Full Moon in Sagittarius at 08°10' on 29 May 2018 at 14:20 Universal Time

This Moon in Sagittarius is an expansive Moon. She’s ruled by Jupiter, the King of the Gods (1) who makes everything he touches bigger and who is the lead planet of this locomotive shaped chart. And, if this Moon is expanding, then what is being expanded is the reach of the light that she’s reflecting…the light of the Sun: It’s you…your goals…that which is in your heart….the flame at the very centre of your being.

The Sun in Gemini is the Adept at Words…the storyteller who weaves together thoughts, themes and theories…who breathes life into ideas by shaping and sharing them in the form of words. This sharing of what is in the heart…of who one is and of what one does is also Gemini as the sales person…the one who can turn who he truly is at his core into what he does for a living. It’s Gemini’s curiosity… as the student, the teacher… as the eternal youth and as the social butterfly. It’s also Gemini as the twins (2,) the only sign whose symbol takes on human form…the human quest to see and to study himself… to become the two energies working as one...

This Sun forms part of a Grand Air Trine…a talented configuration in an element which has to do with ideas, thoughts, contrasts, comparison, communication and relating. There’s a flow of ease from the storytelling Sun to Mars in Aquarius who is reminding us to make the effort. There’s also a flow of ease from the Sun to the Ascendant in Libra (3) who is reminding us that this moment’s expression is all about balance and relating.

The Moon stands at the focal point of this configuration, forming an especially talented pattern of planets called a kite. It looks a little like a bow that’s been stretched taut, ready to loosen its arrow. And if ever there were anything that would allow the Moon to feel at home in Sagittarius, it would be a bow that’s been stretched taut. In Sagittarius, it’s the Archer, ever letting loose and following the arrow of his goals, of his enthusiasm to explore further and deeper, to joyfully embrace and experience the unknown and of bringing what he finds back into the ever expanding horizon of what it is that he knows. With the Moon, it's Diana… Artemis…the Huntress… the Maiden who is often represented by her Silver Bow.

And if, in this Full Moon, Diana is pulling her bow taut…her arrow is most certainly the Sun in Gemini….words…stories…what we do for a living… what we’re learning… what we’re teaching… how we play and how we have fun. There’s an opportunity now to really think about what we do in these areas. With Jupiter in Scorpio, there’s an opportunity, if need be, to transform who we are and what we do in these areas. Opportunity is a Sagittarius word…a word of Jupiter… and with Jupiter in Scorpio, it’s very easy to introduce the word transform.

But it’s more than that…the Moon is conjunct one of the Four Royal Stars …the Watcher of the West, Antares…who is at the very heart of the constellation of Scorpio and who reminds us of the dangers of excesses and obsession. There’s a fine line between the healthy processing of grief and the addiction to drama and suffering… Antares invites us to release the latter. And the Sun is conjunct another of the Four Royal Stars, perhaps the most important of them all, the Watcher of the East… Alderbaran… who, reminds us that the way to success is through honesty and integrity.

Opportunity and transformation….the words we use, what we do become the arrows which shape our lives. If we have been less than impeccable with our words…if we deceive, if we use words to cut, to criticise, to gossip, to harm others and so forth… these are the arrows which become our hunters… which, whether we know it or not, give shape to our lives. If this is what you have done or if it is what you are doing now…the point isn’t to beat yourself up…with Libra rising, the ask is to redress the balance…to make it right. If we use our words to empower, another Scorpio word, or to open, to be kind and so forth… the arrow becomes a flower that allows us to be and to become… to flower and to go on flowering, like the highest potential of the Archer, into our own limitless potential.

There’s the opportunity to further align what it is that you do or to intend that what you do is further aligned with what is in your heart… to know that real treasure will be the reward... that abundance, peace, joy, prosperity, belonging comes from being who you truly are. With Gemini and Sagittarius, there’s an invitation to marry thought with faith…to believe in yourself and to know that, helped by Antares and Scorpio’s influence, you can transform that which is reflected around you.

This Full Moon’s moment is ruled by Venus who, happy in the Moon’s sign of Cancer and at the very top of the chart, is still outside of the rule of the Sun. She’s reminding us that the very heights of the potential of this Moon’s Moment will be met by helping that which we want to grow by showing it our love.

With themes of words, twins, two energies and of learning from that which is foreign… it feels fitting to finish by borrowing a word from a culture foreign to my own whose teachings have (with my grateful thanks) expanded my horizons… Ometeotl.


P.S: As ever, this is an interpretation…written from my perspective and for information only.  If anything here stirs anything up for you or upsets you, please do seek support from friends, family or professionals, as needs be...when I use words such as 'you, we, our' etc...I mean me...and you as well, but only if you want to and only if it feels right to you

I use the pronoun ‘he’ because Gemini and Sagittarius are considered to be masculine signs (active as opposed to passive principles.) ‘He’ can be read as including however you identify yourself in terms of gender.

The honouring of learning from one foreign culture is intended to be symbolic and to represent an honouring of any and all learning, past, present and future, from foreign cultures which help my growth. 


(1)    Jupiter or Zeus is not the only God in this chart…there’s a grouping of planets which form a shape called the yod, or the ‘finger of god,’ with Saturn at the apex, which suggests huge rewards if we put in the work.

(2)    The idea of twins or two energies echo across this chart… from Castor and Pollux, the twins represented by Gemini, to Apollo and Artemis, the twin gods of the Sun and the Moon, respectively.

(3)    Based on the location from which I write.

(4)    Ometeotl is a word which came to me via learning of the Toltecs. It’s also from Toltec wisdom and a system of healing and from teachings received via shamanic training that I have borrowed the idea of turning the arrows of words and thoughts into flowers… a concept which is so aligned with the symbols and the potential of this Full Moon.