Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on 27 July 2018 at 04°44' of Aquarius at 20:20 Universal Time

Phoenix Moments…


As I think about this Lunar Eclipse, I’m reminded of eyes… The Moon as the one eye of Horus, the Sun as his other… of Aquarius as the water bearer… of humans created from the tears... of the water of the eye … of Aquarius as the humanitarian… of this Air Sign’s spiritual vision and his multi layered perception.


The eye…what we see… our perception…what it can do…how it can change… is important. The eye of Horus has come to be a symbol of restoration, wholeness, protection, good health…of life…of longevity…of resurrection.


At the time of this Total Lunar Eclipse, what we see… our perception… can certainly change. It’s easy to be reminded of perception, given our own atmosphere …our own Air… will bend the Sun’s rays, casting the Moon in a spectacular, seldom seen, colour of coppery red… Red as she is during any total lunar eclipse…red with a special added layer of meaning during this one as she’ll be standing alongside and coloured the colour of Mars…the red planet… who, for his part, is super bright, who is super close to the planet Earth.


Mars, standing right next to this eye, the Moon, and who is out of bounds, outside of the Rule of the Sun, is ready to cut this eye to pieces… to cut it like the eye of Horus once was cut… The Serpent’s tail is right there too, ready to release what is no longer needed…to let it go… So that the eye…the perception... the vision… having gone through passages of changing light, having gone through the Earth’s shadow and, with a little help from Thoth’s magic, can be restored… resurrected … returned to wholeness.


In this Lunar Eclipse…just four minutes shy of the longest duration that it is ever possible for any total lunar eclipse to be… the Moon gets just about as close to the centre of the Earth’s shadow as it is ever possible for her to go. There’s a T Square… a challenging configuration of points and planets… including the Sun, Moon, Mars, the Nodes and Uranus, the Ruler of the Moon… occupying three out of a group of four signs…. And the release, the resolution is found by going into the fourth… the unoccupied sign as far as this configuration goes … into Scorpio…the sign of the darkness within…the sign of the Phoenix…


It’s Scorpio who knows how to spiritualise the instinct… how to move away from instinctive offensive / defensive behaviours which only hurt both the self and others and to move towards ways of being which empower both the self and others… It’s the sign who can show us the way into and out of ourselves …into death and into darkness and back out into life and into light again…It’s the sign who can show us how to re-emerge…how to renew…how to endure…how to triumph. With Jupiter, the King of the Gods, having been moved forwards and backwards in this sign and now newly forwards again…he’s transformed and transforming… ready and more than able to help… And the easiest way to tap into what it is that he can do so as to help you is simply just to believe…


And if we’re speaking of spiritualising the instinct… it’s Mars who rules the instincts…Mars who is next to the Moon and who is also the ancient ruler of Scorpio. The Divine Physician’s presence is felt here too (1)… The Royal Star, Regulus, the Heart of the Lion, is parallel to Uranus…and, of course, the Sun is strong in his own sign of the Heart, standing alongside the North Node in Leo too. There’s the opportunity to work with Mars as the Surgeon, as the Healer, rather than venting Mars’ energy as the Slayer… There’s the opportunity to remember that we can cut to heal and not to harm. There’s the opportunity to step into will, action and courage… to cut away what needs to be cut away… to avoid stabbing wildly, defensively or offensively in anger, rage and aggression.


And what is it that we’ll cut? Maybe perceptions that create an ‘us’ and a ‘them’ that hurts the ‘them’ and stops the ‘us’ from moving forwards… Perceptions that are divisive…that keep us separate… that undermine mutual respect… that break down the bridges of conversation and understanding… Perceptions that don’t allow us to fully express ourselves… perceptions that discourage the full expression of others… perceptions that diminish the right that we and others each have to take our seats at this Round Table that is us…  


Aquarius speaks of humanity and of the groups to which we belong…whether those groups are based on politics, gender, race, nationality, spirituality, religion, interests, hobbies, what we do for a living and so forth…


There’s literally the opportunity to take some time out… to go into silence with the self… to find, to identify, to cut out and to let go of some of the perceptions we hold in relation to this… not to suppress the first thing we think of that we think is wrong with ourselves … not to dwell upon what we know is wrong with others… but to really find the root of the division within ourselves and to allow it to go.


With Uranus in Taurus squaring the Sun, the Nodes, Mars and the Moon, there’s a need to set the intention to see the difference between the stillness that allows you to see what needs to go and the stubbornness that holds everything in place. Mercury, newly turned inwards in Leo, can help us to see with precision precisely from the heart.


Perhaps these perceptions were needed so as to get us from where we were to where we are today but maybe now we need to let go of them so that we can get from where we are now to where we’re going….which is the direction of the North Node in Leo which, in turn, stands alongside the Sun …


It's the Sun who is seen by so many groups as the place of our greatest destiny… It’s also the visible symbol of our Hearts… where the six rayed star shines, allowing us to transcend these moments of division… of duality… and to create something new, something greater than the sum of its divided parts.


The Fixed Star Regulus at the Heart of the Lion… Cor Leonis… the Maker of Kings … is joining its forces with Uranus in this one (2) … Uranus who rules the Full Moon, Mars and, from where I write (3,) this Full Moon’s moment… It’s an almighty indication of the potential of success… provided we steer clear of revenge…


(1)    The Archangel Raphael is the Divine Physician… associated with Regulus, who is one of the four Royal Stars and the Watcher of the North. Raphael is said to reside in the Heart.


(2)    Regulus is parallel…joined horizontally….with Uranus.


(3)    As Aquarius is on the Ascendant.


Timings of eclipse:

Penumbral eclipse begins at 17:14 UT (18:14 in London)

Partial eclipse begins 18:24 UT (19:24 in London)

Full eclipse begins 19:30 UT (20:30 in London)

Maximum eclipse 20:21 UT (21:21 in London)

Full eclipse ends 21:13 UT (22:13 in London)

Partial eclipse ends 22:19 UT (23:19 in London)

Penumbral eclipse ends 23:28 UT ( 00:28 London)

If you’re in the UK, the Moon will rise above the horizon where we can see her at 20:49


P.S. This is an interpretation of the symbols, written from my perspective... when I refer to you / we / us etc, I mean me... and you as well, but only if you want to and only if it feels right for you.



Yvette Marks