The Fire at Notre Dame

On 15 April many people around the world watched in shock and in sadness as the highest points of one of France’s most iconic, if not the most iconic, buildings, Notre Dame, burned.


What are the odds that the chart (1) of the fifth constitution of this six sided land would have its highest, most visible point…. its Mid Heaven…. in a Sign of Fire… a sign that rules churches… and that the ruler of this fire sign, Jupiter, would be at 24°18’ (retrograde) of Sagittarius, occupying the exact same degree of France’s 24°46’ Saggitarius Mid Heaven…its highest point… at the exact same time that the highest point of this beloved iconic building burned.


Or, what are the odds that, the North Node of the Moon… the direction of destiny, the direction in which we are meant to be headed… would be at 22°01’ of Our Lady’s sign of Cancer, inviting the 23°02’ Libra and Aries Nodes of the Moon in France’s chart to rise to a challenge. Or that the Sun, at 25°25’ in fiery Aries, would be illuminating France’s own 24°31’ Aries Black Moon Lilith. Or that the Moon at 3°48’ of Virgo would be right upon France’s own 3°06’ Virgoan Pluto…the sign of life, death and rebirth (2.)


I don’t know what the odds are (my head hurt when I started to think about it) but this is what happened and I can tell you that the odds are not very high.


Macron, as the leader of France at this time, also has his own astrology which plays into this story with his own fiery and critical degree Sagittarius Sun (29°25’) + Mercury (29°51’ Rx) and his own fiery Sagittarius Venus (21°47’) + Neptune (16°21’) holding and surrounding this (24°18’) point of the Mid Heaven of France while his Black Moon Lilith at 26°56’ of Gemini is on top of France’s own 24°46’ Gemini IC.


There’s more (3) and it is so easy to lose sense of the headlines by being absorbed by the details of the Astrology…for me, this is enough…more than enough… to link what is going on in the heavens with what is going on here on Earth.


That it’s Jupiter at the highest point of the chart… Jupiter, ruler of luck, expansion, of the King of the Gods (4) and of churches… Jupiter, whose ingress into Scorpio spoke of the healing of the masculine and which heralded the expansion of the #metoo movement … Jupiter, who, incidentally is also playing significantly in another headline grabbing story – that of Assange (5) – that Jupiter’s involved now…that he is strong in his own sign… It says that there’s expansion, there’s luck, there’s meaning…


Politics aside… albeit not very easily, given it is Jupiter who rules politics,… there’s something about a visible leader speaking visibly of his country’s profound destiny and the expectations of his people at the time when the Nodes of the Moon…these points of destiny... invite the country’s own Nodes of the Moon to rise to a challenge. To rise at the time when the planet of luck, expansion and opportunity is at the highest point…


That there’s attention and focus….a coming together… upon the extent to which we hold Our Lady, whatever that may mean to you, dear… at a time when the North Node of the Moon is in her sign… there’s a reminder that what we focus upon and what we love, focuses upon us and loves us back too… There’s a reminder that, when we really care and when we really come together, there’s actually quite a lot in quite a visible way that we can very quickly do … (6)


All in all and taken together, yes it seems sad… but there’s hope of a happy ending weaving into Saturn and Pluto’s (7) story of death and of rebirth…of letting go of what is no longer needed… and of building something new.


Jupiter is retrograde…directed within… there’s a reminder that it is up to us to find the hope and it is up to us to find the meaning… and the Saturn / Pluto story continues…there’s a reminder to keep digging deep….


(1)    There are varying times for France’s chart. I’m using a 18:00 birth time on 28 September 1958, sourced from Marc Penfield via Other dates give midnight or 18:30 on 6 October 1958…this makes all the other aspects listed which are already pretty exact that much more exact, gives France a Cancerian Moon but puts the MC in Capricorn. Marc Penfield’s time also puts France’s Scorpio Jupiter in the eighth house, offering the opportunity (Jupiter) of rebirth (Scorpio) around that which we all share (eighth house.) The Astrology does also offer some guidance to avoid going around and around in Scorpio’s seemingly endless cycles: with the power of Pluto and of Scorpio, once having been obtained, to be shared…and shared wisely (Jupiter.)

(2)    Chart cast for 18:30 15 April 2019, Paris.

(3)    For example, the involvement of Venus…ruler of France’s North Node…natally…semi sextile the North Node and square the MC. Transiting Venus square France’s MC and opposite Venus at time of Fire… Transiting Venus having just opposed Macron’s own Venus.

(4)    Also worth noting that Fire has a long standing history of being referred to as the living symbol of Spirit

(5)    Transiting Jupiter, Assange’s chart ruler, opposite his Venus and trine his progressed Venus (prog Venus sextile natal Venus.)  Transiting Jupiter in wide square to Pluto, ruler of his 12th (using equal houses.) The Pluto Saturn story is also playing out here opposite his Mercury which trines his own Jupiter in 12th. (NB: these are just facts…no interpretation implied.)

(6)    Within less than 24 hours a fire fuelled by “la forêt” was put out and millions upon millions of Euros for the building’s restoration have already been pledged…

(7)    The ongoing and increasing proximity of Saturn and Pluto… which involves the Nodes of the Moon before joining exactly in early 2020. (Pluto has already met the Nodes, Saturn to follow.)

 As ever, this is an interpretation of the symbols from my perspective and for information only. When I say you/ us / we etc. I mean me… and you as well but only if it feels right to you and only if you want to.

P.S. if you would like to explore how what is going on in the heavens is interacting with your own birth chart with me or if you would like explore shamanic healing with me, please do get in touch. Astrology sessions and shamanic healing work very well wherever you are in the world, over skype.













Yvette Marks