Mars Turns Retrograde on 26 June 2018 at 09°13' of Aquarius

Mars … the masculine, action, drive, energy, courage, assertiveness, anger, rage, aggression... is turning retrograde in Aquarius and, without a doubt, there’s an underpinning theme of transformation to this one.

Whenever a planet is retrograde, its energy is directed inwards. Like any other time, it’s a time which has its potential and a time which has its pitfalls.

Ultimately, Mars Retrograde in the sign of Aquarius offers a new way of using the Martian energy and drive to express what is within you as an individual while being part of a collective of individuals who, equally, are being offered a new way of expressing and bringing to the collective their own individuality… Once we have been through the process of Mars going backwards in Aquarius, Mars will then dip back into the sign of Capricorn, offering the opportunity of sewing whatever it is that we learn and develop within ourselves into the very fabric of our reality.

The potential of Mars Retrograde lies in the realms of using the drive and the energy of Mars to access and to touch within yourself the highest potential that the sign that Mars is in has to offer… to put effort into developing more of the skills of this sign … the pitfall lies in the realms of turning the aggression of Mars inwards, of hurting the self in ways in which the sign that Mars is in can hurt.

Travelling deeper, travelling further within along the path of Aquarius, we eventually arrive at Leo… Aquarius and Leo are on the same axis, the same circle. What Aquarius and Leo both have in common is the ability to stand apart from the crowd. Aquarius stands apart from others by being inventive, progressive… Aquarius is the Awakener, awakening the crowds to new ways of doing things, new technologies and so forth. Leo stands apart from others by being the Leader, the Sovereign. Both of these ways of being carry with them the potential of loneliness at worst and the potential of deepening into trust of the self at best… If you’re inventing (Aquarius)…if you’re creating (Leo,) if you’re seeing something which has not yet manifested and which others cannot yet see (Aquarius)…. If you’re a leader (Leo,) there’s a certain amount of trust which needs to be cultivated within the self… What is unique and individual and which only you can bring to the table is not always best served by testing it against the opinions of others…How can you check in and ask others if what you’re doing is right if they can’t see or do what you can?  How can we change and grow if we always measure ourselves against the majority or the norm?

We all have Aquarius and Leo somewhere in our charts and so what is going on in Aquarius / Leo applies to all in some way, in some aspect of our lives. Calculating your birth chart based on your exact birth time can tell you more about which parts of your life this applies to the most.

With Mars Retrograde in Aquarius, there’s the opportunity to deepen into your individuality and to ultimately bring more of what only you can do…. of what only you are here to do …. out into the world. Bearing in mind that Aquarius is the ultimate humanitarian, that he wants what is best for his group, for his tribe… bearing in mind that Leo rules the heart, that he leads and creates from a place of love and of respect, the potential pitfall of Mars Retrograde in Aquarius is of becoming so caught up in what is unique and individual about yourself and about what you are doing that you lose connection with your group…that you start to feel irritated with them, that you cultivate arrogance, that you cut them off…

The test is to ask yourself again and again, whether what you’re doing comes from your heart, does it come from a place of love… whether that’s love, genuine love, for the self or for others or for both… if the answer is yes, then carry on. If it’s from the ego, you may want to drop back in and find the objective of the heart…see the extent to which your thoughts and actions are aligned with and supportive of the objective of the heart… adjust what you’re doing, adjust your attitude, adjust your approach etc.

People who cannot see your vision may irritate you at this time and, if this is the case, there’s the opportunity to cultivate more patience with others… there’s the opportunity to put more energy into the connection with them. This may ultimately help you to bring them with you on your journey if this turns out to be what is right for you both but, if not, it doesn’t matter: Aquarius is not a sign which worries about conformity. You may wish to keep them with you so that you can continue to spark off one another and to grow… remember, others will be having the opportunity to bring more of themselves out into the world too. Aquarius most definitely does not want to find himself completely cut off and disconnected from his fellow man.

It is also possible that what begins as a feeling of irritation could be a sign of your own inner stirrings… A sense of you telling yourself that something needs to change… the beginnings of your own change. It is possible that the cleverness of Aquarius will initially try to rationalise this feeling by assigning blame for the irritation to others. It’s always a good idea and now, with Aquarius’ ruler, Uranus, in Nature’s sign, Taurus, it’s a really, really good idea to spend some time in stillness, connecting with nature… to give yourself the time and the space to better understand your own feelings.

There is an underpinning theme of transformation here. The whole process of Mars’ Retrograde runs between 28°37’ of Capricorn and 09°13’ of Aquarius… it started when Mars first reached 28°37’ of Capricorn on 12 May 2018 and will end when Mars arrives back at 09°’13’ of Aquarius on 8 October 2018… During this time, Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, the sign in which Mars is retrograding, changes signs… Mars makes challenging aspects to Uranus… there’s a Solstice…. The beginning of Mars’ retrograde is kicked off with a Full Moon almost immediately after… the Full Moon is conjunct Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius and the ruler of Capricorn…there are three eclipses, during one of which Mars stands alongside both the Moon and the South Node of the Moon… and on the very last day, 8 October 2018, Jupiter reaches 23° of Scorpio, the degree at which Jupiter turned retrograde this year and the same degree at which Mars, on his last retrograde, having been in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius, ultimately turned direct in 2016.

Mercury, the Magician, and as ever, will be carving his hexagram through the heavens…marking the points of this six rayed star with his conjunctions to the Sun. On one of these, Mars will be standing with Black Moon Lilith and, on the other, Mars will be standing with the South Node of the Moon and will still be in a, albeit wider, conjunction with Black Moon Lilith.

So what could this mean? That Uranus changes signs, an unusual event which only takes place once every seven years or so, indicates that things of an Aquarian nature are changing. Uranus and Aquarius… electricity, lightening… in Taurus… the body…it brings together the life force, that which moves us…and the body, that which holds us. I’ll never forget that, just before Uranus moved into Venus’ sign of Taurus and on the day that Uranus was standing alongside Venus, I read about the discovery of a new organ in the body called the interstitium whose function is to absorb shock… Uranus in Taurus!

Uranus in Taurus… changing Aquarius… there’s more and more of an opportunity for each of us as individuals (Aquarius) and all of us as a group, for humanity (Aquarius) to consider the ways in which we use the resources (Taurus) of the Earth and of the body (Taurus.) The second world war arose out of a context of scarcity and lack of resources at a time when Uranus was last in Taurus… This doesn’t necessarily mean that we will have a war again … this time cycle is a relative rather than a repeat of that time cycle… For example, in 1961, when Saturn was in Capricorn, the first concrete blocks of the Berlin Wall, separating East and West Germany from one another were laid down. In 1989, when Saturn was in Capricorn again, the Berlin Wall came down. So I repeat, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we will have a war again but it does bring what we have and how we use it to the fore. There’s an opportunity to deepen into sustainable practices… an opportunity to recognise that we have enough if only we’d value it … to release unhealthy behaviours driven by consumerism, driven by an underlying fear that there’s just not enough.

Uranus ruling Astrology…that which we learn from the Stars…. In Taurus…the Earth…it brings together heaven and earth. Any thoughts of heaven touching earth are reiterated by the eclipses…which often come in pairs and less often come in threes… eclipses being times when something of the heavens actually touches something of the earth…. When the shadow of one heavenly being touches the body of another… External lights are temporarily dimmed and we’re given the opportunity, we’re challenged to find and to colour our lives with something of our own light, something which can ultimately and fundamentally alter the course of our lives.

Lights being dimmed…. Darkness… going within…. Darkness from which all light, all new light, emerges… It’s underscored by the idea of energies being retrograde, directed within. Not just Mars….but Jupiter and Saturn, those bodies which rule our consensual, shared reality are also retrograde, directed within… Reality is changing and it’s all about what we mine from the very centre of our beings… the treasure we find, the treasure we return with, the treasure that we offer to others.

There’s always a bigger pattern, a bigger story that circles the only moment in which we ever have power, which is now. By degree of 23° of Scorpio, the last Mars retrograde is tied to what Jupiter is doing in Scorpio now, one theme of which is the healing of our masculine… and the masculine is something which we all contain within. With Mars’ conjunctions to Black Moon Lilith and to the Moon during the eclipse, with the first Full Moon being conjunct Saturn, the feminine is involved too. And just before 8 October 2018 when the process of Mars’ retrograde ends, Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, who really is transforming it all in the sign of Capricorn, of our reality, will just have changed direction… And by 8 October 2018, Venus, ruler of the first New Moon in Libra taking place on the 9th, marking new beginnings, will be in Scorpio and she will just have turned retrograde… Scorpio, Scorpio, Scorpio… Transformation, Transformation, Transformation …

There’s something ancestral within this… Scorpio being the ruler of death and rebirth… Aquarius being of the Stars which so many have seen as the immortalised souls of the deceased … the Ruler of what the Stars tell us being in the sign of the Earth… Mars conjuncting the South Node of an Eclipse, giving energy and action to that which has come before us, that which perhaps needs releasing, that which, if we focus on the direction of the North Node, becomes our ally… There is perhaps an opportunity for healing the ancestral story, for healing the ancestors, for healing the ancestral patterns operating within our tribes today… There is perhaps an opportunity to develop closer links and closer ties to the ancestors which have gone before us.

And 23° Scorpio… the Sabian Symbol of which 23-24° says, “Crowds coming down the Mountain to listen to one Man” …  The crowds being of Aquarius and one Man being of the individual (Aquarius.) Within this context, ‘coming down the Mountain’ could be related to the descent within. With the squares (challenges) between Mars and Uranus… it’s not necessarily going to be easy but there is the potential to generate something which has never been generated before. The ask is to go within, to find something, some treasure which you and only you can find and to bring it out and offer it to others… we’re all individuals, all different, what you bring will be pure treasure for some while others will need to go elsewhere to find what’s best suited to them… and that’s okay because Aquarius offers the opportunity to value what is unique while not having any need for conformity, not from himself and not from others.


Speaking Aquarius and of groups, I am offering a monthly healing circle starting 30 June in North London, UK, it’s a full day, starting at 11am and finishing by 6pm. Each month’s topic will be different. As I’m writing about Mars and the Stars now, now’s a good time to tell you that, at some point (not during the first one) we will be working with the healing energy of certain stars. If you would like to find out more, please do get in touch.



Key Dates:

12 May: Mars enters shadow of his retrograde

16 May: Uranus enters Taurus

26 June: Mars starts Retrograde

28 June: Full Moon in Capricorn

7 July: Mercury enters shadow period

10 July: Jupiter turns direct

13 July: Solar Eclipse (New Moon in Cancer)

26 July: Mercury stations retrograde

27 July: Lunar Eclipse, (Full Moon in Aquarius,) Mars conjunct Moon and South Node

8 August: Mercury conjunct Sun, Mars conjunct Black Moon Lilith

11 August: Solar Eclipse (New Moon in Leo)

19 August: Mercury stations direct

27 August: Mars turns direct

21 September: Mercury conjunct Sun, Mars conjunct South Node, wider conjunction to Black Moon Lilith

2 September: Mercury leaves post shadow phase

6 September: Saturn turns direct

1 October: Pluto turns direct

5 October: Venus turns retrograde

8 October: Mars exits degrees of his retrograde

9 October: New Moon in Libra



As ever, this is an interpretation of the symbols, written from my perspective and for information only. If anything here gives rise to any difficult feeling for you, please do seek support from friends, relatives, professionals as need be.

When I use words such as ‘you, we, our, us’ etc. I mean me… and you as well, but only if it feels right to you and only if you want to.

I use the pronoun ‘he’ in this one because Aquarius and Leo are traditionally considered to be masculine (active) signs but I mean for it to incorporate all gender.