Full Moon in Aries at 1°59' on 25 September 2018 at 02:50 Universal Time

With this Moon’s Light being provided by the Sun in Libra – the place of relationships – it’s perhaps understandable that so much of the imagery I received when journeying (1) on the healthiest interpretation of this Full Moon’s Moment had to do with engagement and marriage (2.)


And it may be that, for many, this actually does manifest as an engagement or a marriage, but what seems to be more fundamental is an inner marriage between our masculine and our feminine sides. Certainly, we’re asked to bring both of our masculine and our feminine to the table (more on this below.) And this inner union between these parts of ourselves can then be mirrored in the world around us… as within, so without… and we can then enter into a more empowered and more empowering partnership with our world around us.


The celestial lovers are doing their thing in a HUGE way… seriously big time, (more on this below)… and there’s a gender fluidity to it all too: man / woman / however you identify yourself/ however you flow from one definition to another… the stars are saying it ALL applies to you. Empower the feminine and you’re empowered; empower the masculine and you’re empowered; empower a flow between them and you’re empowered. Equally: empower yourself and you empower… you enjoy your power with… them all too.


Take away from one, empower one at the cost of another and, well,…. the logic as above follows…the power is taken from you too. But this does not mean that they are the same either… they do not need to be equated with one another. Rather, they need to be empowered for what they are…to do what they can do … to do what they can go on and grow into doing too…to flower into what they are and what they can become.


I’m not suggesting this inner marriage and all it’s perfect workings will be achieved by the time of the Full Moon… although, who knows, maybe for some it will be….but we can use that which is brought into the light now – whether that’s through the feelings that we notice within ourselves at this time or whether that’s through events that are going on around us – to really see what it is that we need and to create a context for their fulfilment within ourselves.


We’re all brought up in a society which tries to give us a framework to make sense of it all…. How to process what’s going on, how to relate to it, how to adjust ourselves, what to aim for, what’s healthy, what’s unhealthy and so forth. And this is great and we can have gratitude that we weren’t completely left alone at birth to figure it all out for ourselves…we can show appreciation to our parents, teachers, friends and so forth… But right now, this Moon in Aries and conjunct Chiron is saying that The Most Important Thing to consider, process and act upon is that only you can have an accurate perception as to what it is that you need. Your perception around your own needs is far better for you than what anyone else perceives or tells you that you need. (3)


In the run up to the Full Moon, it’s a great time to give yourself some space to set aside the ideas you may have absorbed from others around things like what you’re supposed to study, the job you’re supposed to do, how you’re supposed to do it, how you’re supposed to live, what your daily routine should be, what sort of a friend / sister / brother / mother / father / lover/ husband / wife / artist/ boss / employee etc. you’re supposed to be, to set aside ideas of what those relationships should be, what they should look like, what the rules of engagement ought to be, how you have to or are expected to behave within them and, in the freedom of having set these “oughts” and  these “shoulds” aside, to listen deeply to yourself and see: “What is it that you need?”


There are pitfalls here which need to be avoided: distinguish between your needs and your wants. Look out for any seeds of greed which can take a want and distort it into a need… Notice also how much of your time is spent considering what others may need… that’s not to say to withdraw your support from others… but make sure that you work first and foremost upon yourself…that you’re not avoiding the work by focusing on others…that you’re not losing the energy to engage in the work properly by pouring all your energy into others. It can be very easy to think that we can see what’s best for others… at this time it really is important to focus on increasing our awareness around what is best for ourselves.


If it is your wont…engage with your own spiritual practices, your own Allies / God / the Goddess/ your Higher Self/ however you conceive it to be. Spend some time listening deeply to yourself…go out and sit with your back against a tree and connect with nature as consider your own needs… the journeying I did in relation to this Full Moon really reiterated the rewards that follow from having listened to Spirit (4.)


Of course, I’m not suggesting you go all out with an action plan that rearranges your life to deliver on all the needs you identify within 24 hours of having done it.  After all, the Sun is in Libra …relating…balance… And I’m not suggesting you resign yourself to compromising on your needs either… that would be or could be a sad expression of Chiron’s conjunction with the Moon in Aries…


But it is the start of a process – a marriage between the parts of yourself that balances you with the world, the worlds, within you… that allows you to partner with, to join forces with, your world around you… to partner with as never before.


Here’s the Astrology:


There are two T Squares in the chart of this Full Moon’s Moment. One involves the Sun and the Moon and the other involves the Ruler of this Sun, Venus, and the Ruler of this Moon, Mars (5) :


1)      (Moon + Chiron In Aries) opposite (Sun + Mercury in Libra) both squaring Saturn in Capricorn


2)      Uranus in Taurus opposite Venus in Scorpio, both squaring (Mars + Black Moon Lilith + the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius)


So one T Square involves the celestial lovers, the Sun and the Moon… who are ruled by the second pair of celestial lovers, Venus and Mars. The second T Square involves the celestial lovers, Venus and Mars who rule this Sun and this Moon.


There’s a gender fluidity to it: the typically masculine Sun is ruled by the typically feminine Venus while the typically feminine Moon is ruled by the typically masculine Mars.

  • If we hadn’t already been alerted to something around the masculine and feminine changing direction because of the Sun being ruled by Venus and the Moon being ruled by Mars…then it is certainly here in that Black Moon Lilith is alongside the Ruler of this Moon, Mars, and the South Node of the Moon…of what has happened before… always reminding me of her depiction in the Burney Relief at the British Museum, associated with Ishtar and her priests who flowed between genders… who will have done this for good reason… and of the intriguingly feminine dress of the masculine catholic priests….

  • If we hadn’t already been alerted to something around the masculine and feminine changing direction because of the Sun being ruled by Venus and the Moon being ruled by Mars …then it is certainly here in that Mars is in the final degrees of the shadow of his recent retrograde and Venus is well into the shadow of the retrograde she is about to start.

Venus here and in this context reminds us that she is the only planet which turns upon her axis in a different direction to all the other planets… that, for her, the Sun rises in the West, while for everyone else it rises in the East …that she knows how to pull things toward her rather than running after them… and that it is She who is ruling the Light from the Sun…. The direction is changing.


T Squares are challenging groupings of patterns… it means that, if we want to gain the riches of this moment, we have to bring more of ourselves, more of our effort, more of our own creativity to the table than we would need to if the grouping of planets were easy… If the grouping of planets were easy, we may not be moved to do any work. With the harder groupings, we put in more effort, but there’s also a greater potential to create something that has never been created before.


The T Square pattern itself is a pattern of at least three planets or points that forms the shape of the capital letter T. It’s challenging because the planets along the horizontal bar of the T are in opposition – which implies some form of negotiation, some form of compromise or relationship is needed – while the planet at the foot of the vertical bar is said to be squaring the two planets in opposition. The squares are really challenging…the planets which square are in relationship, they need each other, but it’s not so easy to negotiate…it’s not so easy to understand one another. For example, consider the interaction between earth …grounding…and electricity…between the cells of our bodies and their electric charges… the electric impulses our body creates. That there’s a relationship, there can be no doubt, but it’s difficult (not impossible) to consciously direct it… to consciously negotiate changes between the two. This would be akin to the squares from Taurus (earth) to the Leo and Aquarius (electrical) opposition.


The key to navigating the T Square is to imagine that the vertical line of the T extends through the horizontal line to become a cross. The sign that the extended vertical line reaches into is the sign whose qualities we need to consciously, actively, bring in to balance, to work with, to create something out of, the challenging pattern.


In the first T square above, the missing point, the energy we have to consciously bring in, is the sign of Cancer, the sign of the Moon and, in the second T square above, the missing point, the energy we have to consciously bring in, is the sign of Leo, the sign of the Sun…  

Full Moon in Aries September 2018.jpg

So we’re back to the Sun and the Moon again…male and female and having to bring more of these parts of ourselves to the table. The Stars are shouting in the Heavens that this is what is going on… but we have to do the work. We’re told that we have to do the work by the T Squares… We’re told that we have to do the work by the fact that Saturn is involved.


This Full Moon is bringing something into the light, into our awareness. It’s not the final destination… the Astrology goes on to develop these themes over the weeks and months ahead. So, it’s a process and we start with wherever we are now. We can only ever work in the now… and what is brought to the light now and how we engage with it, how we relate with it, how we adjust ourselves in relation to it… can be hugely important, can be hugely helpful given the themes that we’ll go on to experience in the weeks and the months ahead:


Very soon, Jupiter, the King of the Gods, who makes whatever he touches bigger, will move into his own sign, where he is the strongest, Sagittarius (6,) marking the moment with an exact trine to the direction in which we’re meant to be headed…the North Node in Leo (the Sun,) followed just days later by the North Node’s move into Cancer (7,) meaning the direction in which we’re meant to be headed will move to the sign of the Moon. With Pluto in Capricorn, we know that our reality is changing. Over 2019, the South Node will move backwards through Capricorn, meeting with Pluto and then Saturn where it will spend quite some time with Saturn… and Saturn will be meeting with Pluto…


The South Node of the Moon and Saturn, they both speak of karma and of lessons: it’s a really, really good time… as you witness whatever is coming into the light for you… to think of sowing something that you would like to reap.


Sun, Moon, Male, Female and the relationship between them…. within you and without….


The Shamanic Journey


Given that, in the footnotes below, I share some of the shamanic journeys that I did to explore the healthiest interpretation of some of the parts of the chart of this Full Moon’s moment, I’d like to share the journey I did to ask about what to write about this Full Moon i.e. the overall message:  


As I started upon my journey, I read on a wall: “Heartache is written on the wall.” I merged with the goddess NUT and, together, we floated away in a sarcophagus…it turned into images of that TV series, Maya the Bee, of the bee floating on a waterlily down a river, down a waterfall and into a forest in the night time. There was a knowing that I had died. People were looking for me – lights everywhere, calling. I was a sleeping fairy which, like some form of a burr, caught upon someone’s sock. I was taken to the Upper World where an Ally of mine was doing the laundry and she found me. She told me I’ve been knitting and now I’m found. She then said: “Attend to your needs or you will die of a heartache.”


This, together with the separate journey on what to write about Chiron conjunct Moon (see footnote 3 below,) really gives the emphasis for the article on identifying your own needs.


I went on to journey to ask my Allies in Spirit what to write about Saturn squaring this Full Moon and I was told that there is a diamond in this (this is not the same journey as described in 2a below.) This gave rise to thoughts of diamonds as engagement rings, of diamonds symbolising endurance, of the slogan “diamonds lasting forever”… This fits in with the Astrology perfectly…with ideas of Saturn bringing in Karma, of what he rules, of what he does, standing the test of time.


I turned to google and discovered that the first person to ever use the diamond as an engagement ring, Archduke Maximilian of Austria in 1477, has a T square in his own chart (8)… between…ta da…. Aries opposite Libra, squaring Capricorn… just as this Full Moon has a T square between Aries opposite Libra, squaring Capricorn.


What I found really interesting is that, as a penitence, he apparently left very specific instructions for his own body upon his death, apparently wanting to have it “publicly displayed to show the perishableness of all earthly glory."(9) It is also interesting that both his Sun and his Moon can be said to be ruled by Mars who is ruling this Full Moon, his Saturn is only 6° degrees away from where our Saturn is now… his North Node is in Leo, where ours is now… there’s involvement of Pluto, of Black Moon Lilith and it goes on…


I am happy to be reminded via the Archduke… to allow his voice to be heard again now (10) under the light of this Full Moon… of the perishableness of all earthly glory…to be reminded to heal the fulfilment of our needs through ways other than digging out diamonds from our Earth’s centre, to look in another direction… to turn away from all the ways in which we miss our mark in trying to find fulfilment in materialistic ways.


And, of course, knowing that Spirit speaks in metaphor, that the diamond symbolism can mean this and that it can also go on to mean so much more, and given all the journeys (described in the footnotes below) in relation to engagements and marriage, I am also reminded of the concept of the “diamond body” … of the union of all parts of ourselves…of the inner and the outer coming together and of the state of bliss that follows.


1)      A shamanic journey to divine, loving, transcended and compassionate Spirit. These journeys are known to be metaphorical…whatever understanding / interpretation arises at this time, there’s always more and more meanings that can be revealed over time. The journey itself is the response to the intention… so for example, I describe a journey below which ends in me being married to my work. It may or may not be true that personally, in my life outside of this journey, outside of this article, that I am married to my work but that’s neither here nor there when it comes to understanding this journey, the journey is just a response to the question, it applies to the intention of the journey.


2)      When I journey, on what to write for these articles, I have all my questions on little pieces of paper together with other questions on other topics, both for myself and for clients (often more than 20 at a time,) I blindfold myself and then select a piece of paper (so that I don’t know what I am journeying on at any one time and so that I can know that my own mind isn’t editing / directing the journey.)


a.       When I journeyed on what to write about the T Square between Sun + Mercury, Saturn and Moon + Chiron, I was told: “diamond ring, you’re engaged to be married.” I went past a farm in Herefordshire where I go on a pilgrimage each year and the Spirit of the Land came to me in the form of a golden goat and said, “you’re wedded to the work,” There was a wedding, I said, “I do,” and I went on to meet another of my Allies in Spirit form who said to me, “We do too, we’re married.” And that was the end of the journey. Other than the wedding theme, what stands out for me is the golden goat. Saturn is in this T Square and rules Capricorn, a sign represented by the Goat. The diamond ring also stands out in that, although some Astrologers suggest diamonds are ruled by Venus (and the Sun in this T Square is in Venus’ sign,) I’ve read an, in my opinion more compelling, argument that Saturn rules diamonds (given how long they take to form…and Saturn rules time, things that take or endure a long time… how hard they are and Saturn rules the bones…rocks…how much pressure it takes to create one and how Saturn gives us our lessons and so forth.)

b.      When I journeyed on what to write about the T Square between Venus, Uranus and Mars + Black Moon Lilith + South Node of the Moon, I began by drawing a lemniscate on the wall (the symbol of infinity which looks like the figure 8 on its side.) I was dipping my pen into the gyres, the circles, of the figure eight and writing the days of my life, making everything become coloured in gold. A deity, Nut, who I usually encounter at this part along the route of my journey appeared, who told me, I was turning everything into gold. I went outside and was walking slowly, breathing in the air which I noticed for its lovely cool sensation. The Spirit of the Forest, who I usually encounter at this part of the journey, came and looked inside my head. She was breathing, sourcing (as in feeding) the chakras in within my head and we stood like this for some time – just breathing, sourcing each other, praying that the other be sourced. An Ally, I usually encounter at my tree came out, she said to me, “Blessed be” and I turned into a Bee Goddess and melted into the tree where I encountered the Spirit of another tree with whom I am very familiar. I was marrying this Spirit – a knowing that I am uniting with Nature and that Nature is uniting with me. There was a moment’s query from my part in that Nature has a different morality to that of humans but I was reassured and told we truly are united. I went up to the final Ally I usually encounter, who said to me, “You’re sourced with Nature’s Might, there nothing to worry about, this is beautiful, in harmony with Nature…” And that was the end of the journey. What stands out for me here is that Uranus, the planet which forms part of the T Square and who is not one of the celestial lovers, is in Nature’s sign of Taurus. It’s a planet which represents what is breaking through into consciousness and suggests that Spirit is saying that the healthiest interpretation of this T Square is that what is breaking through into consciousness is: “to be in harmony with Nature.” (Although this meaning is likely to flower into many other meanings over time.)


3)      In my journey on what to write about Moon conjunct Chiron, I was told that this understanding of our own perception of our own needs is a matter of life and death (again, with the understanding that Spirit speaks in metaphor.)


4)      In that I forgot that I had already journeyed on what to write about Mars, Black Moon Lilith and the South Node days before I journeyed again…and on the day I’d journeyed on it again, I forgot that I’d already put the question in my little pile of papers and so I journeyed on it twice – i.e. in total, I journeyed three times on this part of the chart (which is funny given it involves the South Node which speaks of that which we have already done.) Each of the three journeys had a similar theme of the rewards which follow from having listened to Spirit. Time works in strange ways, if you feel you’ve not yet listened to Spirit from (again, however you conceive this to be – your higher self, your allies, God / Goddess etc)… and if you feel that this is something which speaks to you / that you could benefit from, you can do so when you realise that you would like to do so and, once having done it, it will become something which will then, at that point, be in your past and the rewards would go on to follow. 


5)      In Astrology, we look for indicators of things going on…the more indicators that suggest the same thing…the stronger the likelihood of the thing… the stronger the theme. The T Squares described are enough. It’s a lot. It’s strong. But, not only that, there’s also a road of rulership which runs around the T Square pattern involving Mars and Venus which both joins them in a circle, and which leads into the T Square which holds the Sun and the Moon: Uranus is ruled by Venus and Venus is ruled by Mars. In Aquarius, Mars’ modern ruler is Uranus which holds him within this circle and his ancient ruler is Saturn which joins him with the T Square with Saturn, Sun and Moon. In Scorpio, Venus’s ancient ruler is Mars, holding her in this circle, and her modern ruler is Pluto, who is currently digging deep in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn.


6)      Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on 8 November 2018 at 12:39 GMT and Universal Time… more to follow…


7)      The North Node of the Moon will move into Cancer on 16 November 2018 at 01:28 GMT and Universal Time… more to follow…


8)      The Archduke had a T Square between (Sun + Mercury in Aries) opposite Neptune (Spirit) in Libra and squaring Saturn in Capricorn… Date of Birth: 22 March 1459, 16:04, Wiener Neustadt, Austria, Rating B (Sourced from Solar Fire.)


9)      Weiss-Krejci, Estella (2008) Unusual Life, Unusual Death and the Fate of the Corpse: A Case Study from Dynastic Europe, in "Deviant Burial in the Archaeological Record", edited by Eileen M. Murphy. Oxford: Oxbow, p. 186. (Via Wikipedia)


10)   There’s a real feeling that he fits with the journey on this Full Moon, given that I’d experienced myself as having floated away in a sarcophagus, as having died…given that he was said to have been very depressed throughout his later years, carrying a coffin with him where he went and given the arrangements he made for his own body upon death.

As ever, this is an interpretation of the symbols from my perspective and for information only. When I say you/ we / us...I mean 'me' and you as well...but only if it feels right to you and only if you want to.

Yvette Marks