Full Moon in Scorpio at 9°38' on 30 April at 00:57 Universal Time

When I first journeyed (1) to ask about this Full Moon, there were images of Dawn, of the Spirit of Dawn, of the golden light of Aurora and of a New Day…This would make sense if it were a New Moon…but a Full Moon? So, I looked back to what I’d written of the last New Moon in Scorpio…upside down… inside out…She had been Void of Course... and it hadn’t been a time to do the usual stuff of New Moons, it hadn’t been a time to start anything new. So, why not? It makes sense then that, in her fullness, and in response to her newness, she’d be topsy turvy and back to front too.

And, really, why not? In Scorpio, she is Persephone who descends to the underworld and returns to the light of day above the ground and who brings with her the new beginnings of Spring…of bounty…of warmth…of promise…of prosperity.

As if that were not enough, Persephone, as Proserpina (2,) is rising in the East, from the direction where dawn lights our day (3) … she’s flanked by her own little army in the form of Black Moon Lilith and both of the rulers of this Scorpio Moon (4.)

As if that were not enough, Pluto, rising in the East, one of the rulers of the Moon, is also the ruler of the Midheaven … the highest reaches of this Full Moon’s potential. Pluto, this planet of death and rebirth…of transformation…of treasure…of the golden treasure to be found within. Mars, the other ruler of the Moon and the other ruler of the Midheaven is also rising in the East…giving the oomph, the drive, the energy alongside an opportunity to throw out any hurtful or aggressive ways in which we go after what we want.

As if that were not enough, Proserpina, Black Moon Lilith, Pluto and Mars stand, in the East, at the focal point of a potent grouping of planets called a kite. All that swirls within the container held by the Part of Fortune, Moon, Jupiter and Neptune...the intuition, the imagination, the dream, the feelings, the courage, the desires, the transformation, expansion, perception, magnetism, the nurturing, the caring, the connectivity with Spirit… all this is feeding into Proserpina, Black Moon Lilith, Pluto and Mars who, at the front door of this moment and in Capricorn, are standing together and dawning a new day …a new reality…a new way of relating with structure, with authority, with power, with male and with female.

As if that were not enough, Schedir…the brightest Star in the constellation forming the Woman in the Chair, the constellation that’s been called Mary Magdalene… Deborah…the Red Hand…the Daughter of Splendour…the Enthroned…the Queen…the constellation whom Oswald Wirth likens to the High Priestess in the Tarot, which, astrologically, corresponds with the Moon…is in wide (5) conjunction with the Sun who, as ever, provides the light for the Full Moon. We’re told through myth and through legend that this Woman in the Chair was bound to her throne…Schedir, the brightest star in this constellation…Schedir which can be found in the place of the heart, on the left breast of this constellation which has also been called the Ethiopian Queen…Schedir which Pluto like, Scorpio like, Persephone like, has to do with digging deep beneath the body of the Earth to find its gold… Schedir which means ‘freed’ is feeding this Sun.

As if that were not enough, Schedir… this Star which means ‘freed’ and who reminds us of the respect that can be commanded through cultivating dignity and humility… will rise in the East at the moment of the next New Moon in Scorpio in approximately six months’ time (6.)

As if that were not enough, the Sun, together with Schedir, opposite this Full Moon is forming a cardinal cross with the Nodes of the Moon…a bridge between the past and the future… of the roads that led us to where we are now and the roads that we are creating which will take us to wherever we go.

Of all the planets within this chart, there are two planets who are the strongest: Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. With Capricorn rising, Saturn is also the ruler of the chart of this Full Moon’s moment…he’s retrograde…directing his energy within…allowing us to travel deeply beyond the boundaries of what’s been considered the norm… to return to our realities from a new angle, a new perspective. Neptune in Pisces is the dream…the connection with Spirit…the intuition…the feeling… the artistry. And Neptune is absolutely helping this Moon and Saturn is absolutely helping this Sun (7.)

In the chart of this Full Moon’s moment, the Moon is amplified through being in wide conjunction to Jupiter and, as the lead planet in a locomotive shaped chart, she’s the very essence of it all. There’s an opportunity to go within, to perhaps be touched by that which scares us… to perhaps free ourselves from our chains, from our demons…to dig deep...to name our desires and to gather, develop and employ the resources that will allow us, triumphantly, like the fire bird, to fulfil them…to rise like the Phoenix out of its own ashes…to find our own power and to use it to empower others.

This Sun in Taurus, fuelled by the starlight of Schedir, is ruling that North Node of the future…it’s what’s in your own garden, it’s your own medicine that’s going to get you to where you are going (8) ….it’s the journey to the Midnight Sun…to the light within that dawns the new day.


P.S. As ever, this is an interpretation…written from my perspective and for information only.  If anything here stirs anything up for you or upsets you, please do seek support from friends, family or professionals, as needs be...when I use words such as 'you, we, our' etc...I mean me...and you as well, but only if you want to and only if it feels right to you.


(1)    A shamanic journey to divine, loving, compassionate and transcended Tutelary Spirits.

(2)    Proserpina is to the Romans who Persephone is to the Greeks.

(3)    The Ascendant of the chart which is dependent on the location from where I write…Proserpina is 0°07’ from the Ascendant.

(4)    Pluto and Mars.

(5)    Wide for an orb applied to fixed stars…she’s only 1°37’ from the Sun.

(6)    On 7 November 2018. Schedir will be 0°08’ from the Ascendant…again dependent on the location from where I write.

(7)    In the chart for this Full Moon, there is a trine, an easy, helpful aspect, between Neptune and the Moon and a trine between Saturn and the Sun.

(8)    ‘Your own medicine’ doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own.