New Moon in Gemini at 22°44' on 13 June at 19:42 Universal Time

Worlds within worlds in this one…which will you draw out to take your own story forward?

Here on this New Moon, on a day which reduces to the creative number three (1,) the Sun and the Moon come together in the third sign of the Zodiac, Gemini. Gemini…the twins…and twins themselves (2,) the Sun and the Moon, stand at 22°44.’

In 22°44’, the number two is twinned into the master number twenty two and the number four is twinned into the master number forty four. These numbers echo into the position of Gemini’s Ruler, Mercury, who stands at 2°04’ of the Moon’s sign, Cancer… Mercury in the Sign of the Moon and the Moon in the Sign of Mercury brings Mercury and the Moon into mutual reception…they’re working together…if ever Intent were going to flourish in and flower from the creative womb of the dark night’s sky… from which all new light can come… it may want to wish for a moment like this.

There are so many directions in which this could be taken… And if we start with directions… North, South, East, West… then this New Moon lies in the West (3)– in the area of the chart (4) which has to do with the other, with relationships, with our Mirror. It’s conjunct one of Orion’s main stars, Bellatrix, which has to do with the Mirror and who suggests that the way to accomplishing whatever can be accomplished through this Moon’s Moment is through working with and weaving in our shadow… that is, everything, both good and bad, that we do not recognise as being of ourselves and that, instead, we disconnect from and project upon others around us… whether that "other" is near or far… The way in is to look at and to see what’s out there as being part of ourselves… to remember that we rise up from out of the All… that if change is needed, we start by changing ourselves... by reflecting something new back “out there.”

Moving into another direction… this New Moon heralds one of the four major seasonal markers (5,) a reminder that there are also the directions of within and without. With both rulers of our shared, societal reality, Jupiter and Saturn, being retrograde or directed within, the emphasis of this Moon’s Moment is on what comes from within…of how we direct ourselves… of how what is around us is a reflection … and of our extraordinary creative capacity to change this.

Speaking of directing and of worlds within worlds, this New Moon sits upon the Sixth brightest Star of our Night’s skies…Capella… a star which sits within a constellation which sits within another constellation… the constellation of Auriga (6,) the charioteer, who directs his four horse drawn chariot across the heavens. In this context, it is reminding me that the Chariot Card in the Tarot is Cancer…the sign in which this New Moon’s Ruler sits… a Card in which the Charioteer (7) is depicted giving direction to a pair of opposites, the twinned black and white horses…

Auriga, in the heavens, some say, holds over his arm a goatess who is suckling her twin kids… And it is this Goatess which forms the Star Capella upon which this New Moon sits. It’s a Star that is said to be one of the faces of the goddess… often associated with Amalthea, the goat or the goat nymph whose milk nourished the infant King of the Gods, Zeus, whose horn became the horn of plenty and whose hide became a mighty protector in the form of the shield, the Aegis. It’s a Star which speaks of the Goddess who watches over us…it points to freedom, independence and movement, the harmony of which, the adventure of which, is emphasised by the closeness of the New Moon to another Fixed Star, Phact.

Fragments of other worlds and of other stories are reflected around this one… the Aegis, once the hide of Amalthea and then the shield wielded by Athena…. The shield that bears the face of the snake haired Medusa… a lady who features in her own story of reflections … whose blood was gifted to the Great Healer, Asclepius, whose symbol is the serpent entwined rod. And, Auriga, the charioteer, son of Athena, who invented the four horse drawn chariot because his legs were made up of snakes….

Now, Auriga drove his chariot across the sky, rising up and out of the Ocean at the Horizon, and this New Moon echoes this theme with a wide square from the New Moon to the Ocean’s Ruler, Neptune… the uroboric mother who reminds us of the Unity out of which we all rise and to which we all return… we are all one, Spirit is behind us, and it is from this greater ‘One’ that we draw out that which we create.

It’s a promising and potent moment…of self direction… of creativity… of movement… of flow… of change… nourished by a face the Goddess, blessed by her abundance and whose growth lies under her protection. There are numbers two…of mirrors, of relating, of connectivity and of four… of building and establishing… and these numbers, having both been twinned within the sign of the twins, carry master potential of connectivity and relating and master potential of establishing and building something that’s worth establishing.

Taken as a whole, your ship’s come in… what will you wish for? Where will you hope it will take you?


P.S: As ever, this is an interpretation…written from my perspective and for information only.  If anything here stirs anything up for you or upsets you, please do seek support from friends, family or professionals, as needs be...when I use words such as 'you, we, our' etc...I mean me...and you as well, but only if you want to and only if it feels right to you


(1)    13 June 2018 = (1+3)+(6)+(2+0+1+8) = 4+6+11 = 21 = 2+1 = 3

(2)    Apollo and Artemis

(3)    Based on the location from where I write

(4)    The seventh house, I use the equal house system

(5)    The Solstice… taking place on 21 June 2018 at 10:07 Universal Time when the Sun steps into the Moon’s sign of Cancer.

(6)    It’s also a constellation which has been associated with goddesses which have to do with horses…fertility and movement…

(7)    Referring to the way in which the card is depicted in the Rider Waite Tarot