Full Moon in Capricorn at 06°27' on 28 June 2018 at 04:50 Universal Time

This one is about learning with the Moon…

If the Sun is the goals, our highest destiny, our life’s purpose…what we are here to do, to create, to express… then the Moon is the instinctive way in which we behave so as to achieve our goals. Sometimes these behaviours are very well aligned with and supportive of our goals. Sometimes they’re not. Sometimes the behaviours tell you that the goals need adjusting and sometimes it’s the behaviours that need changing so that the goals can shine. The relationship between the Sun and the Moon in your own chart can tell you more… as the expert of your own life, taking the time to reflect and to be genuinely honest with yourself can tell you more too.

This Full Moon stands next to Saturn… the planet which helps us to balance ourselves with the world around us and which helps to make that which he touches real. With the Moon next to Saturn, the Teacher, the Ruler of the Golden Age, it’s a great time to learn from what She has to tell you.

It’s a time when you can look to that which the Moon expresses: your daily habits, your instinctive way of being, as being reflective of your goals. It’s a time when you can look to any difficulties associated with your daily habits, these instinctive way of being as being clues that there’s something that needs changing around your goals… so that what you’re trying to do is more aligned with what’s in the heart of your True Self or your Higher Self… as opposed to perhaps being what you think you should do…what you ought to do…perhaps based on the teachings, dreams or opinions of others.

So say, for example, you find that support from others is being withheld from you at this time… ask yourself… do you really need support? If the answer is yes, consider, how can you change the way that you show others that you need support? What other resources do you have… in what other ways could you get the support that you need?

Look to all areas related to the Moon… if you’re experiencing difficulties with any of these at this time, this could be really rich information, clues that you can use to reflect upon whether what you’re trying to do is aligned with what is in your heart and on the path to your highest destiny. Some of the areas which indicate difficulties related to the Moon include… unhealthy ways of nurturing yourself, neediness, isolation, overeating, undereating, difficulties with your Mother, difficulties with important women around you, health problems related to the breasts, the stomach, lymphatic system or the womb, feeling insecure, issues associated with those that you need to look after, issues in how you are looking after those who depend on you, issues related to the home and so forth…

We can all be very good at tricking ourselves too. If you’re feeling safe, secure, protected…it’s important to check in…and are you meeting your goals? Are you living life to the full? Avoiding that which can be difficult can lead to feelings of safety… but it can be a self-reinforcing trap. With the Moon next to Saturn, this can be a really good time to engage in those behaviours which may, at other times, have been too difficult. The Moon, strengthened by Saturn, can give you the strength to make what you need to do easier, if only you make the effort to make a start… with Saturn's support, you could flower into your authority, into your power.

The Moon rules our past. With Saturn sitting alongside our history, we can balance our stories… let go of past hurts which are blocking our highest futures. We can also draw upon the road that we’ve travelled so far so as to find lessons and strengths and support which can nourish our futures.

The Moon in the chart often represents the Mother while Saturn often represents the Father. The Sun can represent that which is created and creating. With Mother and Father coming together symbolically in this way, in relationship to that which is created and creating there’s a theme which connects you as something that has been created to what it is that you are creating. You’re created by a Mother and a Father who, as humans and, like all of us, will have their own issues and who can vary as to how close they are to your idealised concept of what a Mother and a Father should be. There could be something really empowering around tracking and finding something within your Mother and your Father to honour at this time… no matter how perfect or imperfect they are… and this could help to foster and grow compassion and love for the Mother and Father Archetype within yourself. This, in turn, could help to strengthen your internal Archetypes, to make them more effective creators and help them to bring more of what it is that you’re trying to create out and into this world.

The Astrology Chart is a circle with lots going on inside which can only find it’s expression…its movement between within and without…along a cross. The one axis of the cross is the Ascendant – Descendent. The other is the Midheaven (MC) -Immum Coeli (IC.) Both of these axes have the concept of self at the one end and of other, other people, at the other end. From the place where I write, the Ascendant of the chart is ruled by the Moon who is ruled by Saturn, the IC is ruled by Mercury who is ruled by the Moon who is ruled by Saturn, the descendent is ruled by Saturn who rules himself and the MC is ruled by Neptune who rules him/herself. This means Neptune and Saturn, strong in their own signs are also strong on the axes of the cross... they rule that which finds expression, movement between within and without. Neptune is of the dream and Saturn is of the reality…

The Sun is also in the twelfth house of dreaming while the Moon is in the sixth house of our daily routines, our health, our habits. It’s a good time to deepen into dreaming practices, if this is your calling… there’s the chance to bring more of your dream out and into your reality… there’s the chance to see more of that which is hidden within you… there’s also the chance to shine the love from your heart onto your daily world, your day to day routines …to just be…to just be loved.

 And, as ever, it’s the centre of the chart…your transcending and transcendental self, your intention which drives it all…


P.S: As ever, this is an interpretation…written from my perspective and for information only.  If anything here stirs anything up for you or upsets you, please do seek support from friends, family or professionals, as needs be...when I use words such as 'you, we, our' etc...I mean me...and you as well, but only if you want to and only if it feels right to you. Any references to health are not intended to replace the expertise of medical professionals, you're encouraged to remain responsible for your own choices and actions.