New Moon in Virgo at 17°00' on 9 September 2018 at 18:01 Universal Time

The Pisces / Virgo polarity is emphasised in this one: Neptune, Retrograde, Ruler of Pisces, is in Pisces and Mercury, Ruler of Virgo, is in Virgo. From the place from where I write, Neptune, in Pisces, is the ruler of the chart of this New Moon’s moment and Mercury, in Virgo, is the lead planet of this locomotive shaped chart. Neptune is opposite the New Moon and Mercury is, widely, on top of it.


Polarities… opposition… it brings relationship to the fore: Neptune and Pisces, a reminder that we are all one… that we have access to the All… Mercury and Virgo, a reminder that we extract, we elicit from this ‘All’ those thoughts, behaviours, words and stories which can support those sorts of connections which we may want. From the All, from the endless possibilities, we elicit what to say… when to say it…. how to say it.


From where I write, Neptune and Pisces is in the first house…it’s the ‘I’… it’s so strongly suggestive of the Tarot card which represents Virgo…. The Hermit who holds a lantern showing that what is lit up comes from within.. the ‘All’ is within us. And from where I write, the New Moon and Mercury are in the seventh house… it’s the other…. An emphasis that the theme is on relationships and a reminder that what we see in the other is something that is within us as well.


The opportunity is for Piscean compassion, the pitfall is for Virgoan crazy… the irritability that arises from endless attention to detail for no reason… endless criticism just because we can. The opportunity is for Virgoan precision in expressing your truth in just the right way at just the right time… the pitfall is the Piscean blurring of your boundaries, whether in idealism, delusion and even deceit. There’s a tension between Pisces’ ability to bring us to the stillness that is needed to calm the waters to see clearly and the vibration of Virgo that keeps everything in motion... that allows change… that protects us from stagnation.


Start as you mean to go on… set the intention with clarity. There’s a clear road of flow: Mercury forms a Grand Trine of Earthy Ease with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus…weaving in the changes that are needed and building upon what is already there to bring in something which really can last.  Jupiter and Neptune are friends in this one… expanding connection with Spirit… with your centre… with stillness…with other.


There’s another road to watch out for… of Jupiter exaggerating any lies that you tell to yourself or to others, taking you further off balance and into the disruption of Uranus in Taurus and the consequences that Saturn tends to bring.


There’s an exciting opposition… a relationship that stirs… between Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus (1) both of whom are squaring Mars. This is the courtship, the friction, that brings out the best behaviours… that shines like something rare… something that may not exactly last but which is still quite spectacular… something like the lights of the aurora borealis…which having once seen, which having once experienced, changes something within you forever.


Other than Black Moon Lilith and the South Node of the Moon, there is no Air in the chart of this New Moon’s moment. There’s a reminder that there is also a relationship between you and this moment…that you bring yourself to it…that you bring your history and what you have learned how to do to your interaction with this moment. There’s an invitation to breathe with it…to breathe into it…just as there’s a reminder that we need to breathe in what Nature breathes out and that we breathe out what Nature needs to breathe in.


Between the polarities, between the contradiction, there lies a centre…it’s what the High Priestess knows… of what lies beyond the black and the white pillars of opposition… The link of ease from the Moon to Pluto is a story of hope… it’s a reminder of Persephone and of Hades and of the ever expanding loops of depth and of transformation that each of their encounters bring.


This New Moon in Virgo is the Virgin Mother of which Virgo speaks… it’s Isis… reminding us that it is in Nature’s nature to heal… to eliminate toxins… to rejuvenate.


A Selection of New Moon intention topics for this time:


To deepen into a connection with your own wisdom and intuition

New beginnings in relation to your health or healing practices

New beginnings in relation to diet and nutrition

New beginnings in relation to learning about plants, herbs and their medicinal properties

New beginnings in relation to your relationship with nature

New beginnings in relation to daily routines

New beginnings in relation to taking careful and precise actions so as to achieve your goals

New beginnings in relation to harmony amongst co-workers or people who work for you

New beginnings in discriminating between details that are important and details that are distracting

New beginnings in relation to pets

New beginnings in relation to problem solving

New beginnings in relation to being conscientious

New beginnings in relation to being present

New beginnings in relation to being focused

New beginnings in relation to being disciplined

New beginnings in connection with others

New beginnings in how you express yourself within your relationships


It’s worth being gentle and kind with yourself and with others… to set your intentions with kindness … to find yourself fulfilling your intentions with grace and with ease…for the highest good of all.


Good luck!


(1)    Venus will go retrograde on 5 October and so this opposition with Uranus is the first of three.


As ever, this is an interpretation of the symbols from my perspective and for information only. When I say you/ we / us...I mean 'me' and you as well...but only if it feels right to you and only if you want to.

Yvette MarksNew Moon, Virgo, Astrology