New Moon in Taurus at 24°36' on 15 May 2018 at 11:47 Universal Time

What a Moon for making wishes! She’s ruled by Venus, the Queen of attracting that which she wants, and, boy, is this Queen sovereign.

She’s not linked to any of the other planets (1) which means that she’s not being influenced by anything or anyone other than herself. She’s stepped beyond the apparent path of the Sun (2) which means that, although she’s part of the solar system, she’s beyond the rule of the Sun. And, although, in Gemini, she’s ruled by Mercury, Mercury is in Taurus and so, her ruler is ruled by her.

It’s not only a New Moon, marking a new cycle by the Measure of the Moon…both Mars and Uranus are poised at the 29th degree of the signs within which they’re each in, about to step into the beginning of another. After moving forward, both Mars and Uranus will flow backwards into the sign they’re in now, giving rise to images of foamy waves which flow back and forth between ocean and shore…foamy waves, the very thing out of which Venus, as Aphrodite, was born.

With Uranus her father and Mars her lover, the back and forth imagery echoes all sorts of imagery of all sorts of creation. As if that were not enough, the Sun and the Moon, the male and the female, who come together, as they do at each New Moon, are also conjunct the Fixed Stars Algol and Capulus, raw female and male sexual power and passion respectively…a Force of Nature which can be channelled into all sorts of wonders if honoured and which leads to rage if suppressed.

Attuned to the Cycles of Nature, the bright side of Venus is her ability to make things shine through bestowing her love and her charms upon the objects of her affection... she creates her path by attracting her next step toward her. It’s a good time to track and to find that which you love, that which you value, that which you desire and to help it to grow by feeding it love.

The dark side of Venus is her wont to become fixated upon that which is denied her. She can become jealous, petulant and can act in spoiled ways. If it’s just not there…if there’s no spark for you to fan with your own flames, set it aside, perhaps only for now, and look somewhere else for something of value that you can grow.

Topics which are particularly suited to New Moon intentions in Taurus include anything to do with the Earth, Nature, all embodied sensations such as eating, exercise, movement, touch, sexual expression, clothing, the physical comfort of your surroundings…abundance, learning new skills. It’s a good time for intentions around possessions, around having what you need – be it money, talent, attitude etc – so that you can do what it is that you want, so that you can achieve your goals. It’s also a good time to really look at what you have and to see the abundance around you so as to perhaps intend to work with the Earth’s resources in a more efficient and less consumer driven way (3.)

With Venus in Gemini, social topics are also suited to this New Moon…intentions around intelligence and understanding which give rise to compassion and connectivity with others work well, as do intentions around joyful and / or loving communication and laughter. It’s a good time to have fun with the voice and to play with the breath…to cultivate appreciation of the fact that you have voice and breath with which to play. If it’s needed or if it feels right, ask for healing of the voice, the throat, the lungs, the arms, the wrists and/ or the hands….also the kidneys and the nervous system…ask to ‘love thy neighbour’ and siblings too…

This list, of course, isn’t exhaustive…whatever is going on for you, sink into your own intuition and into your own desires and, if it comes from a place of love, whatever you wish for will be right.

Happy wishing!


P.S. As ever, this is an interpretation…written from my perspective and for information only.  If anything here stirs anything up for you or upsets you, please do seek support from friends, family or professionals, as needs be...when I use words such as 'you, we, our' etc...I mean me...and you as well, but only if you want to and only if it feels right to you. Of course, any reference to healing intentions is not intended to replace the expertise of health're encouraged at all times to remain responsible for your own choices and actions.


(1) She's unaspected...there is a square to Chiron but Chiron's not classed as a planet

(2) She's out of bounds...

(3) So, for example, set an intention / wish to habitually fuel your body with nourishing food and so forth

Yvette Marks