Full Moon in pisces at 03°12' on 26 August 2018 at 11:55 Universal Time

On this Full Moon, the Star of Archangel Gabriel, the Archangel associated with the Moon, stands right with the Moon (1) and, together, they head up a potent grouping of planets called a Kite. It’s made up of the Sun in easy aspect to Saturn who is in easy aspect to Uranus who is in easy aspect to the Sun… all in the element of Earth… and all this Earthy easiness… linking the heart in Earth (2,) the past in Earth (3,) the future in Earth (4)… feeds into the Moon... who, as the head of this group and who, in her instinctive behaviours, her moods, the ways in which she nourishes and protects herself and others, the ways in which she gives and the ways in which she takes away, is making sure that all this earthy easiness does not just go to waste.


Shamanic journeys (5) on what to write about this Full Moon yielded the same imagery for both the questions: “What to write about this Full Moon?” and “What to write about Formalhaut?”


And the imagery? From Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears...


In this TV series, in case you haven’t seen it, once upon a time, humans and humanlike bears lived together in harmony but, because the humans were greedy for the magic of the bears, the bears went in to hiding. A human boy discovers these mythical creatures, is able to befriend them because he treats them well and, because of a medallion that’s been passed down from his own ancestors, he is able to work together with these humanlike bears to rediscover even more of their own ancient magic. There’s also another friend: a human princess who does not want to fit the mould of a perfect princess, and there’s also Gummiberrry Juice: a magical potion which the female Gummi Bears produce through their secret knowledge of which berries to pick and through their secret knowledge of just how to stir them together… It’s a potion which gives superhuman abilities and which must be taken in moderation… a potion which the villains in this tale are always trying to steal.


So… the magic of nature, known but misused in the past… being rediscovered through a boy’s correct attitude and correct approach to relating… helped by a princess who doesn’t want to fit her society’s mould.


This is the Sun in the Sign of Health and of Healing, the sign linked with Nature’s Bounty; Nature’s nutrition and her nourishment, her medicines; most especially in the form of plants… this is the sign of the feminine at her most pure (6) …that is, before she’s made to fit a mould… This is Saturn, our past, our history, what has been established…and also that which has been denied to us, that which we’ve denied to ourselves through our own doing…. This is Uranus, our future…what’s breaking through from unconsciousness into consciousness…. all in the Earth signs and all available to be fed into behaviours (Moon) which are inspired, imaginative, spirit driven, artistic, compassionate and magical….


To be found through relating in the right way… not through stealing… to be enjoyed in moderation…. not to be imbibed in greed….  


In the chart for this Full Moon’s Moment, the Asteroid Vesta is conjunct the Antivertex. The Antivertex speaks of what it is that we bring to our relationships while Vesta speaks of the sacred eternal flame at the core… Like the highest expression of the Sun in Virgo, it is what is sacred and pure within ourselves…unsullied by ego, greed and the like… who we truly are at the core of our beings, before we agreed to fit ourselves to a mould…whether that mould was created by friends, teachers, parents, society, misperceptions, whatever… It is this sacred and pure stuff from within ourselves that we’re asked and that we are really able to bring to our relationships now…. to all our relationships.


In the chart for this Full Moon’s Moment, Black Moon Lilith and Mars…who is both Out of Bounds and Retrograde…are standing with the South Node of the Moon… Female and Male…Male and Female… both working to release, to let go of, that which we so desperately need to release. Both working together to rediscover the magic that was once sent into hiding. 


This Full Moon brings to light what was started or intended at the time of March’s Pisces New Moon. At that time, there were squares from Saturn… a sense of needing to keep the faith and to persevere through struggles. Whatever it is that you’ve been through…whatever it is you’ve endured… though the story may not yet be over, there’s the sense of, “Well done.”


In the chart for this Full Moon’s Moment, the Asteroid Lilith is standing with the Sun in opposition to the Moon. The tension, the relationship, the opportunity is to be found within the creativity of woman in all her forms… the Lilith who is wild and the Moon who nurtures the family and the home…together with the Sun who rules the greatest destiny. Together with the Saturn squares from the New Moon, there’s a sense of pilgrimage…of arriving at a place of greatest destiny which we could never have arrived at but for our struggles to get there…there’s a sense of a new home… a new way of relating with the Earth and also with our Bodies within which we reside.


Mercury is interesting in this Chart’s moment. As ever, he rules the movement between within and without and can be considered as another octave of Uranus who, in turn, is involved in the breakthrough from unconsciousness into consciousness. At the time of the New Moon in Pisces back in March, there was an impressively exact road of ease between Mercury’s position then and between his position now. And, in the chart of this Full Moon’s moment, Mercury is in the position that he was in at the time of August’s New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse. Bearing in mind (no pun intended :) that it is Mercury who rules this Sun and that he is also the ruler of the Vertex (relationships) there’s still time (hurry!) to do or to do more of what was said at the time of the New Moon (7.) Whatever is done in relation to this can and will feed into and nourish what’s still to come and which will arise out of what was started at the time of August’s New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse.


Some Practical Tips:


With Full Moons, it’s more about what is brought into the light and seen rather than what is started…but we live in cycles of time, not linear starts and finishes... By seeing something now, you also allow something to start:


We all have a relationship with Nature… we live in the world, we’re affected by the weather, we eat of her bounty. Wherever you are in your own relationship with Nature, notice how and where you could take steps to deepen into correct relationship with her… just like you would with any human you love. That may be by starting with thoughts of gratitude as you take from her, for example, when you eat….It may be by deepening into adopting more behaviours that are aligned with her well being, for example, by considering where the things you buy come from and by only buying what you need... It could be by working with her Spirit, getting to know her better. As ever, consider starting with what’s easiest and then move on to what’s more difficult…


It’s a good time to work with Virgo’s purity in her comfort zone of daily routines…being pure to who you are in each and every changing moment rather than responding based on the expectations of others or based on automatic habits which arise out of who you thought you were yesterday. For example, you could notice habits such as eating the same thing day in and day out for breakfast, and consider taking the time to check in with yourself to see whether your body might ask for something different if you noticed what your body wanted.     


It's a good time to work with another of Virgo's comfort zones... health and well-being… You could notice if there are any behaviours or attitudes you could adopt now which would support your own health and well-being.


Virgo’s expertise at distinction could be used to find the distinction between where you stay true to your true goal and where perfectionism comes in for perfectionism sake only… perhaps making you and others unhappy or criticised in the process.


The Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces gives the opportunity to find the balance between acting to achieve your goals while giving yourself the space to dream about them… to dream about them without sinking into apathy, laziness, sleepiness, substance misuse and so forth. There's the opportunity to allow space for inspiration, imagination, creativity and dreams in your instinctive behaviours. Spend a little time each day remembering what it was that you dreamed about the night before.


The Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces also offer the opportunity to find the balance between giving yourself time and space to enjoy silence, stillness, nature…that which inspires you…and between moving, acting, being consciously embodied. Creative ways of fulfilling both include combining movement and spirituality, for example, through yoga or walking meditations.


The Asteroid Lilith with the Sun in opposition to the Moon offers the opportunity to find the balance between being your true and wild self (Lilith) while nurturing and nourishing (Moon) your connections with others.



The Sun as the symbol of the Greatest Destiny’s emphasis through Vesta’s eternal flame on the AntiVertex… Lilith’s involvement with the Sun and with Mars and the South Node… the Star of an Archangel with the Moon… these are moments which, while asking a lot, offer a lot in return too.


Good Luck!


1)      the Fixed Star, Formalhaut….one of the Four Royal Stars of Persia, the Watcher of the South, the Archangel Gabriel.

2)      The Sun is associated with, amongst other things, the Heart

3)      Saturn is associated with, amongst other things,  the past, with what has been established

4)      Uranus is associated with, amongst other things, the future

5)      A shamanic journey to divine, loving, transcended and compassionate Spirit

6)      Virgo

7)      Here’s the extract from the New Moon article written at the time: “Remember, “imagination lays the tracks for the reality train to follow” **… watch those thoughts… work with those thoughts… consider the extent to which the Mercury in Aries impulses that arise from within you are aligned with the heart centred Mercury in Leo in the centre of your Self… adjust as required… tap into the Mercury in Leo heart and hold compassion for yourself and for others… tap into the Mercury in Leo regal sovereignty and observe the extent to which you do or do not allow any unpleasant Mercury in Aries impulses from others to enter your space… observe the extent to which you are or are not beholden to any manipulative, duplicitous actions that Jupiter in Scorpio may expand… tap into the Jupiter in Scorpio faith that, just like you, everyone is working through their own stuff and that we’re all doing the best that we can in whatever way that we can. ** Caroline Casey, Astrologer


As ever, this is an interpretation of the symbols from my perspective and for information only. When I say you/ we / us...I mean 'me' and you as well...but only if it feels right to you and only if you want to.