury starts to move forward, not even one hour after this New Moon… Chiron moves into Aries, not even two days after this New Moon... Saturn is stationed, ready to start his retrograde within a few days with Pluto starting his own retrograde not long after. 

Uranus is conjunct the New Moon which can give this start, as well as our feelings, an electric charge. It gets us going but it can feel frazzled or over stimulated…it could feel exciting too…and that’s just on its own. Add to this, it is clashing with planets in Capricorn. Given the number of planets poised between forward and backward, there is an opportunity here to remember to find your own balance…to do something, to start, but to do it at a pace which can endure as only Capricorn can.

Every single one of the personal planets…those that make up the personality as opposed to, for example, those that speak of our society, of the collective, of what has been done to us and so forth….every single one of the personal planets is strengthened…whether that’s by being within the sign that they rule, by being exalted in the sign that they are in or by being in accidental dignity in the house within which they are placed (5)…hence the quote, “You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it come true.” …and if the strength of the personality, of what each of us brings to the table, were not enough…Uranus, the planet of the individual…the Awakener, the Humanitarian, who values the gifts that each and every individual can bring to the collective…is underlining this idea by being bang on this New Moon too.

“You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it come true.” The dream speaks of Pisces…of Chiron in Pisces…of dreaming…of healing…of healing through dreaming… The word ‘power’ calls to Pluto who is making a trine, a road of ease, to Venus who, of all the personal planets, is the strongest of them all…in her own sign of Taurus. There’s a clue here as to where the power lies: of transforming (Pluto) the way in which we use our resources (Venus in Taurus)… of stepping into our power (Pluto) through the value we place upon ourselves and our world around us (Venus, Taurus…natural rulers of second house and Uranus ruling second house (6)… of being gentle and loving (Venus) with our demons (Pluto) so that there’s no need for them to fight us… of life (Venus) and of death (Pluto) and of honouring both the spirit and the flesh. There’s also a clue here as to some of the pitfalls to avoid… whether subtle or obvious… of using manipulation, strategy, duplicity, coercive behaviour or the like (the dark side of Pluto) to satisfy our own whims or that which we want without giving any thought to the other or to the efforts which we’d do well to put in before demanding the reward (the dark side of Venus.)

“To make it come true”…. Mercury, the Magician, is hanging in the balance between within and between without…offering the mind, the intent, the opportunity of being brightened by a merging of the dreaming self with the waking self…so that all parts work towards the same thing. Saturn… soon to go within…is ready to help reweave whatever it is that is started at this time into the very fabric of reality…which Pluto, as we know, for some time now has been changing and readying for change.

Of course, “the power to make it come true,” carries, implicit within it, a mighty challenge…a clarion call…and sure enough…there it is, between the stellium in Capricorn and the stellium in Aries (7.) AND: by the time we get to the Full Moon in six months’ time, the Black Moon Lilith and Mars duo who are squaring Uranus conjunct this New Moon will be conjunct the South Node of the Moon, playing their part within the mystic rectangle… in the sign ruled by Uranus and Uranus will be squaring the Nodes. This carries huge potential…of moving from an old way of being and into a new…of awakening to the Self…and of allowing the Self to change… ”Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing himself.” Maybe not so much anymore…and here’s hoping! And with Uranus…ruler of Aquarius, of the natural eleventh house which has to do with hopes…sitting on this New Moon… there’s good cause to hope!

And if that weren't enough, the date of this moon reduces to 22...a Master Number of a Master Builder...carrying with it the potential to rise up to and to navigate great challenges and to establish great things.

That masculine side, Mars, who rules this New Moon, is exalted in Capricorn and is being helped by the Goddess Lilith…there’s an opportunity to look at how we assert ourselves… at how we use our drive…our energy…at how we hone and use our instincts…she’s helping us to find this masculine’s throne…his place of exaltation… within ourselves and within our lives…And if we manage, if we succeed, let’s not forget to thank her.


P.S. As ever, this is an interpretation…written from my perspective and for information only.  If anything here stirs anything up for you or upsets you, please do seek support from friends, family or professionals, as needs be.


The image used is of the Ten of Cups from the Rider Waite Tarot, photographed by myself with permission from Rider, Ebury. I’m using it because, as the tenth card, it speaks to the tenth sign which is Capricorn…The Ten of Cups is also often associated with Pisces… Mars in Pisces in particular. At the time of this New Moon, Mars is the ruler of this Moon. He is in Capricorn and, from where I write, in the twelfth house which is of Pisces, being the twelfth sign…so the card brings together Mars, Capricorn and Pisces…and it has a lovely, ‘and they all lived happily ever after’ feel to it…


(1) Richard Bach, Illusions

(2) Given the Moon rules our habits...and when I say 'we' or 'you' or 'our'...I mean me...and you as well but, only if it feels right to you and only if you want to.

(3) Leo Tolstoy

(4) 25 September, 2018

(5) Sun is exalted in Aries, the Moon is in accidental dignity in the fourth house, Mercury is in accidental dignity in the third house, Venus is in her rulership in Taurus and Mars is exalted in Capricorn. Planets being in accidental dignity is dependant on the location from where I write, also I use the equal house system.

(6) Aquarius is on the second house cusp in the chart based on the location from where I write, using equal house system. 

(7) Saturn, Mars, Black Moon Lilith, Pluto and the Part of Fortune are all in Capricorn, while the Sun, the Moon and Uranus are in Aries.


Yvette Marks