Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo at 18°41' on 11 August 2018 at 09:57 Universal Time

Three chances… three wishes… three Norns… three Wise Men… the stuff of fairy tales… and here we are at the threshold of the third of Three Eclipses… And it’s a Silver Key which will open this Lock of Gold…


From the place from where I write, the shiniest point of the chart …a point calculated by the Sun (1)… is in the Moon’s sign of Cancer.  This point, the Mid Heaven, is in relationship (2) with the Sun and the Moon who stand together in the Sun’s sign of Leo.


So the Sun and the Moon come together not once (the conjunction in the Sun’s sign,) not twice (the Mid Heaven in the Moon’s sign) but thrice (the semi-sextile between them.)


While the Sun and the Moon are in the expressive, get-it-out-there sign of Leo, all roads to the Golden Sun and to the Silver Moon lead from: “Look Inside!”

… There’s the conjunction with Mercury… the Magician… the Mind… the Storyteller… being retrograde… directed within…

… There’s the square to Jupiter in Scorpio… the sign that digs at what is beneath the surface…

… There’s the inconjunct to Pluto… the sign that rules the sign that likes to dig at what is beneath the surface…

… There’s the semi-sextile to the Mid Heaven which is in the twelfth house from (3) the Sun and the Moon…the House of Dreams… of Spirit… of what’s secluded and locked away within…

… There’s a road to Mercury who is conjunct this New Moon… an inconjunct from Neptune to Mercury …the natural ruler of the twelfth house …the planet of dreams and visions… of dissolving boundaries…the ruler of the unseen.


The roads go in both directions from “look inside” to “express it outside” and back again. The semi-sextile between the Mid Heaven and the New Moon shows us which note gets the emphasis in this song: It’s the sign in front… Leo… (4) of bringing what is in the Light of the Night out into the conscious Light of Day… and not the other way around.


With the Sun squaring Jupiter…contact is made between the King/ Queen of ourselves (the Sun) and the King / Queen of the Gods (Jupiter.) Power…potency… potential… the Self and the Higher Self coming together. It’s a square, a challenge… so the answer has not yet been worked out for us to look up in anyone else’s book… the potential is for the Self and the Higher Self to work together in new and creative ways which are down to each and every one of us to create.


Look to the house of the Solar Eclipse for clues as to where you may begin a new chapter. Look to the House that Jupiter is in for clues as to where you can tap into your higher nature… for ways in which the divine might enter and help you in your life.  


And is it worth doing? Well, I certainly I think so! … It’s Kuan Yin, the Queen of Compassion, perfectly balanced upon the dragon’s undulating back… It’s Angels wielding the power of Demons… It’s Merlin freed, after having been trapped within the Tree…


There’s a tension between wanting to be seen and wanting to remain unseen… Shamanic practices are a good example of how to express this tension in a creative, expansive and hopeful way… it’s an activity which can be seen by others, honouring the Leo drive, while the self gets to step out of the way, honouring the drives to remain hidden… To do this task well, the self needs to step out of the way so as to make space for another Spirit to come through. The self needs to be self aware enough to step back in. It’s an activity which allows that which is typically unseen … the Spirit from beyond the veil… to be seen in a way which results in something of value; healing. Acting is another good example of expressing this tension creatively too… the Self getting out of the way so that another character, an imagined character, can come into being and be seen.


This Partial Solar Eclipse offers the opportunity to extend this idea or this concept so that it can be applied to your own life in a more personal way… so that you can allow more parts of yourself which are typically unseen to be seen in a way which is healthy and which promotes growth.


This moment says that you are the gold and that the inner sanctum, the sacred space, is within you. This moment says that all that is held hidden, kept secret, kept separate inside… secret from others, secret even from yourself… hopes, dreams, memories, feelings and the like….  all this is your silver key.


The more you are able to tap into this or to make the intention to tap into this under the Leadership of your Compassionate Heart… the more of you you will have available to yourself, to your life… available in the weeks and the months ahead. And this is something which can have a huge impact… even upon the course of the whole of your life.


But, ultimately, remember…the golden lock is you: You get to decide your measure…your edge…how much you’d like to open and how much you’d like to close… you get to be your own boundary, you get to mark the borders between your inside and your out.


Some practical tips:


Set the intention… New Moons are all about intentions… about New Beginnings… intend to take up greater residence in your heart, to express more of what is in your heart… to love your demons to the extent that they need demonise you no more (5)… to become more self aware… to deepen into your connection with Spirit, however you conceptualise Spirit… to make adjustments so that your life is more and more aligned with who you are… to release those habits and thought patterns that distract you from doing what you’re here to do… to dream… to use your power for the empowerment of both Self and Others…


Laugh… laugh especially at yourself… it is a good way to check that the Ego is not in control.


Practice non-judgemental self-awareness… with the Moon’s shadow crossing the Earth… there’s the opportunity to see more of what is hidden within your own shadows…whether that’s via your own thoughts and feelings or via what is going on in your life around you. Try to stay balanced while you notice what is going on… what you notice will become something you can always come back to and work on later when you feel that the time is right.


Try not to get too caught up in blame or in the motivation of others… sink into the truth that the only thing we can ever really truly change is ourselves… and that, by changing ourselves, what is around us will change too.


Good Luck!


1)      The Mid Heaven… the highest point that the Sun will reach in the Heavens for this chart’s moment.

2)      By an aspect called a semi-sextile which is considered to be a helpful relationship.

3)      Based on a chart calculated for the place from which I write.

4)      Leo is ahead of Cancer on the Zodiac Wheel.

5)      Love them that is… don’t sacrifice yourself to them.


P.S. The partial eclipse will start at 08:02 UT (09:02 in London, UK,) the maximum eclipse will be at 09:46 UT (10:46 in London, UK) and will end at 11:30 UT (12:30 in London, UK.) 


As ever, this is an interpretation of the symbols from my perspective and for information only. When I say you/ we / us...I mean 'me' and you as well...but only if it feels right to you and only if you want to.