Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer at 20°41' on 13 July at 02:47 Universal Time


And into the Void we go…


This New Moon is strong in the Moon’s own sign of Cancer… and it’s a partial Solar Eclipse. Think of this as an extra powerful New Moon…with extra potential for beginning new cycles, something new which will unfold over the months ahead, and which could have a significant and far reaching impact into your life. Eclipses usually happen twice a year and they usually come in pairs… Having three in a row is somewhat less common and here we have one which is the first of three… Think back to how what was going on for you around August / September 2016 is still impacting you today for some idea of the enormity (1.)

Supercharged New Moon of new beginnings and… she’s conjunct the Fixed Star, Castor… a writer, a storyteller… giving you the opportunity to start crafting your own brand new story in some area of your life… a story which is somewhat brighter than the story that has come before.

The clue to the potential of this New Moon lies in its pretty much exact opposition to Pluto … so in the Moon’s relationship with Pluto… who is retrograde. It brings a relationship to fear and power to the fore. Of moving from fear to power and of how that process can then offer us bright new beginnings.

It’s a really good time to become or to set the intention of becoming super aware of what has the power to take your energy from you and to really bring into your awareness an idea of what it is that is making or that can make you feel afraid… whether that’s a person, a situation, an idea, a belief, a worry about what may happen and so forth… Becoming aware of it means that you can then start to look at it and to reweave it in such a way so that it no longer can take your energy from you or make you feel afraid. A good mantra to really embed within yourself at this time is, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Once you can see what takes your energy from you or what makes you afraid, there’s probably a whole wide range of ways in which you could create new and more empowering ways of relating with these things. Start with what’s easiest.

Say for example, drinking coffee at 10 pm is taking energy from you in that you can’t sleep, you could end your relationship with your 10 pm cup of coffee. The New Moon in Cancer is a particularly good time for starting something new and empowering related to how you nourish yourself.

If someone is annoying you…if someone is driving you mad and you could, quite rightly, respond with a sentence that starts with, “But they should…” Just remind yourself gently, “But they aren’t…” Of course it’s not always as easy as it sounds but finding your way to a state of acceptance, of calm surrender… it stops the flow of your energy away from you…it stops your energy from going into the other person or the other situation who “should” be doing whatever… it stops you from being triggered, it stops you from giving your energy away…and by doing this, by feeling more energised and more empowered, you’re more likely to then be able to find a solution or a resolution to the situation.

There’s also a gentle balance to be found between seeking and finding the nurturing support from others around you and between needing… getting your power from… convincing others that you’re in the right. The former could be a great way of working with the New Moon in Cancer, the latter, a less desirable way of working with the opposition to Pluto.

Power struggles… seeing others as opponents… trying to ‘get one over’ the opponent at this point in time is not where you want to be.

The Moon and her sign of Cancer are changeable. Just watch her in the Heavens, she moves from New to half Moon to Full Moon to half Moon to New… again and again and again. Now is a good time, if it is your calling, to set an intention to work more closely with her, to bring your own intention into the relationship, so as to ultimately transcend the ups and the downs of her cycles.

The Moon in Cancer is divinely feminine…it’s a goddess energy which allows for new beginnings in areas related to Cancer… the home, the family, the way in which you nourish yourself. Where Cancer falls within your chart tells you more about which area of your life is affected by the New Moon... the area you approach with in a Cancerian way and where you can experience a new beginning now….it’s that area in your life in which you like to express that nurturing side of yourself… where your caring side can most easily be fulfilled… an area where you are like a parent and where you have the opportunity, over the course of your lifetime, to almost parent this part of your life, to bring it up and allow it to grow… to gently guide it like you would a child.


Your own birth chart can of course tell you more… there will be lots of information and lots of possible interpretations around how the chart for this moment interacts with the chart for your birth moment.


Do you know in which house the New Moon falls in your chart? (2)  Here’s a bit more, just based on the houses.


New Moon in the first House:

There’s a real chance for a whole new way for you to be appreciated for who you truly are…and you can only be appreciated for who you are if you are truly true to who you are. The image I receive is of a powerful Archetypal figure of authenticity feeling welcomed and at home walking the Earth once again.

With Pluto in the 7th house, the power comes from working through any fears you have in relation to your relationship with others… Perhaps around freeing yourself from any fears that arise from what other people may think of you… of how you are seen by others. The more you can free yourself of this… the clearer and the brighter you can become….

And, by doing this… by then just being yourself… others have the opportunity to be empowered to be more fully themselves too.

There is also the opportunity for new beginnings in how you see and relate to others… To work through and release the ways in which perhaps you may have misunderstood others by projecting your own fears and judgements upon them which could then allow you to enter into deeper and more empowering relationships with others.

If you are someone who is drawn to shamanism, to partnership working with Spirit, intentions to enter into or to deepen into this relationship fit the symbolism very nicely too.  


New Moon in the second House:

There is a real opportunity here to begin a new cycle around what it is that you have… your resources. That’s materially, on an outer level... your bank balance, your ability to pay your bills as well as on an inner level… how you feel about yourself and your own abilities… new beginnings in developing new talents, new skills… a bright new beginning in relation to your feelings of self worth.

With Pluto in the eighth house, there may be some scary situations or fears to face in relation to shared resources. Perhaps there’s been something held in community or some material support that has been provided to you by others that doesn’t feel so secure any more. There could be a need to be really honest around who you are being intimate with and why. Whatever needs to leave your life within these areas now… they need to be allowed to go. Trust… go with the flow… Sometimes things go away for good so that something new can take its place… sometimes they go so that they can come back, refreshed, as though returning from holiday.

The image I receive with the New Moon in the 2nd house… have you ever seen that Disney film, Frozen? I have an image of the Prince who was only after the Princess for her position, for her status, for what she could provide to him and he’s being washed away in a flood. The image then jumps to the ending of the film where another Princess is joyfully sharing what she has, her own talents, with her community and everyone is happy.

So… there’s something around going deep within to really understand your motives for wanting whatever it is that you want… if these motives are or have been allied with a materialistic worldview, of scarcity, of hording out of a fear that there’s not enough… of collecting more than you need to impress others … perhaps there’s the opportunity to start to examine the point of having resources and abilities in the first place… It’s so that we can live…  and live happily… and live happily with others.

If the basis for your intimate relationship…whether that basis comes from within you or from within the other… is because of what you or the other person can provide in a material sense… perhaps that relationship needs to leave or to change.

The Princess in the film was feared for the special talents that she had… if you’re worried about your own abilities… if others are expressing fear or jealousy at what it is that you can do… there’s something about working through that too so that you can nurture and grow what it is that you are able to do…knowing that by doing so, you’ll go on to have something very, very special to share.


New Moon in the third House:

New beginnings in terms of information… things that you learn and that you can then share within your own community… through socialising, conversation, teaching or the written word. New beginnings in how you relate to your neighbours … to your siblings.

Pluto falls in the 9th House…this is Sagittarius’ natural house and Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, has been going through his own transformation in Pluto’s sign of Scorpio. Jupiter turns direct on 10 July and will move into his own sign, Sagittarius, where he is at his strongest, in November. Jupiter’s transformation, his healing is over, the bandages are coming off. The quarantine, even, is over…  Where perhaps there has been some isolation from perspectives foreign to your own… or perhaps some difficult experiences in relation to these perspectives… there is now the opportunity for gaining deep power from opening up to and interacting with these perspectives. An opportunity for deep study, from new ideas which can then be woven into the knowledge that you go on to share, enriching others in your local community…

It’s a good time to identify, work through and let go of fears related to foreigners, travel, study...of publishing, of knowledge becoming public… the ethics of others… religions that are different to your own… the perspective of genders that are foreign to your own and so forth. It’s a good time to allow yourself to work through and let go of the way in which any horrible past experiences in relation to these areas may still be impacting you today… it’s a good time to have faith that these experiences need not to happen again.


New Moon in the fourth House:  

New beginnings in relation to your foundation… your home, your family of origin, your ancestors.

The home becomes a sanctuary, a fertile, womb like cave in which the dwellers can gain their wisdom. The image I receive is of the Hermit Card in the Wildwood Tarot…he holds out his lamp of insight, of intuition and before him is a little wren, the King of the Birds.

The wren gets to be the king of the birds because he flew the furthest. And he flew the furthest because he conserved his energy by catching a lift upon the back of the Eagle. And when the Eagle grew tired, the little wren carried on and was able to reach his destination.

The image I receive continues… of the little wren coming to a bear, delivering a message which wakes the bear from his hibernation. A call to action… something changes and something of significance is birthed.

So there’s a sense of something new about the way in which the home is used as a foundation within which you’re nourished…about taking any time you need out from society. We can often feel bad for relaxing, for being… we’re taught that being busy, being productive, trying harder is of value… but there’s something here about new ways in truly listening to yourself, in truly nourishing yourself and in being wise in the way that you use your energy that then allows you to achieve something that you’ll be really pleased that you achieved.

With Pluto in the tenth house…you can have an uncomfortable feeling of being scrutinised, of being seen… maybe there’s a fear of failure, of not meeting the expectation of those who are in authority… The advice is to relax, to be open… you really do have nothing to hide. The perception of others, of those in authority, may be very scary but it could be the very Eagle that helps you to go the distance…


New Moon in the fifth House:

The fifth house is the natural house of the Sun. … And the Sun offers clues as to your highest destiny…your purpose, what it is that you’re here to do. At its worst, the Sun can speak of ego and, at its best, the Sun describes the heart. The Sun can be considered holy… it’s linked to Christ Consciousness… a state of balance where expression comes from the Seat of the Heart.

New beginnings in how you express yourself… your creativity… in following your heart. This has to do with all areas of your creativity and self expression… it’s you as an artist… it ‘s the children you have… it’s the sports you do, the risks you take, the way in which you play…

The image I receive for this one is about being given a little light that allows you to find your path through layers and layers of difficult places within… all those ideas, attitudes, feelings, beliefs, past experiences that prevent you from fully expressing yourself… repetitive destructive patterns, addictions, suffering and so forth… to find your way through these and to arrive at a state of consciousness where you feel at peace. Of creating and of expressing yourself from this place.   

What you’re here to do, your highest destiny, can be considered holy. With Pluto in the 11th house, you may need to work through fears around what others may think… perhaps groups that you’re involved with… perhaps society at large. There can be real fears around belonging… of being ejected from groups if you follow your heart. You may need to hold a space for you to take yourself seriously, to respect your work, despite what others may think.

If all this sounds heavy … remember, that the fifth house is about spontaneity and having fun too…. New beginnings in being able to laugh… to laugh with, rather than to laugh at or to be laughed at by others.


New Moon in the sixth House:

Bright new beginnings in your daily routine and stitching more nurturing and caring into your habitual behaviours. We can never fully know the impact that we have upon others… a smile at a stranger in a street who may be going through their own personal hell could literally be the very thing that saves their life.

New cycles in terms of your own health or the healing that you offer to others, the daily work that you do and the way in which you interact with your coworkers, the animals that you care for and so forth.

It’s a house which very much has to do with work… not so much the status of the work, the way that it’s perceived by the world at large or the extent to which it meets the hopes and dreams that your parents may have had for you… but rather it’s about the work itself. It’s the humility with which tasks are undertaken, whether you’re the King or the Street Sweep… the attitude of feeling honoured in being able to provide a service...knowing that this isn’t just an attitude but that the honour in serving is real.

With Pluto in the twelfth house, look also to those who are isolated or hidden in some way… hospitals, prisons, self-isolation…if they’re asking for your help and if you’re in a position to provide it, doing so could benefit you both. Look to where you’re isolated or isolating yourself... you’re in a position to help these parts of yourself too. If past actions or past decisions are somehow blocking your progress, now is a good time to work through these, to let them go and to find your redemption.

The twelfth house is also a house of dreaming and of spirituality… working through and releasing any fears in relation to these areas is where the gold lies. Deepening into dreaming and spiritual practices fits the symbolism very nicely too.


New Moon in the seventh House:

Bright new beginnings in relationships… significant partnerships like marriage as well as those to whom you go to for advice like doctors, lawyers, therapists, astrologers, healers and so forth. It’s about putting your head together with someone else’s… working together to figure something out that can take you towards your very own, “And they all lived happily ever after.”

If you’ve had any difficult relations…feelings of enmity with others…there’s the potential for new ways, healthier ways of relating here too.

There’s a feeling of real kindness and support coming from others. If it doesn’t seem like it… perhaps pause…take a look around…it’s out there. There can be a real healing and letting go of hurt and trauma that you still carry from past relationships. This can even be felt as a physical release of tension, particularly in the stomach area.

With Pluto in the first house there is a huge empowerment of the self. Reaching this powerful state could be scary… you may need to or you may have needed to visit deep and dark places within yourself… you may have needed to see, work through, forgive and accept things that you may not have liked about yourself… you may need to have looked at and realised that you’re really not as bad as you thought you were…  you may have needed to be on your own… you may have needed to take risks and to try new things…

Have you ever seen the Twilight film series? The images I get is of the main character, Bella…after a period of it having been a bit touch and go and would she even survive… awakening to her new superhuman strength and abilities as an immortal… being rebirthed into her family of super human beings who are immortal... 


New Moon in the eighth House:

This is the natural house of Scorpio, of deep transformation.. life, death and rebirth… It’s a house which has to do with intimacy, sexuality and with shared resources… both those in the material world around us… such us our environment, the money we give to government to look after our shared interests as well as the more invisible things that we share… our heritage, our ancestors. Bright new beginnings in any or in all of these beckon.

Pluto, the natural ruler of the eighth house is in the 2nd house. It brings together profound transformation with nature. Whatever it is that you have been through, whatever you need or have needed to let go of…  spending time in Nature can be the balm… wrap your heart in her herbs… allow any sorrows you may have experienced to become the fertile soil within which healing as or more profound than any suffering you’ve been through can grow…

There’s the sense of having been through something really difficult and of the inner work that’s been done around this being a real vehicle for new life… new energy… new passion.


New Moon in the ninth House:

Bright new beginnings in relation to adventure… travel… publishing… your beliefs. Dare to dream big within these areas… dare to cut yourself loose from any ties of negativity… from any thoughts which say ‘it can’t’ or ‘it’s not possible.’ 

With Pluto in the third house there can be all sorts of anxieties that you need to work through and release in terms of having the support of your local community, your siblings and your friends…

The paragraph may be short but the feeling around it is very profound… of a sense of healing and transformation through knowledge.


New Moon in the tenth House:

Bright new beginnings in areas of your life which are readily visible to anyone who doesn’t even know you. For example, with what you do for a living, with whether you’re married or not, whether you’re a parent or not and so forth.

Because these areas are so very readily visible… and because what people see isn’t necessarily a function of fact, it can be a function of their preconceived ideas, their own experiences and so forth… there can be some fears to work through which are related to appearance vs reality… to being misunderstood or misrepresented. The image I receive is of some powerful medicine being taken which really doesn’t taste all that good but which has the effects of making the person who takes the medicine shine.

With Pluto in your fourth house, there’s the feeling that it’s your family of origin, your ancestors which have formed the foundation for whatever bright new cycle it is that you’re about to begin. It may be their support which has given you the strength to navigate through difficulties… it may be difficult situations with them out of which you’re rising… There’s power and empowerment to be found in seeing what they have done to help you become the person that you are today, a person who has a solid and empowered foundation of his/ her own.

Whatever it that you’ve been through, whatever it is that you need to work through, with this new cycle, you can look at your new self and enjoy the way it shines.


New Moon in the eleventh House:  

This is sometimes called the house of destiny, the house of hopes and dreams… it also has to do with your circle of friends, the organisations with whom you work and, on a much wider scale, with humanity at large. Bright new beginnings within these areas…

With Pluto in the fifth house…. There can be a real surge of creativity bursting out… Have you ever read the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe? The image I get is of doors to a cupboard opening and out bursts Aslan, the ginormous Lion of the story, with a young child, warrior like and enthused, sitting astride his giant neck… Creativity, perhaps the likes of which you didn’t even know you had… Powerful and empowering new beginnings beckon and the way to find them is through keeping an eye on your friends, organisations you work within, social circles, humanity as a whole… It’s through awakening or keeping awake the humanitarian side of yourself that wants your whole group to survive…not just yourself, not just your friends….but the whole group… who wants to find intentions, dreams and solutions that work for the common good of all…

This Cancer New Moon in the sign of the eleventh house reminds you that, globally, humanity is a group to which you belong and within which you can feel at home. 


New Moon in the twelfth House:  

A house of dreaming… of things which are hidden from us…. Just like we don’t always necessarily remember our dreams very clearly, we don’t always see these parts of ourselves very clearly. It’s a house which has to do with empathy and compassion and with our connection to Spirit. Bright New Beginnings in these areas.

With Pluto in the 6th house, there’s the opportunity to see just what an object of power you are… how your daily life, your routines…your health even… is a product of what lies hidden within your unconscious. The more and more you can become aware of and work with what lies within, the more and more your whole reality around you transforms.

And what can lie in the unconscious? With the New Moon in the 12th house, there’s the opportunity to reconnect with the idea of Mother / Goddess Archetypal energy who has got your back, who looks after you and under whose skirts you can take sanctuary. There’s the opportunity to feel safe… to be nourished by mystery… to embrace the unknown… To have faith in your innocence, in your right to find redemption.  


Wherever the New Moon finds herself within your own chart, she makes a beautiful water trine to Jupiter on the one side and to Neptune on the other. Jupiter in Scorpio… who having been through his own process of healing and transformation… is really bringing his gold dust and his luck to any endeavours you undertake to go deep within, to look at and to resolve any issues. If you’ve tried and failed before… try again, this moment is not the same as the one that has gone before… Neptune, super strong in his own sign, is feeding in spiritual support, a watery flow… softening the boundaries so we can ease ourselves from this way of being and into that.

Good luck!!


1) August / September 2016 is the last time we had three eclipses in a row… of course, it’s just rough a guide… The last eclipses will have been in a different sign, will have been in different relationship to the planets around it and will have interacted with your own birth chart in different ways.


2) You need to have your correct birth time to calculate the house in which the New Moon lies, otherwise the results will be wrong. There are lots of free birth chart calculators out there… Unfortunately (from my perspective as I use the Equal House system) most sites offer charts calculated using the Placidus House system. Here’s a link to a site that offers a free birth chart calculator that allows you to compare your own chart using different house systems:

(Please remember to check out their privacy policy – my privacy policy doesn’t apply to external links...)


Scroll down to the table that says house cusps. You’re looking for the house that has the symbol for cancer next to it… this is what Cancer’s symbol looks like:♋

The New Moon is at 20°41’ and so… go to the table and find the house against which Cancer’s symbol is marked. Say for example, for you it is the fifth house, if the degree next to it is less than or equal to 20°41,’ it means that the New Moon is in that fifth house for you. If the degree is greater than 20°41,’ then it means that the New Moon is in the previous house, in the case of this example, the fourth house for you.

You can check out how it differs with other house systems but, to keep it simple here, these instructions are designed to help you apply the interpretation above to your chart using the Equal House system only …

The instructions would have to be more complicated to include other systems, for example, in other house systems, Pluto may not always be in the house opposite the New Moon’s house… Cancer may not necessarily fall on a house cusp and so forth…


P.S. Usually, I write for myself first and foremost and I put a little note at the bottom to the reader to use it if they want to and if it feels right for them to do so. Obviously, this one’s slightly different as the New Moon will only fall within one of these houses for me.

Please be aware that you have free will… given that the theory goes that everything in the universe can fit somewhere in the chart, there are lots of ways in which any given moment and the way interacts with aspects of your chart can be interpreted. This interpretation may well not be right for you and, if this is the case…if it doesn’t feel helpful to you… please don’t try and make it fit…. Please only use it if it feels right for you to do so…if it feels empowering for you to do so.

Also, please note, I do work with Spirit for my information and that the images I refer to above are metaphorical… (e.g. if you have New Moon in your seventh house, don’t expect to literally awaken as a vampire ...

As ever, you’re always reminded to take responsibility for your own choices and actions…