New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn at 15°25' on 6 January 2019 at 01:28 Universal Time

Supercharged New Moon… Solar Eclipse… flanked by Pluto on the one side and Saturn on the other… it is the opportunity to align unconscious desire (Pluto) with New Moon intent so that miracles can manifest (Saturn) in line with what it is that you truly want. There’s the opportunity to transform and release unhelpful desires which are manifesting what it is that you don’t really want.

Mercury, in Capricorn too, echoes this theme in that, at the last New Moon, Mercury (intent) was at 27 ° of Scorpio, making a lovely aspect of ease with the North Node of the Moon (direction in which we’re headed) and Chiron (the Wounded Healer.) At this Partial Solar Eclipse, it’s Venus at 28° of Scorpio who is making these lovely aspects with the North Node of the Moon and with Chiron, bringing the Healing of our Wounds on to our Paths.

Desire is a very Scorpionic (Plutonic) word and it’s one with which Venus is also more than a little familiar. Both her and Mercury have been working hard in the recent past, with both their most recent retrogrades seeing them submerged within the waters of Scorpio. So at the time of this supercharged New Moon and with Venus now occupying the degree + 1 that Mercury occupied at the last New Moon, with Venus taking Mercury’s place in the grand trine he was in with North Node and Chiron at the time of the last New Moon, she’s showing us a natural progression from intention to creation.

The tarot describes this relationship between the Magician (Mercury,) the High Priestess (the Moon) and the Empress (Venus)… what we intend (Mercury,) and what we go on to nurture within our own beings (Moon,) coming into being (Venus.)

Associated with the Tenth House, Capricorn represents the furthest point that we, as individuals reach, compared to where we started. As the highest point of the chart, it is associated with the achievements we make which are easily and readily visible, easily recognised by others. It is also associated with the increasing strength of the Sun – the efforts we put into shining, through making what is invisible within us visible.

The highest potential here is the example of the distance we can go from where it is that we start. The distortion is becoming attached / overly concerned with the way that others see us.

Where you have Capricorn in your chart, you have the opportunity to achieve, based on your own individual effort. What you achieve can then become a light for others – it becomes part of the fabric of the collective’s social reality. It’s an area where you work hard, you put in the effort and where Mastery can be attained.

The highest potential of your intentions for this new beginning is to charge them with authenticity. To intend it, to nurture it (to behave in line with your intentions) and to allow it to come into being and to grow.

The risk, or the trap, is of over identifying with the way in which others see or recognise what you are doing. The trap is of planting goals based on the opinion or the approval of others. Or of allowing authentic intentions of years gone by to become your tyrants of tomorrow.

If you need to change to remain true to yourself, it’s always a good time and now is a particularly good time to do it.

Being so close to Pluto, which does deal with the garbage of the psyche, and being with the South Node of the Moon which has to do with letting go / releasing what is no longer required…releasing yourself from attachments to the opinions or the approval of others may be a priority.

With Pluto’s involvement, the overall process isn’t necessarily easy. I’m sure we can all look around and see something which we don’t believe that we want.

What Pluto and this Eclipse has in common is the shadow that passes over the consciousness of the Sun. There’s an opportunity to stay with the shadow… to not push the uncomfortable thoughts away… to stay with what disturbs us… to consider whether we have fully processed past hurts or just pushed them away, pretended them gone.

Pluto’s gifts include a penetrating honesty under which we may squirm…but with Mars in Aries and with the Venusian aspects to Chiron and the North Node…there’s the opportunity to use that which cuts us to heal and not to harm. With Pluto and Capricorn and with Saturn…we have the opportunity to follow through with our own mythic descent into hell…so that we can also enjoy our own mythic resurrection. Take time to look at yourself honestly, to think honest thoughts and to speak honest words. It may not always be comfortable, but done with heartfelt intention, and with Neptune’s (Spirit’s) helpful guidance, it may very well be the medicine that is needed.

The more we can allow ourselves to practice honesty, the more honest we can actually become. Once we put our truths into words, we may find that these words don’t actually reflect our truths and we can go deeper to find what our truth may actually be. Keep peeling the layers.

Sometimes we do not even have to fully know or fully understand what we want. We can start with the intention / sincere desire of discovering it. We also don’t need to know exactly how or where we have been wounded, we can intend to heal and to become whole

With Pluto of change followed by Saturn of what stands the test of time…the work that we do now can endure for years and years to come. It’s a good time to look at the structure upon which you are building your reality and to open yourself to changes where they’re needed. It’s work that is worth doing it well.

With Venus’ placement in this chart… we’re manifesting what we want…and so intentions to deepen into this knowing of ourselves and of what we want is worth it. There’s a total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at the end of the month at which time what Venus and her friends in that moment will be doing is going to be hot, hot, hot…

Set intentions (after the New Moon’s moment) around:

  • Knowing what it is that you want

  • Setting goals that are aligned with your Heart’s Desire

  • Getting the framework right

  • Allowing change where change is needed

  • Seeing more honesty in your life

  • Seeing more trust in your life

  • Seeing more integrity in your life

  • Seeing more respect in your life

  • Mastery … whether that’s self mastery or mastering a new skill

  • Achieving your goals

  • Healing in relation to do with parents and authority figures

  • Healing in relation to bones and skin

  • Working through and releasing past hurts

  • Becoming your own Spiritual Authority

  • Having the strength to work through and transcend old wounds

  • Having the courage to face what may be difficult to face

  • Discipline

  • Finding a reason to laugh even when things are hard

This is part of a bigger process, of eclipses on the Cancer Capricorn Axis and of what Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn and the Nodes are doing together. You may find it helpful to read / reread what has already been written on this here and here.

You can also read more about Capricorn here.

Key Dates

We had the Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer on 13 July 2018. We have the New Moon Solar Eclipse on 6 January 2019 at 15°25’ of Capricorn right in the middle of Saturn and Pluto (at 11°58’ and 20°45’ respectively.). Then there’s 16 July 2019 the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 24°04’ of Capricorn when the Moon will be conjunct Pluto. 26 December 2019 sees the New Moon Solar eclipse at 4°06’ of Capricorn when there will be a stellium (a whole bunch) of planets in Capricorn , with Jupiter on the New Moon and Saturn almost conjunct Pluto. Again, there’s a stellium in Capricorn at the Full Moon Lunar eclipse on 10 January 2020 when the Moon will be at 20°00’ of Cancer and both Saturn and Pluto will be opposite the Moon in 22° of Capricorn. 21 June 2020 finds the New Moon Solar Eclipse at the critical 00°21’ of Cancer when Jupiter will be conjunct Pluto and Saturn will be at the critical zero degree of Aquarius. And then 5 July 2020 has the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 13°37’ of Capricorn when Jupiter will be with Pluto.

Pluto conjuncts the South Node of the Moon on 28 March 2019, Saturn conjuncts the South Node throughout 2019 (exact dates 20 May 2019, 23 June 2019 and 15 September 2019.) Then Jupiter conjuncts the South Node on 6 January 2020 just before the huge event of Saturn conjunct Pluto on 12 January 2020. Jupiter then conjuncts Pluto throughout 2020 (exact dates 5 April, 30 June, 12 November) before Jupiter and Saturn come together in the critical zero degree of Aquarius around Solstice December 2020.

 As ever, this is an interpretation of the symbols from my perspective and for information only and any comments related to health are not intended to replace the expertise of medical practitioners…you’re always encouraged to remain responsible for your own choices. When I say you/ us / we etc. I mean me… and you as well but only if it feels right to you and only if you want to.

Yvette Marks