Pluto and Our Light…

…Some thoughts on the 2020 Saturn Pluto Conjunction

So… this started as a story of Mercury Retrograde and has turned into something else… just as that which is of Mercury, during his Retrograde, so often does…


I looked and saw that Mercury will step into the shadow of his next retrograde at a degree (1) which stands opposite to the place (2) where the potentially-karmic-cleansing (3) Saturn and Pluto conjunction will take place next year (4.)




With an opposition we face a mirror…it speaks of relationships, it speaks of the stuff inside of ourselves that we project out and onto someone else. At the exact same time that I saw this opposition between the place of Mercury on the one hand and of Saturn and Pluto’s future conjunction on the other, a theme from two recent client contacts pushed its way into my mind.


This happens a lot… themes across clients that is. The connection between these two clients is the critical 29th degree of Leo: they both have something at 29 degrees of Leo (the Midheaven in the one and Pluto in the other.) Jumping up and down at me also was the fact that the one client has Pluto in a Libran-of-relationship stellium squaring the future Saturn / Pluto conjunction and squaring her own Nodes.


And out of this and for both these clients there flowers a theme of relating. One client tells me of something of a story which comes down the family line. For the other, I can readily see a story echoing in the charts of her children.  


Themes of 29 Degrees of Leo, of relating, of ancestral patterns and of the Nodes of the Moon.


So there I was, sitting in front of my computer, idly listening to the story unfold in my mind as I animated my astrology software and clicked through time.


I watched Mercury and the Sun coming together in Gemini, completing their hexagram in Fire and in Air. I watched as they come together in Cancer, beginning their hexagram in Water and in Earth. I watched them coming together in Virgo, then Scorpio and then paused when I came to their union in Capricorn (5.)


This meeting… just hours before a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (6)… only two days before the Saturn / Pluto conjunction.


This is big!


Looking at the conjunction and, from the place from where I write, not only Saturn and Pluto but also Sun, Mercury , Jupiter and the South Node of the Moon will be in the seventh house of relating (7.)


Relationships, relating, how we see others will be huge.


And the Moon will be totally unaspected (8.) Not in relationship with… not relating with any other part of the chart. And as it’s the Moon, this part that won’t be in relationship and relating won’t be seeing either (9.) It will be reflecting.


And this part of ourselves that will be unaspected…not in relationship with…not seeing…will be in Leo… and in the second house of the chart.

When we come to the Saturn / Pluto conjunction:


  • Major Players will be in the house of other…it brings relationships and what we see to the fore.

  • North Node of the Moon is in the house of self… there is the opportunity to develop / to grow personally here

  • South Node is in the sign of other… there is the opportunity to lay to rest outdated reflections of others… a death of perspective and a rebirthing of the self

  • The Moon will be unaspected in the second house. The only asset, the only resource we will have to work through this moment is the light that we instinctively reflect. Our Light. The day of the Saturn / Pluto conjunction will not be the day of negotiation. Rather, it will be a milestone type reflection of the personal work that personally will have been done by then.


Of course, as long as we are alive, we are becoming. We can change, we can grow, we can heal. Whatever we haven’t done by the Saturn / Pluto conjunction…it’s not as if we’re stuck with it. In fact, one opportunity of this conjunction is to start to really embody our ability to transform and to change things.


But… it is a power packed moment.


The opportunity here and leading up to it is to shift something big and to set ourselves up for a new way of being and of seeing which really can stand the test of time.


And I couldn’t let go of the idea that what we do between now and then is important. The Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Jan 2020 brings to light what we will already have done. It is a point of culmination.


By the time of the Saturn / Pluto conjunction, on that day and in that moment, whatever light we have… whatever we instinctively reflect…will be what it will be.


Capricorn is important in this. It’s where the Sun will be at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and it’s the place of the Saturn/ Pluto conjunction. I felt reminded of the fact that Capricorn is the time when the light renews itself… it’s the time that is celebrated as the birth of Christ (or similar, depending on which religious story you read.) Given the Full Moon Eclipse is a culmination point and given 29 degrees of Leo is last degree of the sign, it prompted me to go back in time… to look at what comes before…to look at the chart for the moment of the Winter Solstice: the moment when the Sun will step into Capricorn (10.)


Bingo. And there it is: the Midheaven, again from my perspective, at 29 degrees of Leo (11.) The highest potential for the moment that the Sun steps into Capricorn in 2019 and starts to renew itself again is at 29 Degrees of Leo.


29… Leo… Light… Relationships…a story of urgency that brings together the Light and Pluto… relating and relationships.


I journeyed (12) to ask what it is that the Spirit of 29 Degrees of Leo is trying to tell me. The answer I was given goes, “Because of what the lady once did with the Bull and because of what followed” …and I saw walls breaking down ….“I can now be free.”


I recognised the story of the Minotaur from this journey. A google search later and I came across the Minotaur’s Mother… Pasiphae… a name that I learned means “wide light” or “all seeing.” This feels as sunny as sunny gets at 29 degrees of the Sun’s Sign of Leo and it feels as though it links in to stories of seventh, Libran house style stuff of relating, given Pacify (the sound of Pasiphae) is most certainly a Libran word…(13)


So, if you don’t know the story… King Minos asks Poseidon for a symbol of power and is given a beautiful white bull which he is supposed to sacrifice back to Poseidon. But he likes the bull, he wants to keep it and so he does.

Enraged, Poseidon places a curse upon King Minos’ Queen, Pasiphae, so that she will lust after the bull.


Donned in a cunning disguise so she looks like a cow, she mates with the bull, falls pregnant and the ensuing half man / half bull creature (the Minotaur) is incontrollable. It is locked away deep in a labyrinth that is so well crafted that any who enters can never find their way out. This Minotaur is fed regularly by 7 youths and 7 virgins of Athens, a city that King Minos has conquered.


The son of the King of Athens, Theseus, volunteers to try and conquer the Minotaur. He’s helped by Pasiphae’s daughter, Ariadne, who gives him a thread to follow by which, having found and conquered the Minotaur, he finds his way out of the labyrinth.


In exchange for her help, Theseus promised to take her with him when he leaves for Athens. He does this but he abandons her en route. Ariadne, so the story goes, is devastated. She curses Theseus who forgets to mark himself as alive and so, his father the King, thinking Theseus is dead, jumps off the cliff and into Poseidon’s ocean.  From here on out, the heroic deeds of Theseus become somewhat less heroic.


Ariadne is found by Dionysis who is in love with her and who marries her… Dionysis, the only Greek God who is faithful to his wife.


A story with Pluto all over the place… and which ends in a story to do with Christ…


The power of Pluto is not meant for the personal use of whoever is given to hold it…it’s meant for the empowerment of us all. King Minos was not supposed to cling to the power symbolised by the Bull…he was supposed to return it in the form of a sacrifice to Poseidon. He was supposed to make it holy. Sacrifice: from sacer ‘holy’ and facio ‘make.’


Pluto: the wrath of the Gods… the curse of the Gods… the “unnatural desire” of Pasiphae… her cunning strategy to acquire her desire… the labyrinth of the unconscious…the beasts that lurk there… the innocents they eat… the monsters we must battle that are not of our own making…. It’s Pluto, Pluto, Pluto…


For Theseus, though he didn’t create the monster, this absolutely became his monster to battle: the monster was eating of the innocent and pure youths and virgins of Theseus’ city… his city which had been conquered… over powered by (Pluto) …. King Minos.


Mirrors…relationships and relating: For Poseidon is a God. He could just have punished King Minos… but what happens to the one of us, happens to us all. King Minos’ cleaving to his power affects his Queen who, having once presumably lusted after her husband, must now yearn for the bull. She is able to transmute the wrath of the gods by taking it into her body where she creates both a distortion of the original power (the Minotaur) as well as the medicine (her daughter) that resolves it.


Mirrors…relationships and relating: If Pluto rules Scorpio, then Scorpio’s mirror is the sign opposite: Taurus the Bull.


Did Pasiphae even actually sleep with the bull? Or did King Minos, clutching at his plutonic power, just look like one? And to sleep with the bull, to relate with the bull, she had to look like the cow… was her cleverness, her all seeing, in not becoming the cow but in holding on to the fact that it was a cloth of disguise that covered her… that she had to be seen in this way in order to relate? Was her all seeing, her wide light, her ability to hold on to her True Self? Despite the appearances, despite the reflections of others, despite what her husband became?


Is it because of this…because of Pasiphae remembering herself… that her daughter, Ariadne is able to inherit this quality from her and to turn this inheritance into her own ability to show Theseus how to remember his way back out of his own labyrinth?


Pluto’s passion is here too…and so is the Sun (Heart)...for Ariadne must love Theseus to be able to help him. And I do not know whether it is her passion for him or, more likely, his lack of passion for her… his lack of love (the Sun, the Heart)… that leads to him forgetting to mark himself as alive.


In the back of my mind is the phrase, “the passion of the Christ.” (Pluto / Sun/ Light)


Because… for those who love the “beasts”…somehow they must be loved back and it is Ariadne who goes on to be loved by Dionysis … this figure likened to Christ…this Capricornian renewal of the light. It is Ariadne who marries the only Greek God who goes on to be faithful to his wife.

Pluto can take us into our darkest depths, through monstrous labyrinths and to our most perceptive heights. It always reminds me (along with Neptune and Chiron) of the Shaman, who walks in all these worlds…underworlds…middle worlds….upper worlds… and who “sees in the dark.” It also feels linked to Pasiphae who is an “all seer, a wide light.” 29 Degrees of Leo… a reminder that the light by which we can see in these places of dark, is the inner light… the light of the self… the light of the heart.


The action of the Saturn / Pluto conjunction will be in Capricorn and Capricorn is nothing if not practical. So what to do with this all?  Between now and then (the time of Saturn and Pluto’s conjunction,) the light will grow through to Cancer’s Realm of Midsummer and it will sink within into darkness before the Sun is renewed in December at the Solstice…


There’s time and a process for these insights to grow … but for now…Perhaps to grow your own light, to remember yourself where you can…to take note of where the shadows you’re seeing out there in the world are being cast by your own body…to bear in mind that the monsters we see others battling may have been inherited and might not be of their own creation, they may not their own fault…to provide threads where we can, even just threads of compassion, to others so that they can find their way out of their own labyrinths … to find the balance between being true to our own selves, our own process, our own truths, while being mindful of the light that we can take by reflecting badly upon others… to show compassion for the difficulties that we, as a collective have inherited… to grow a gratitude for the all-seeing light our Ancestors have made available for us too.


The Story of Ariadne and Theseus feels to me to be of a Soul Retrieval (14)… In fact the whole idea that we can remember that we can remember ourselves feels of a Soul Retrieval… a reminder that, yes, we are all connected…we can and do help one another… we can and do need one another. But the final work, the integration work, must always be that which the individual brings to the table. The light that we… as free willed individuals, uninfluenced by the other… reflect. Having asked for help and having been helped, we have to remember to mark our own selves as alive.


To emphasise: the integration work. (15)


And, if we are alive, we can change… change being another area of Pluto’s expertise.


The future degree of Mercury’s entry into the shadow (shadows again being of Pluto’s domain) of his retrograde is one degree off of an exact conjunction of the future degree of Saturn and Pluto’s future conjunction. A healthy reminder that while the Light can only ever be true, the interpretation can be at least a degree off… or at least, there’s always scope for a degree more… With choices and with the freedom to choose, how could it ever be anything other?


A lesson perhaps for Capricorn who tries so hard to be right and who wants that rightness to stand the test of time: To just try to be right, right now, to the best of the own ability, by light of the inner moral compass and by the light of the guides, to allow the self to be human, to allow whatever is right, right now, to be like a metaphor… to grow and change and flourish… to release the mistakes of yesterday… to let go of the reflections of yesterday’s light.

That Saturn and Pluto are coming together in Capricorn on a day when the Moon will be unaspected in the sign of the Light feels profoundly profound. It’s a reflection of Saturn’s own symbol: the cross of reality firmly placed upon the crescent of reflection… the crescent of the soul.


By the light of the new light, let us remember, we are alive.

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  1. Mercury steps into the shadow of his next retrograde at 23°57' of Cancer on 20 June 2019

  2. Saturn and Pluto will come together at 22°46’ of Capricorn

  3. The Saturn and Pluto conjunction is potentially karmic cleansing because of the work Saturn and Pluto are doing with the South Node of the Moon… there’s the potential to release…

  4. The Saturn / Pluto conjunction will take place at 15:04 British Summer Time on 12 January 2020

  5. Mercury and the Sun join at 15:06 British Summer Time on 10 January 2020 at 19°49’ of Capricorn

  6. Lunar Eclipse – 20:21 British Summer Time on 10 Jan 2020. The Sun will be at 20°00’ of Capricorn. The Moon will be at 20°00’ of Cancer.

  7. This is from the place from where I write. Astrology is a subjective body of knowledge… the chart is cast from the perspective of the client… if a client wants a chart cast in answer to a question (Horary Astrology) the chart will often be cast for the place where the Astrologer is (Astrologer’s perspective.) So this perspective can be true for you if you are reading this and if you would like it to be. It remains true for Randburg South Africa as well. Mostly true for London and Paris (the Nodes of the Moon would still be considered conjunct the Ascendant / Descendant – first / seventh houses – but actually shift to the side of the 6th and 12th houses.) If you would like to know in which house these planets will be for your location, write to me and I’ll look it up for you.

  8. The Moon will be at 16°03’ of Leo. Again, second house is from my perspective. Also true for Randburg South Africa… London, UK… Paris, France. It is likely that the Moon will be unaspected wherever you are (although it may join with one of the angles.) Again, if you’d like to know, drop me a line. Unaspected planets can be pretty powerful. They’re not influenced by any other drive within the chart and they also do not influence any other part of the chart. If, for example, there is an unaspected planet in the birth chart, this particular side of the person tends to be felt / expressed more strongly at certain times and not at all at other times (because of transits) or strongly with some people and not at all with others (because some people will interact with the point of the unaspected planet and others won’t.)

  9. Or at least, we will be seeing in a very lunar way.

  10. The Sun will enter into Capricorn at the Winter Solstice at 04:19 British Summer Time on 22 December 2019.

  11. This degree of the Midheaven really is just very, very specific to the place from where I write.

  12. A shamanic journey to divine, loving, transcended and compassionate Spirit.

  13. The way Pasiphae sounds in my head anyway.

  14. A type of shamanic healing, you can read more about it here.

  15. There’s an understanding that, for any healing work to take effect, the recipient will need to make some changes in their life. The common saying is, the “Shaman brings the Fix, the Client makes it stick.” For illustrative purposes and obviously exaggerated, if the “illness” is brought about by drinking poison, if the client carries on drinking poison, the illness will return.

 As ever, this is an interpretation of the symbols from my perspective and for information only. When I say you/ us / we etc. I mean me… and you as well but only if it feels right to you and only if you want to.

P.S. if you would like to explore how what is going on in the heavens is interacting with your own birth chart with me or if you would like explore shamanic healing with me, please do get in touch. Astrology sessions and shamanic healing work very well wherever you are in the world, over skype.

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Yvette Marks