Mercury's Hexagram

They say that Mercury is colourless…that he takes on the colour of that which he touches… Well, six times each year (1,) he steps into the Heart of the Sun (2) and so, six times each year, he gets to take on the colour of more sparkle… intent, thoughts, words and deeds… get to be coloured even more in the sparkly golden colour of the Heart. The next time he gets to do this will be on 9 August 2018 (3) when he will be in the Heart of the Sun in the Heart of Sun’s own sign of Leo… sparkly, sparkly, sparkly.


If we join the dots of these six joinings of Mercury and the Sun… we can see that each year, as seen from Earth, the dance between this winged footed Deity and our closest Star, the Sun, carves out the pattern of a Hexagram … a shape that has been said to symbolise a state of perfect balance between Man and God… a shape that symbolises the coming together of opposites and of transcending duality… a shape that speaks of our position suspended between Heaven and Earth… a shape that has been called the Star of David…King Solomon’s Seal…the Star of Creation… the King’s Star…and…and…and…and…


One of the Hexagram’s triangles is made up of three joinings of the Sun and Mercury when Mercury is Direct. The other of the Hexagram’s triangle is made up of three joinings of the Sun and Mercury when Mercury is Retrograde… I bet you can see why I so love Mercury’s retrogrades too…


When Mercury joins with the Sun…sometimes he passes in front of the Sun and sometimes he passes behind the Sun. When he passes in front, he is Retrograde…and can be considered New…just like the Moon can be New. When he passes behind, he is Direct…and can be considered Full…just like the Moon can be Full.


This speedy planet hangs out, from our point of view, in the borderlands between night and day…. Sometimes he marks the coming night and sometimes he marks the coming day. As he moves either in front of or behind of the Sun, he changes his position so that he moves to being either East or West of the Sun. When he is East of the Sun…he travels ahead of the Sun, rising above the horizon before the Sun and he is a Morning Star (4.) When he is West of the Sun… he travels behind the Sun, setting below the horizon after the Sun and he is an Evening Star.


Not only does he shift himself in relation to night and day but he shifts himself in terms of gender too…Known as an androgynous Deity, he can take on the gender of male or female at will. The elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water are considered in Astrology to either be masculine or feminine (5.) There is one pair of feminine elements and one pair of masculine elements. In any given year, one of Mercury and the Sun’s triangles is typically (6) in one element and the other is typically in the other element of the same gender. That is to say, typically the hexagram will either be male or it will be female.


So he’s changeable…like the Moon. Night, day…male, female. He moves between within and without too… he rules both thoughts and speech…. He rules breathing in and he rules breathing out.  It’s not for nothing that the ancients recognised his unique quality of being the only Deity who can move freely between…into and out of…all the worlds, even the Land of the Dead. It’s not for nothing that Mercury rules our Mind and has to do with our intent…


He shows us how to change our own position and how to move with the movements of the universe…to stay in motion…to avoid being stuck. Right now…yes… Mercury is Retrograde. There are many people who value the times when Mercury is direct and who see the time when he is Retrograde as being as troublesome. To me, that’s like saying, “Yay! It’s time to breathe in,” and “Oh, no! It’s time to breathe out!”


Mercury Retrograde is a wonderful time to tap in to the intuition within… Things to do with Mercury...words, communication, those devices which enable communication, travel, devices which enable travel, siblings, lungs, arms, hands, actors, stories, thieves, trade, contracts and so forth... do not necessarily have to go wrong at this time. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again and again…things to do with Mercury can and do go very right during times when he is Retrograde.


But, if they do go “wrong,” don’t be too quick to see it as bad or to blame Mercury Retrograde…take a little time out to see if Mercury is trying to help you, if he is trying to tell you something…reread that message that didn’t go through… consider why you may have been stopped from getting to your destination in the way or at the time that you had wanted to.


So…what to do this 9 August when Mercury, Retrograde, sparkles in the Sun?  It’s always a good time but this is a very, very, especially good time to engage in practices that help Mind to meet with Heart which …as the Alchemists know… is how we create gold… to engage in practices which allow you to be the Heart Centred Leader of your own Life, to develop Sovereignty of Self…to engage in practices which help Mind to drop even deeper within and to take up residence in what has been called the Seat of Greatest Spiritual Power.


Perhaps this is something you’ve never tried before and could try for the very first time now… perhaps it’s something you’re already well versed in and can sink into even more.


One way is to spend some time… a little if you only have a little and a lot if you have a lot…breathing into the heart. You can actually imagine that, instead of the air entering your body via your nose or your mouth, it enters directly into your heart. You can imagine the air moving backwards and forwards and up and down as you breathe into the Heart.


Another way is to start to cultivate a little awareness of the position of the Sun in the Sky around you throughout the day and even in the night. The Sun is often considered to be the place of our highest destiny… a visible symbol of our Hearts… and we can use being more and more aware of it as a reminder to drop more and more into the Heart.


If, like me, the conjunction will take place during the night where you are, another way is to go to sleep the night before the conjunction, intending to dream with your Heart…. Knowing that we dream our realities into being and that you will be dreaming more of your own Heart, more consciousness of your own Heart, into your life. Go to sleep knowing that this is especially apt as Mercury is also honoured as the God of Sleep who is said to" carry Morpheus’ dreams from the Valley of Somnus…" Go to sleep knowing that this is especially apt given that, from the place from where I write and for the chart of this conjunction’s moment, Neptune, the ruler of Dreams is conjunct the Midheaven…the highest point that the Sun will reach.


Being in the Heart is not the same as having a bleeding heart…it’s not the same as being a martyr. It’s about knowing yourself, knowing what you would love to do, what you would love to bring into the world…it’s about loving yourself and loving others….respecting what you’re here to do and cultivating respect for others too. It’s about bringing joyful intent to the efforts you make. It’s about cultivating, deepening into and embodying all the concepts you hold dear…freedom, liberty, justice, equality…


Like any time, there are pitfalls to this time too… and the pitfalls of Leo include pride, arrogance, ego, tyranny, stubbornness. If you notice this within yourself, it’s good that you noticed it… you’re self aware…but don’t get too hung up on congratulating yourself…just notice it and let it go…drop deeper into the Heart.


When I journeyed (7) to ask if there is anything I am to add to this article, I was told to add something about Radueriel… an Archangel who I can see has links with Mercury in that Mercury rules thoughts and words, reading and writing. Radeuriel is a recording Angel, a scribe who writes down all we think, say and do. She is an Angel of Poetry and of the Arts and, she is the only Angel who, when she speaks, is able to create another Angel… When I journeyed to ask what it is that I am to say about Radueriel, I was told, it’s this song of Radueriel which can put you on your throne…


It reminds me of what the Toltec tradition has to say of words…that our words can be like Arrows or they can be like Flowers… Arrows are the gossip, the lies, those words which limit ourselves or others and which become the arrows which hunt us…which give shape to our lives. Flowers are the words which blossom…which create doorways which open and open and open some more…that allow us to always become and to grow, with flowering being associated with enlightenment.


It’s a good time to consider your thoughts and words…of what it means to be impeccable with your word… whether you wish to create Angels and Flowers… and what you can do to let go of the Arrows…


(1)    Earth years, that is

(2)    When a planet is in the Heart of the Sun, we call it ‘cazimi’…isn’t that a wonderful word? Cazimi… it sounds to me like a call to Superheroes to action….

(3)    From 01:57 to 02:13 Universal time, the conjunction will be exact

(4)    Venus also shifts her position between Morning and Evening Star…that much higher above the horizon, she is that much brighter…

(5)    Fire and Air are said to be masculine while Earth and Water are considered feminine.

(6)    There are exceptions...

(7)    A shamanic journey to divine, loving, compassionate, transcended Tutelary Spirits…


P.S. Out of interest… while, from our perspective, Mercury carves out the Hexagram, the Sun's movement as seen from Earth over the course of a year, carves out the Analemna, the symbol of infinity which looks like an 8. There’s another link between Mercury and the Sun in that Mercury’s orbit around the Sun is 88 days…two 8’s which reduce to 7, a number the Toltec tradition tells us is associated with the Moon. There’s another link between Mercury and the Moon in that Mercury is never more than 28° from the Sun…28 being the number of days of the Moon’s cycle (used as the median between her synodic and sidereal cycles…the time it takes for moving bodies to align with one another, so, in this instance, New Moon to New Moon…. and sidereal, time as measured against the backdrop of the fixed stars.)


It’s not for nothing, I am sure, that the famous esoteric philosophy, Hermeticism, is named for Hermes Trismegistus… named for Hermes…who is Mercury to the Greeks… and who can also be associated with Thoth. This 9th of August, when Mercury meets with the Sun, I’m feeling the magical presence of Thoth… associated with Mercury via Hermes Trismegistus and associated with the Moon in that he is an Egyptian Deity of the Moon.

In the chart for this conjunction’s moment, and from the place from where I write, the Moon will be rising, strong in her own sign. Mercury and the Sun will each be in a degree which reduces to seven, a number that can be associated with the Moon.

Neptune, oroboric mother who connects us to the all, will also be strong in her own sign, right next to the Midheaven.

The date, 9 August 2018, reduces to 28…the number of days in the Moon’s cycle, the greatest number of degrees it is possible for Mercury to be from the Sun… a number which reduces to 1…a good number for starting something new…for setting the intention to drop Mind into the Heart.


As ever, these are symbols interpreted from my perspective. When I say you / we / us, I mean me…and you as well but, only if you want to…only if it feels right to you... you are always reminded to take responsibility for your own choices and actions.